What Are The 7 Best Natural Pre Workouts?

Best Natural Pre Workout
Best Natural Pre Workout

Pre-workouts are every gym goer’s and body builder’s best friend. Everyone wants the best for themselves and hence we have come up with a list of the best natural pre workouts for all. Many of the best natural pre workout supplements have active ingredients as well as natural ingredients that have advantages of their own.

These supplements help in enhancing exercise performance and muscle building while also constituting a part of your dietary supplements.


Benefits of Best Natural Pre-Workout

There are many amazing benefits of having the best natural pre workout.

1) The Best Natural Pre Workout Helps Improve Endurance

Endurance is the ability to sustain a particular exercise for a longer period of time – be it cardiovascular endurance or muscular endurance

Most people struggle with endurance during their workouts.

Consumption of the best natural pre workout helps in increasing endurance throughout the workout and helps you exercise better.


2) The Best Natural Pre Workout Helps Keep Your Stamina for Longer

You might have noticed that every time you pick up a set of dumbbells and carry out an exercise, the first repetition is way easier than the last one. This is because of muscle fatigue. By the time you reach the last repetition, your muscles get tired and give up.

Including the best natural pre workout in your diet will help you delay the time that the muscle gets fatigued so that you can perform your exercise evenly throughout.


3) The Best Natural Pre Workout Helps Boost Power

Having the best natural pre workout increases power during the workout and helps keep your energy levels up.

For example, a person who has a pre workout can sprint for a much longer distance as compared to the one who didn’t.


4) Best Natural Pre Workout Can improve Mental Performance

Having a pre workout is said to help improve cognitive functions of the brain like focus and concentration, along with alertness and a good sense of perception.

All of this combined provides a sense of positivity, which helps you to work out even better and also motivates you as well.

5) The Best Natural Pre Workout Helps Attain Better Body Composition

Muscle definition and building becomes more acquirable and feasible once you start using pre workout. People who consume pre workout are said to build muscles more effectively and efficiently.


Some of The Best Natural Pre Workout

Given below is a list of a few of the natural ingredients that act as the best natural Pre Workouts.

Choose the best one for you and buy through links given here for the best pre workout supplementation.

1) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Caffeine

Best Natural Pre Workout
Coffee has a large quantity of caffeine

Caffeine is the best natural pre workout and is also added to many supplement powders.

Caffeine is responsible for endurance enhancement and causes vasodilation which improves the blood flow and oxygen intake in our body and makes us feel pumped up through our workout.

It is also responsible for alertness and focus and helps in fat reduction by increasing the rate of metabolism.

Caffeine is also said to be a hunger suppressor and can help in aiding weight loss while exercising.

Caffeine also helps in muscular contraction and proper activation of muscle groups which is crucial while working out.

The best source of caffeine is black coffee without sugar.


2) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Creatinine

Best Natural Pre Workout
Protein-rich foods are good sources of creatinine

Creatinine comes under the broad category of amino acid and is used widely as a supplement by athletes and bodybuilders.

Creatinine helps in boosting the energy levels and helps in muscle mass enhancement. It also helps provide energy in the form of ATP for a successful contraction of the muscles.

The formation of ATP goes through a process during which the creatinine turns into creatinine phosphate which in turn helps make ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Creatine helps the body perform high endurance exercises with ease and also helps build lean muscle mass.

The body creates a little amount of creatinine naturally but meat and fish and other protein-rich foods are the best sources of creatinine.


3) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Citrulline Malate

Best Natural Pre Workout
Watermelons are full of citrulline malate

Citrulline malate, also known as L-Citrulline, is a type of amino acid.

It is a predecessor of nitric oxide and is found naturally in our bodies as well as many other foods like watermelons.

Watermelons are the highest source of citrulline and are not related to protein or making of protein.

The body converts the citrulline malate into L-Arginine, which is another amino acid. It is also converted into nitric oxide by the body as well. Citrulline is well known to decrease the blood pressure in the body while working out and is also responsible for dilation of the blood vessels and increases oxygen and blood flow.

The increased oxygen is delivered to the muscles and then helps the muscles perform better while working out and also provides energy.


4)The Best Natural Pre Workout – Glutamine

Best Natural Pre Workout
Chicken provides glutamine to the body

Glutamine also belongs to the family of amino acids and is known as the basic constructing blocks of protein.

Glutamine is found in ample amounts in our body and is a type of free amino acid. It is produced abundantly in the body and is distributed amongst other parts of the body via the blood.

Glutamine is said to be a very effective natural supplement in times of stress.

When the body undergoes stress during a workout, glutamine helps keep everything in function and gives a de-stressing effect. It also helps in strengthening the immune system of the body and is good for the digestive system.

Glutamine acts as a very good supplement to decrease the chances of muscle wasting or atrophy in the body.

Chicken, fish, and cabbage are the richest sources of glutamine.


5) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Beta-Alanine

Best Natural Pre Workout
Eggs are a high source of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is a natural amino acid that is basically non-essential.

Beta-alanine is used by the body to create certain other chemicals that help increase muscle function and keeps muscle health in check.

Beta-Alanine is widely used to enhance physical performance in many athletes and sports players. It is also used to boost performance by increasing stamina and endurance.

Foods rich in Alanine include – dairy and poultry products, eggs, and fish.


6) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Branched Chain Amino Acids

Best Natural Pre Workout
BCAA are found in legumes

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA include amino acids called – Valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

These amino acids are named branch chain due to their structure, which forms branches and chains.

These amino acids are mainly used to reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance during workouts. They are also responsible for reducing muscle breakdown during intensive workouts and help reduce inflammation and micro-tears in the muscles. They aid muscle growth as well.

Branched-chain amino acids are obtained from foods like legumes, dairy products, and meat.


7) The Best Natural Pre Workout – Beet Root Juice

Best Natural Pre Workout
Beetroots are found in many pre workout supplements

This is not exactly a supplement but a very natural food source that has been proven beneficial in terms of a pre workout.

Beets are rich sources of nitrate, vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid.

Nitrate is converted into nitrate oxide. Nitrate oxide is used by the body to increase muscle function and activation along with proper contractions.

It also improves lung function and helps increase oxygen levels in the blood and helps exercise efficiently.

The overall cardiorespiratory function improves on the consumption of beetroot, which is vital during workouts.

Beetroots are found in many supplement powders or can be consumed in the form of fresh juice as well.


When to Take Best Natural Pre Workout?

The ideal time to consume your best natural pre workout is 25-30 minutes before your exercise or workout routine. This way, the body absorbs the essential elements to be utilized properly during your workout.

If you plan on consuming your pre-workout a few hours before bed, you might want to think twice. Taking pre-workouts before your sleep can disrupt your sleep cycle and keep you awake.

This is because most of the pre workout supplements increase alertness and energy levels, which can cause restlessness and hamper your sleep.

Foods to Consume in Place Of Best Natural Pre Workout

When it comes to pre-workouts, it is not just about supplements. Many food items are energy boosting and you can consume them as the best natural pre workouts instead of powdered supplements.

These food items are much cheaper compared to supplement powders and can be found easily in the market as well.

  • Boiled eggs
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Porridge made with almond milk
  • Overnight oats protein
  • Chicken with brown rice and vegetables
  • Energy or granola bars
  • yerba mate
  • Bagel with honey as an artificial sweetener


Side Effects of Best Natural Pre Workout

Overuse or overconsumption of anything can lead to side effects. The same is the case with all these best natural pre workouts.

Some side effects of pre-workouts include headaches, digestive problems, mild Skin flushing, Mild tingling sensation in hands and feet, which can cause anxiety or increased restlessness and increased water retention in the body.

Taking the advice of a medical professionall, in case you are going through any of these side effects, is highly recommended.


Nonetheless, including any one of the best natural pre workout and even post-workout foods, can prove to be very promising while aiming to build muscles and increase your exercise performance.

Better to give it a try and then decide!

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