Why it Pays to Stay Healthy

Doctors are always advising people to take care of themselves, watch what they eat, get enough sleep each night1, and avoid tobacco products. It’s almost universal advice, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a physician who didn’t dish out this common set of guidelines. But luckily, there’s a lot more to staying healthy than getting a good report after an annual physical exam.2

In fact, did you know there are seven dimensions of health and accordingly several relatively subtle advantages in store for people who live a healthful lifestyle. Besides the fact that they can eventually sell their life insurance policies for cash, there are others. Sleeping better at night can be a profoundly positive experience for older adults who need that downtime for rejuvenation.

If you own life insurance, you probably already know that being in excellent shape, and being a non-smoker, means significant reductions in premiums. Don’t forget, living without the threat of major illness means you’ll be more productive in your career and can eventually earn a higher income. Finally, retirees who are in top shape can enjoy all sorts of travel opportunities that unhealthy adults don’t have access to. Here are the pertinent details about why it pays to keep an eye on your health.

You Can Turn Life Insurance into Cash

Every day, policyholders enter into life settlement agreements in order to sell their unneeded policies for cash. There are at least two ways to sell. One is called a viatical settlement, designed for those who are seriously ill and want to sell their life policy to cover medical bills.

Another way, and a more common one, is the life settlement, in which holders simply decide they no longer need the coverage and want to cash out. To explore your options, use a life settlement calculator online to see how much your policy is worth. It takes just a few seconds, and you can also use the calculator to determine how much money you would receive for a viatical settlement.

Lower Life Insurance Premiums

If you’ve ever applied for coverage from one of the larger, reputable insurance companies, you likely know some of the standard questions on the application. There are always a few about the state of your health, whether you smoke, and if you take part in hazardous activity, risky hobbies, or sports. The healthier you are, typically the less you’ll pay for coverage. That general rule pertains not just to whole life policies but also to term insurance. Over a lifetime, the aggregate value of the discounts can add up to a huge sum of money that healthy adults avoid paying for the exact same amount of insurance protection.

Travel Opportunities

If you enjoy going on cruises, hiking, skiing, or mountain climbing, it’s obvious that physical wellbeing plays a huge role in your ability to take part in those activities. Those who are retired often spend a good deal of their free time traveling the world or exploring nearby towns, cities, and famous sites. One of the less-noticed benefits of being fit is the ability to travel as you wish, whenever you wish, and to the places that interest your most.

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