15 Amazing Palo Santo Benefits


Palo Santo or Bursera graveolens is a type of mystical tree native to South America. Palo santo also means ‘holy wood’ when translated, has a very amazing fragrance, and is available in different forms like wood, resin, and oil.

For thousands of years, palo santo trees have been used by indigenous people for treating stress, pain and also as an effective tool in cleansing negative energy.

Palo santo benefits are many, right from spiritual to medicinal; they have an amazing impact on our body and mind and thus enhance our life’s overall well-being.

15 Benefits Of Palo Santo

Palo santo benefits are many. Some of them include:

1. Fights Stress

palo santo benefits

One of the major palo santo benefits comes from the aromatic fragrance of palo santo. The relaxing smell helps to fight stress and has a very calming effect on us. It also purifies and cleanses both the body and mind.

According to research studies, Palo santo also contains limonene properties that fight anxiety and stress and brighten the mood.

2. Reduces Pain

pain reliever

Palo santo benefits also include reducing and fighting different types of pain such as:

  • Headaches
  • Throat pain
  • Arthritis

Research studies have shown this effect is also due to limonene, which has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rubbing few drops of palo santo essential oil on the skin is said to drive away from the headache and provide a calming effect on the mind. However, it is important to patch test the oil on the skin to identify any allergic reactions.

3. Bug Repellant

bug repellent

Repelling bugs, mosquitoes, flies are some of the widely known palo santo benefits.

Palo santo oil has limonene as its main ingredient, has insecticide properties, and is used as a repellant against ants, flies, mosquitoes, and termites.

4. Helps With Inflammation

helps with inflammation

Another major one among palo santo benefits is that it helps with inflammation.

Research studies have shown that palo santo has properties that help to fight pain and reduce body inflammation. Regularly drinking palo santo tea helps with inflammation and calms the mind.

It is also used for other problems like headaches, colds, and stress. Palo santo, which has limonene and many antioxidants, has medicinal properties too.

5. Clears Negative Energy

has medicinal properties

For thousands of years, palo santo has been used to clean indigenous people’s negative energy and spiritual purification.

The palo santo wood, which is high in resin content, when burned, releases energy that is believed to ward off negative energy, thus purifying the space, objects, and people around us.

6. Helps With Mental ailments

helps with mental ailments

Another important element of palo santo benefits is that it helps with mental ailments such as depression, mental disorders, anxiety, and so much more.

Burning the palo santo wood or smudging the palo santo essential oil releases a soothing fragrance that creates a sense of calmness and relaxation.

7. Brings Good Fortunebrings good fortune

Burning the Palo Santo sticks is said to bring good fortune and wealth into our lives. Apart from that, palo santo is also said to bring love and positive energy into our lives.

The palo santo wood, which contains limonene, removes negativity and enhances positive feelings leading to more clarity in our thoughts.

8. Air Freshener

air freshner

The palo santo wood, when burned, releases a pleasant fragrance that smells like flowers or a citrus-like smell.

Palo santo is also an effective option for room fresheners since they are cost-effective and do not involve chemicals. Another major one among palo santo benefits is that the sticks can be reused many times.

9. Meditation Purposes

medication purposes

Palo santo benefits include meditations also. By burning the wood during meditation or other rituals, it is said to instill a divine feel and raise the atmosphere’s energy levels.

It gives a divine feel on the whole and enhances our clarity and concentration.

10. Available In Different Forms

different forms available

Anyone can relish the many palo santo benefits of cleansing and fragrance through its various forms like oil, incense sticks, wood, and many others.

Unlike the other alternatives, they are chemical-free and are also a cost-effective option.

11. Aromatherapy


Palo santo is widely used worldwide for aromatherapy; the pleasant fragrance from it helps you recharge and boost your mind.

Adding a few drops of the palo santo essential oil to our bath helps relieve muscles’ soreness and other forms of pain.

12. Detoxifier


Providing spiritual and mental support are also crucial ones among the other palo santo benefits. Palo santo, when inhaled directly reaches the olfactory system of our brain, which in turn helps the body’s defense mechanism against stress and anxiety.

Palo santo can also be added with other essentials oils like lavender, eucalyptus for a more relaxing effect.

13. Antibacterial Properties

antibacterial properties

Palo santo, like many other essential oils, also contains anti-bacterial properties that help to dr away bacteria, viruses, microbes, and other unpleasant odors in our home, thus giving it a pleasant ambiance Household Cleanser

content pixie B7CPa3ub47I unsplash 1

Palo santo benefits also include house cleansing. The incense sticks and oils can clean our home environment, thus preventing any forms of diseases.

It drives away the bad energy and purifies our living room, bathroom, kitchen, and all the essential appliances in it.

15. Reduces Joint And Muscle Pain

reduces joint and muscle pains

Palo santo benefits also include pain relief especially joint and muscle pain like that pain, arthritis, sore muscles, and so much more.

Applying few drops of palo santo oil on the area of pain can greatly help reduce the pain.

Another pain relief method is by massaging the palo santo essential oil in the direct place of pain and soaking in a bathtub with absolute salts.

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Palo santo benefits are plenty and can also be used in different forms like oil, resin, and wood as per our preference.

However, it is important to source authentic palo santo from a reputable retailer as there are high chances of being misled. It is important to check if Bursera graveolens is a main ingredient to know if we are buying the real thing.

Palo Santo is organic and comes with a long list of benefits, and therefore has less or no side effects than the others.

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