Top 10 Delicious Foods High in Nitric Oxide

Foods high in nitric oxide are essential these days for everyone. Nitric oxide is a simple solution1 for various health problems. Have you ever heard of the benefits nitric oxide can give our bodies? If you have, you must know how to boost up the level of nitric oxide in our bodies by including plant-based and natural foods in our diet.

Now, many people are confused about the foods that are high in nitric oxide or good sources for nitric oxide.

Production of nitric oxide is essential for heart health. Nitrate rich foods can increase the production of nitric oxide naturally. Foods high in nitric oxide can be beneficial for your heart function and for people who have diabetes.

Recent studies showed that if you intake foods that are high sources of nitric oxide, it can help you stay healthy and disease-free. To understand the benefits of nitric oxide, one should know how it can be increased naturally.

Top 10 Foods High In Nitric Oxide

1. Beets For Dietary Nitrate

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Beetroots contain dietary nitrate2 which can increase stamina and can improve your athletic performance. They are rich sources of potassium and minerals, which can help in reducing high blood pressure and can help in maintaining healthy body weight.

Beets also provide nitrates which can increase the level of nitric oxide in your body. Beet juices can build your energy level and confidence as well.

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2. Garlic For Enzyme Activation

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Garlic can activate the enzymes3 in your body which converts the nitric oxide from the source L-arginine. After the consumption of garlic, the level of nitric oxide can be improved up to 40%.

Garlic can boost up your energy level and tolerance power to undergo any physical ability.

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3. Seafood With Powerful Preserving Properties

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Seafood is great for preserving nitric oxide4. Along with seafood, meat also contains CoQ10 which is an amazing source that is very useful in preserving nitric oxide in your body.

People suffering from migraine issues can add this to their diets. This can help in relieving pain and boosting your energy.

4. Dark Chocolate – Tastier Source To Increase Nitric Oxide

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Foods high in nitric oxide are many in number. But the most favorite food for chocolate lovers who want to increase nitric oxide in their bodies is dark chocolate. These are rich in flavanols which can give you some powerful health benefits.

Research says 30-35 grams of dark chocolate daily can lead to an increase in the level of nitric oxide inside your body. This helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure level. It can also be effective in decreasing the top and bottom line of the blood pressure reading line.

Dark chocolate is filled with flavanols which are efficacious in decreasing the chances of heart disease and improve the functioning of bold flow and brain.

5. Leafy Greens – An Amazing Converter

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Whenever we try to find out foods high in nitric oxide, greens like spinach and cabbage can be found at the top of the list. These leafy greens act as a converter. They contain nitrates which can be converted into nitric oxides.

6. Citrus Fruits Rich In Vitamin C

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If you are looking for food that can increase immunity by strengthening your immune system, the best source you can rely on is citrus fruits. It can give you long term results if taken on a daily basis.

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Citrus fruits can increase your levels of nitric oxide. These are one of those nitrate-rich foods which can prevent heart disease. These are known for providing overall health benefits.

Being an absolute nitrate provider, citrus foods are one of the best foods high in nitric oxide.

7. Pomegranate Juice – A Powerful Antioxidant

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Pomegranate juice contains anti-oxidants which can prevent your body from diseases. It can also help improve the level of WBC (White Blood Cells) and RBC (Red blood cells). These are responsible for fighting against virus and bacteria and carries oxygen from lungs to other parts of the body.

Thus, pomegranate juice can purify your blood impurities by maintaining a good blood flow.

8. Seeds Can Increase The Level Of Nitric Oxide

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Various studies showed that eating seeds can increase the level of nitric oxide. As these are high sources of arginine5, they can produce nitric oxide. This can help in increasing endurance and potential in the human body as well.

9. Watermelon Is A High Source Of Citrulline

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Whenever we check for foods high in nitric oxide, watermelon is the most reliable option for everyone. Everyone loves having watermelon juices during summer because it is very refreshing.

A lot of people are unaware that watermelons can boost nitric oxide in your body. Drinking 300ml of watermelon juice for 2-3 weeks can increase the production of nitric oxide.

10. Red Wine Is Loaded With Anti-Oxidants

Red wine increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. It helps in nitric oxide synthase. These are used in various food items for improving the taste as well as increasing the level of nitric oxide.

Red wine is beneficial for the skin. Red wine can keep your heart healthy and can prevent heart attacks too.


There are various plant based fruits and vegetables which help in increasing the level of nitric oxide. Nitric oxides can be produced from nitrates if taken externally which can affect your exercise performance as well.

If you are into physical exercise, workout, and yoga, then nitric oxides will light up your spirit by improving your potential and stability. It helps in improving your brain and concentration power as well. It is great for people who want to stay healthy but are too lazy to exercise on a daily basis. For them, diet can do the work.

Maintaining a proper diet can give you amazing results. Nitric oxide can be a savior for those who want to claim long term benefits from their diet. It relaxes the muscles of the blood vessel which is very important for the circulation of blood.

If you are looking for foods rich in nitric oxide, then you should comprehend which foods contain nitrate which can be converted into nitric oxide.

The most essential benefits nitric oxides can provide is that it allows your blood to flow efficiently and reach every part of your body. The overall health of your body depends on the blood flow which can be regulated by nitric oxide.

To increase the level of nitric oxide, one should intake foods high in nitric oxide or nitrates that can then be converted into nitric oxide.

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