10 Unbelievable Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair for Males

Want to know how to maintain the area below your belt? Well, I mean your pubic hair.

It’s a bit hesitant to talk to your father or any other elder about it so openly. Your friends may seem approachable, but they’re also in the same boat. Google is a place where no one is hesitant because it doesn’t judge you.

10 Unbelievable Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair for Males

You may find tons of sites giving tips on how to clean your garden but the most sought question is: What’s the benefit of grooming pubic hairs?

You don’t need to be so conscious because I am going to elucidate the benefits of shaving your pubic hair.

Why is the Question of Shaving so Pertinent?

Growing up as a teen, I am sure, you might have had that once-in-a-life moment with your friends discussing their preferences over pubic hair. Even if you didn’t have that moment, you’re going to have it at least once.

According to a survey in the US, 50.5 % of males are into some form of regular male grooming1. Being males, we are blessed with body hair as we hit puberty.

Pubic hair is an early signal for the onset of puberty among humans. A big chunk of our lives is involved in manscaping. Therefore, the question of managing pubic hair becomes pertinent.

Opting to Shave Your Pubic Hair

Before being tempted by the smoothness of having no pubic hair2, consider options like trimming your pubic hair or using scissors.

After having decided upon shaving it, you can proceed with it. But wait, how is shaving different from other techniques? What are the benefits?

Why Should you Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Below are some of the most delightful benefits of shaving your pubic hair:-

1. Smoothness Unlocked

Shaving your pubes can be hazardous because pubes act as a barrier for your skin, protecting it from germs and bacteria. So going hairless may bring down this barrier, making your crotch area more susceptible to germs from outside.

But why are people lured towards shaving as the hairless experience? The temptation of having no hair can be good news for many guys. Shaving completely relieves you from the junk trouble, especially for those who find it troublesome to manage.

So say hello to the zero hair experience and unlock your smoothness. You’ll feel increased airflow down there. However, to satisfy your urge for smoothness, you are losing on the barrier, which reduces external friction and also protects your skin from germs and bacteria.  

2. Tackling the Social Perception

Though you might be having this awkward question, how does society come into that? Or why does society’s perception matter if I want to shave my pubes? But we human beings live in a community and how society reacts to certain things have a bearing on our actions.

According to a US survey, 55.6% of females prefer that their partner is groomed. Surprisingly, males are a step ahead of females because over 73% of males in the United States prefer that their partner is groomed.

Though this is entirely your preference of deciding to shave or trim, almost one in two people prefer either less or no hair in the crotch area3. This might be one of the reasons why you may think to shave, but one thing assured is that there’s nothing indifferent about it.

3. Psychological Benefit

This is the most stunning and rewarding benefit of shaving pubic hair is from the psychological aspect. Mowing down your lawn will get you rid of the trouble of managing your lawn. This means that everything below your waist looks cleaner and more maintained.

Everyone, of course, loves a groomed and maintained private area. No one will deny that.

Researchers have linked this process with a positive self-image. They found that women and men find their partners physically more attractive and presentable when they shave or trim their pubic hair.

It might be awful for people to have untamed tufts of hair around.  A neat appearance enhances your visual appearance and makes you feel more confident. This confidence is not only limited to your bed but is also reflected in the outside world.

You have a strong positive outlook towards yourself, especially in cases when you go swimming.  Shaving your jungle regularly keeps the groin area neat, hence enhancing your body’s natural appeal.

It also boosts your self-esteem and creates a positive genital image in your mind. Some say that it also adds to your feeling of being more masculine. However, it varies from person to person, but rest assured that shaving boosts your image, ultimately boosting your confidence.

It is to be noted that it has nothing to do with increasing the sensitivity of the penis or resulting in unexpectedly pleasurable sex. Still, it has been observed that shaving exposes your skin to the outer environment. This might help to enhance the feeling while you engage in intimate acts.

Men's Grooming Tips: How to Shave Pubic Hair | Gillette India

4. Aesthetic View

The thought of having no hair will anyway make you feel the current. Imagine how neat the area would look if this turned out exactly the way you imagined. I know this sounds too good to be true, but your intimate areas will look more presentable than ever before.

It’s much easier to shave your groin area and enhance its appearance. The psychological impact of shaving is very much rewarding. A survey conducted in the United States showed some surprising results.

It showed that 20% of females shave their genitals to please their partners. So this is inherent not only in males but also in females to a great extent. So what do you think about this benefit of shaving down your pubes? Will you consider this as a convincing aspect or not?

5. The Big D factor

You might have the famous saying that “Our eyes lie sometimes.” Something similar is the case when you decide to shave your pubic hair. It’s obvious, that having no pubic hair results in smoothness down your waistline, but hold on, there’s something more that this can offer you.

It makes your penis look bigger! Yes, you read that right. It’s not a pill that enlarges your penis but clearing all the jungle below gives an aesthetic view of a bigger penis. For your information, the penis you see is not its entire length.

More than half of it is inside your pelvic region. Yet shaving clears the mess around your dick and thus gives an appearance of an enlarged dick. It, therefore, boosts your self-esteem and confidence about yourself.

It might also become more attractive for females. Although size has no relation with increased satisfaction and pleasure during sex, having a big dick may positively impact your partner’s mindset.

6. The Missing Key to Hygiene

One of the significant reasons for shaving pubic hair is the hygiene point of view. People complain of having to manage the entire mess, and they get irritated when it results in complications like boils which land them into trouble while causing discomfort.

Removing the excess hair in this area can help reduce bacteria buildup, leading to body odour and unwanted odours from sweat accumulation.

It also helps to keep the groin area dryer by allowing air to circulate better, which prevents fungal growths like athlete’s foot or jock itch.

Shaving Pubic Hair on the Scrotum
By Steve Harvey/ Unsplash. Copyright 2023

Having shorter or no hair in this area keeps things much cleaner than having long hair. It becomes easier to keep the entire groin area dry and free from sweat throughout the day, especially during physical activity.

Additionally, without long hairs, debris such as lint or dirt cannot get trapped near the skin, reducing bacteria levels and keeping unpleasant smells away.

But don’t get carried away by this idea that removing pubic hair keeps your crotch free from smell. One notable factor that you might be missing is the apocrine glands. These glands produce natural body odour, which is referred to as pheromones.

As per a few theories, it’s believed that pubic hair is responsible for trapping pheromones from your body. They make your body smell manlier while making you more attractive to your partner.

To add to your knowledge these glands are present in the highest number in your genital area. This is just a hypothesis and has opinions both for and against itself.

7. Say Goodbye to Pubic Lice

What? Don’t be surprised to hear this. Yes, pubic lice are happening and can be a cause of concern. It’s very embarrassing when your hand goes down, scratching your pubes after every short interval. By the way, we can’t thank enough gorillas from whom we’ve inherited these.

Our ancestors used their shelters after killing the beasts, and from there, the relationship between pubic lice has been traced to mankind.

However, no matter what the origin is, by shaving your pubic hair, you’re relieving yourself from the lice problem. Those who aren’t struggling with these will still safeguard themselves from this problem.

8. Greater Probability of Having Oral Sex

This may sound funny, but no one loves a bunch of hair in their mouth. The thought of having that will disgust you as well.  On the flip side, you may sound more convincing for asking your partner for oral sex, be it a blowjob or anything.

Your penis head is filled with an immense number of neurons and not exploring this erogenous zone is like not doing enough to explore your body. Shaving your pubic hair can be one of the ways through which you want to stimulate them.

The tongue, being the most potent muscle of our body, has a huge role to play when it’s oral sex. Just a simple flick might cause explosions within you. So you may shave your garden to invite the magic to happen.

It’s a personal choice that may change if your partner is comfortable. So you can enjoy those flicks and licks. Moreover, increased self-esteem might signal the brain for increased pleasure.

Although they’re not related, a sense of positive image and confidence will enable you to feel the sensations with more resonance.

Alas, the bottom line is who likes having smelly hair in their mouth?

9. Lower Risk of Skin Infections

Removing pubic hair decreases the chance of developing certain skin infections. This is because when hair is present in the genital area, it creates an environment conducive to bacterial and fungal growth.

Longer hairs allow germs to thrive due to moisture being easily held onto them and providing shelter for bacteria.

When bacteria builds up in large amounts, it can cause rashes and other skin problems, such as folliculitis (a type of infection caused by ingrown hairs) and molluscum contagious (a viral infection).

Eliminating these potential breeding grounds for germs makes you less likely to experience these uncomfortable conditions. There is also a chance of unruly hairs poking through clothing and creating an awkward situation.

10. Improved Comfort

With regular shaving of the pubic region, discomfort from itchiness and chaffing gets significantly reduced. It’s because trimmed or removed hairs allow for better air circulation around the skin, therefore, less likely to irritate or become inflamed.

Physical activities such as running or biking can become more enjoyable with reduced friction on sensitive areas.

However, remember to immediately change clothes after physical activities and abstain from wearing wet clothes over longer durations. It might lead to itchiness and rashes.

Things to Consider Before Shaving Your Pubic Hair 

Shaving Pubic Hair in Shower
By Dollar Gill/ Unsplash. Copyright 2023
  • Shaving your pubic hair makes you more vulnerable to UTIs and STIs (sexually transmitted diseases). However, they don’t offer complete protection against these diseases, unlike condoms. But removing them drops your guard unless you use protection.

  • Shaving needs to be done at regular intervals of a week to avoid the prickliness of growing hair.

  • You are more likely to cause cuts if you aren’t experienced enough.

  • Take special care while shaving around your scrotum. These sacs have loosely attached soft skin, which is more prone to cuts and bruises.

  • Sterilize your razor before using it. Don’t use any of the razors lying around your place.

  • Use post-shave care, like applying moisturizer after shaving. Always do this routine while you are having a cold shower, as it tightens the hair follicles allowing for a smoother finish.

  • Remember that razor is very different from a lawn mower. So use gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Avoid shaving against the direction of the hair growth. It may lead to ingrown hairs and rashes, which at times might be painful.

  • Avoid wearing tight undergarments for 3 to 4 days after shaving as it may cause chaffing due to increased friction of the fabric with the skin.

  • Always use a gel or foam-based formula to shave your pubes. It reduces friction and allows the razor to glide on the skin.


These are the benefits that shaving your pubic hair has to offer. However, one should know that they don’t grow to forever lengths like the hair on your scalp.

Another myth to be busted is that you cannot clean your genitals without shaving. It’s false. Shaving makes cleaning much easier, but you can still clean your private areas keeping the jungle intact.

Sometimes the decision to shave varies because of the culture and tradition of a person. Culturally, there have been changing opinions about pubic hair for centuries. Many cultures consider it attractive, but some find it distasteful, while others view it as a natural part of life.

Whatever opinion one may hold, it is essential to remember that removing pubic hair is a personal decision.4

Males are often uncertain about whether they should shave their pubic hair or not. There is a lot of confusion around the topic, so I hope I’ve answered your queries concerning shaving your pubic hair.

Share your comments below about how you feel about it!

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