10 Important Things To Talk About In Therapy

Today, almost 3 out of 5 people take a therapy session and often wonder about what things to talk about in therapy when their situation improves or gets solved at last.

Therapy is for people with mental conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, and everyone. People have grown up with the notion of not sharing/discussing their inner conflict with other people because they might make a fool of themselves or others might not understand them. Neglecting the psychological problems, inner conflicts, and being the hostage to the past traumas is the absolute worst for one’s mental health.

Depression is one such mental condition that almost 90% of people worldwide suffer from, and most don’t seek help. They do not even acknowledge their sufferings, which leads to worsening the situation.

Why Do People Avoid Therapy?

Going to a therapy session might seem like a daunting task for beginners, but it is the best decision one can take to improve the condition of their mental health.

People feel anxious and stressed out going to therapy, and sometimes they worry and don’t even know what things to talk about in therapy. The fear and the social stigma around going to therapy prevent people from facing their inner demons and sufferings. The terms like “crazy” and “mentally abnormal” for people who go for therapy are used in society, making people avoid therapy.

things to talk about in therapy

Here is the list of reasons for people avoiding therapy at the beginning. They are as follow:

Don’t Want To Get In Touch With Their Past Traumas

Most of the time, people avoid digging graves of past life, and to dig up means to feel the ease and discomfort all over again. To avoid the pain of talking and unfolding the past traumas, pain, and issues, people prevent themselves from going to therapy.

Fear of Judgement

Most people worry that their family, friends, and society will judge them for seeing a therapist, or sometimes they think the therapist might judge them from their past or mental conditions. The stigma around mental health is the cause of anticipation for judgment.

Things Might Get Worse

Instead of managing and sharing the emotions, one fears that they might have a breakdown in front of a therapist and will what things to talk about in therapy maki advantage of going to therapy is they provide solutions to ease the pain.

Advantages of Therapy

Even if people don’t feel ready for a therapy session, they should at least give it a try once in their lifetime if they have inner conflicts.

Therapy has many benefits to improve people’s mental health, making them confident, set goals for them, and help in easing pain, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

1. Self-Acceptance

It helps a person becoming more self-acceptance of themselves. Therapy helps recognize causes for negative thoughts and anxiety and helps in the cognitive development of people with low self-esteem.

2. Support System

A therapist always provides a huge support system to their patients and helps them deal with their problems as easily as possible. They help make the patient feel comfortable in their own space and never compel them to share or open up. The therapist always supports them and acknowledges their utmost needs.

3. Managing Stress

Going to therapy sessions helps a person deal, develop, and manage coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, or depression.

4. Communication Skills

Several things to talk about in therapy help in improving and developing the good communication skills of people. Communicating with someone who listens and validates one’s feelings is a good start on the way for the good health of mental wellbeing.

5. Future Planning

If someone’s clueless about their future or their goals, a therapist helps them find insights, desire, and deep-seated goals in a person’s heart that was lost in the suffering of mental conditions like stress and anxiety. Good therapists strategize a plan for a significant change in a person’s life and formulate plans to manage the current situation.

6. Help In Changing Patterns 

Therapists help recognize the unhealthy pattern of patients and change into healthy patterns by clearing confusions and turmoils, which is extremely important for the personal growth of a person.

things to talk about in therapy

Things To Talk About In Therapy

Sometimes when we run out of things to talk about in therapy, we often think of opting out of the therapy session. People in their first therapy session sometimes feel dazed and confused about where to start talking and how to put their problems in front of the therapist.

Often it is seen that they share their past traumas, relationship struggles, future anxiety, and depressive thoughts. Many patients go through turmoil thinking what things to talk about in therapy and have questions like ‘Is talking about my dream last night worth sharing?’, ‘Should I tell my therapist about problems at my work?’, ‘Does my therapist have any expectations from me?’, ‘Am I talking too much about my feelings?’, ‘Should I just ask him/her what things to talk about in therapy?’ and several others.

things to talk about in therapy

People often go for therapy to better understand themselves, solve their ongoing inner conflicts, formulate plans for the future, improve their mental health, talk bout their feelings in a safe space, and many others.

At times they do run of things to talk about in therapy which, according to many therapists worldwide, is very common. Some patients often come up with a list prepared in their mind to talk about in therapy, while others often feel clueless about how to start a conversation in their next therapy session. This is one of the major reasons people stop going for therapy sessions midway.

If the silence between you and your therapist is deafening or if you run out of things to talk about in therapy, then here is the list of 10 topics that can help the session hours to pass by without any clueless moment or wondering what to talk about in therapy now that you have done covering every topic/issues.

They are as follows:

1. Things That Makes You Upset

This gives more insight into a person for the therapist to understand them better and help them overcome stress and problems for healthy mental wellbeing.

2. Talk About The Highlight Of Your Week

It is one of the good things to talk about in therapy when one feels nothing to talk about. This makes a person’s memory skill strong and helps them remember good times.

3. Talk About Feelings At Present Time in Therapist’s office

When you don’t know anything to talk about in therapy, tell the therapist about the thoughts in your head or emotions in your heart right at the moment.

4. Talk about your last night’s dream

Often we remember last night’s dream subconsciously, and it is better to share dreams with therapists and be expressive about it when one runs out of things to talk about in therapy.

5. Talk about your mental health progress

Ask them about how far and good you have progressed during whatever therapy session you took. Ask about the areas where you need to work and improve the most. Ask them to share methods and tips to keep your mind off from stressful and anxious stuff.

6. Ask the therapist about their life

It is alright to talk about their life, and it is up to the therapist to share what they feel is relevant for their patient to know and how it will be beneficial for their personal growth.

7. Talk about your relationship dynamics with the therapist

Therapists are our safe space where we share our fears and problems, and it is okay to discuss the bond that a patient and a therapist share. When there are not certain things to talk about in therapy, one should discuss the bond they share with their therapist and how the therapist is just not that but also a guide in their life.

8. Ask them about yourself 

Questioning oneself is important to know yourself and who knows you well than your therapist with whom you share your inner conflicts, past traumas, emotions, and mental problems. This helps you to get closer to yourself and understand yourself better than before.

9. Share anecdotes about things that make you happy

Such as childhood stories or stories from high school or about your friends, anything that makes you cheerful you can absolutely share during your therapy. It is not just limited to sharing traumas and pain but also happy and good times, which gives a different outlook to a person’s personality.

10. Talk about why talking right now seems hard

Try to discuss why you don’t have things to talk about in therapy or why you feel you cannot have a session today. It is important to articulate your emotions about why talking seems hard right now at the session. The therapist will pave the way for a conversation, and they will try to understand the struggle you are facing.

things to talk about in therapy


Therapy in today’s world has become necessary for people of all ages, from young teens to older people. People need to prepare beforehand to talk about in therapy to have a good session and efficiently.

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