What Are Bangs in Hairstyles? 20 Famous Bangs

Hairstyles change your overall look and personality. We all look for that one hairstyle that suits us the best.

But not always, sometimes we experiment with different hairstyles1 on ourselves. Either we look great or funny. Both give us joy, so if you are looking for some new style why not “Bangs”? YES! Some of you might know what bangs are in hairstyles, while some might not.

Don’t worry—here, you will find out what bangs are and how many types there are—A LOT!

1. What Are Bangs in Hairstyles?

Bangs’ hairstyle is getting very famous nowadays. There was a time when other cuts were very famous, like bob cuts, layered, French braids, and more. But now everyone looks for bangs.

Recent shows and series also have their characters with bangs in their hairstyles. But What are bangs in hairstyles?

1.1. Origin

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Kzenon/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

What are bangs in hairstyles, this is the question that comes after once we find out the first-time bangs were traced. Thinking of it, the first traceable time of bangs is even a thousand years ago.

This was traced in Medieval Spain when a singer known as Ziryab had her haircuts with bangs at that time.

It is also believed that having bangs makes you look younger and hides most of your face, so it gives it a slimmer look. So, many women have this hairstyle to look younger and cuter.

Also, it is said that bangs look best on people with oval or heart-shaped faces. Also, an oblong face shape is becoming most desirable these days, and bangs look perfect on it.

Although it is just a theory, anyone can have bangs until they find the bangs perfect for them.

Let’s move forward and find out the types of bangs that exist. You might find the one for you. Let’s have a clearer look at what bangs are in hairstyles. We will also find out the various types of bangs and hairstyles with bangs. 

2. Famous 20 Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs have become so popular in recent times that even celebrities have hairstyles with bangs. The variety of this hairstyle is amazing.

There are lots of bang types that might even confuse you because all of them are the best.

Let us examine the types of bangs to learn more about bangs in hairstyles. Today, we will examine the famous hairstyles with bangs that can change your look in an instant.

2.1. Curtain Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by EZEKIXL OLUWATOBI AKINNEWU/ pexels/ Copyright 2018

They are the one that works as their name suggests, curtain for your facial features. They help highlight your facial features like cheekbones, eyes, and more.

Similarly helps hide your big forehead, if you have one. Because of this, they are best suitable for one with a round face or chubby facial features. They give you narrow features. They are meant to keep your hair away from your eye.

2.2. Straight Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Naomi/ pexels/ Copyright 2021

Straight hairstyles with straight bangs look great and give a new look too. Usually, straight hairs are lightly weighted and seem less voluminous.

That is why they are pretty difficult to cut into different hairstyles, like layered cutting. As such, hairstyles do not shine. So, straight bangs might be an amazing alternative for you.

It especially enhances your look even more if you have a big forehead then, bangs can make a drastic change. They are pretty like a borderline made to your forehead area, focusing all the limelight to your other facial features.

2.3. Baby Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by cottonbro studio/ pexels/ Copyright 2019

Baby Bang’s hairstyle is not for all. They are so small that they reach only a few inches down to your forehead. They might give you a funny or weird look if it doesn’t suit you well.

Although they look pretty awesome when you get them right, they are so micro that they got the name “baby bangs.” They are known to sharpen your facial angle2.

Baby bangs make your facial features look more angular and that’s the reason, they are not for heart-shaped or square-shaped faces. They suit best oval face shapes giving them a bolder angular look.

2.4. Wispy Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Hải Nguyễn/ pexels/ copyright 2020

The difference is that they are feathery and softer but are similar to blunt, straight-across bangs. They are best suited for heart-shaped faces or ones with longer face shapes.

They are fine, soft, and very delicate to feel on the forehead. Wispy bangs give a stunning look as they flatter every type of face shape, cut, or even texture.

They are better to try even if it is your first time. They usually give a good look by default. So, yeah! you can try these for your first-time experiment. Especially, to get just a small but pretty change and not too much over-styled look.

2.5. Blunt Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by phovoir/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

People with thick hair and straight hair texture find blunt bangs more suitable for them. As they do not feel like fine hair or anything soft or even feathery to touch or see. They are blunt, sharp, and thick hair strands falling out on your forehead.

They are more like straight bangs. The oblong facial shape is best for blunt bangs, as it has a longer face length and a narrow chin. So, this kind of hairstyle with bangs helps to draw attention to your chin and mouth.

2.6. Curly Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Monstera/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

Curly bangs are a game changer in hairstyles with bangs. They can give a person a different look that will make them look flattering.

It is no limitation that bangs are not for curly hair. Nowadays, people prefer to change their hair texture to curly and have curly bangs, which changes them as a person.

As it is obvious, a person who has a straight hairstyle for ages turns their hairstyle curly, which will make them look like a different person. Although curls are beautiful to look at. Curls flowing down your forehead look amazing and soothing as well.

2.7. Fringe Bangs

what are bang in hairstyles
Image by RDNE Stock project/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

Fringe bangs are simple bangs hairstyles. They are mean simply, the falling of hair strands over your forehead. That can be of different hair lengths and textures.

Initially known as fringes got their name “bangs” from a term called “bangtails.” Which meant horizontal straight cutting of horse tail from its end to give them a linear plain end.

People with finer hair find that fringe bangs help them increase their hair volume. They give a simple yet powerful look to your personality.

2.8. Thick Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Pezibear/ pixabay/ Copyright 2015

Thick hair type is best suitable for thick bangs as they need a lot of volume and density to fall straight over your forehead. They give you a bold look and make your face small.

The only area below your eyes is visible due to the bang’s hairstyle. Bangs suit the round face shapes best as they make your face look slimmer and sharpens the face features.

Moreover, taking all the eyes to your lower facial structure makes you look less round. The hair strands are thick and cover all of your foreheads. Thick bangs are best suited with the straight hair type.

2.9. Face Framing Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Shahid Shafiq/ pixabay/ Copyright 2016

They are the hairs falling from your head to your forehead and moving down in increasing length from the eyes to the cheekbones.

As the name suggests, bangs frame your face and give you a fresh new look. The best part is that they remove all the eyes from your forehead and change the focus on your facial features. They are bangs but differ in length criteria.

That is, they are not limited to just your forehead. Instead, the length goes down to your cheekbones, sometimes to your jawline. This helps frame your facial features to look slimmer and more attractive.

2.10. Side Swept Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by pattyann/ pixabay/ copyright 2015

They are cut at an angle, that is, instead of having the bangs falling straight down the forehead. They fall sidewards, providing an angle to your face.

That is why the side swept bangs hairstyle looks best with the round face. Because it helps shape the face to look more oval rather than round.

Moreover, it adds bangs to lengthen your face. As the simple straight bangs might make your face look round and small.

So, round-shaped faces can try out the side-swept bangs for the first time without any doubt. This hairstyle with bangs would probably look best for your face type.

2.11. Side Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Kristijan Arsov/ unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Side bangs are the ones parted from the middle so that they can cover your forehead’s sides. This is done to frame your face right.

They are softer and feathery falling down your forehead sidewards. These bangs are long curtain bangs that have sharp edges and are broad at the cheekbones.

These are go-to hairstyles with bangs for round-shaped faces as they work as face-framing bangs for them. They give a very classic fringe look and are the most popular.

They are go-to bangs hairstyles for almost everyone with any face shape because they can shape any face type easily.

2.12. Choppy Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Stephen C/ pexels/ Copyright 2022

Choppy bangs are cut at varying lengths, giving a fine textured look. They are sharper at the edges, defining the layered cutting.

They look amazing falling freely on your forehead. The pointed and blunt straight ending of the hair strands of the bangs gives a messy hairstyle look, which is famous these days.

People with thin hair can benefit from these types of bangs as they will volumize your hair.3 Moreover, give a lift to your thin hair.

So, if you are looking for something messy, carefree, cool dude type of haircut, then choppy bangs with uneven, edgy bangs can help you with the same.

2.13. Edgy Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Chermiti Mohamed/ pexels/copyright 2019

The edgy bangs have sharp fringe ends. They have volumized undercuts that become edgy and textured as the length of the bangs increases.

They suit best with the shag haircut as they match the texture and all-over look of your hair. To have a dark vibe, you should definitely try the edgy bangs hairstyle.

Especially with the shaggy strands falling all over your head, a shaggy haircut and edgy bangs are a perfect match.

2.14. Long Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by meijii/ pexels/ copyright 2019

Long bangs, as the name itself suggests, are longer than the usual bangs hairstyles. They are longer bangs that cover your eye area as they fall longer than your forehead.

They look amazing with not only long hair lengths but also short and medium-length haircuts. However, the best-defined structure comes with long hair.

The long curtain bangs are an example of long bangs that help frame your face and narrow its shape. These bangs also shape the forehead well.

It usually suits all the face shapes but not the round ones, as the face might look smaller and round.

2.15. Short Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Andra C Taylor Jr/ unsplash/ Copyright 2021

These are just like baby bangs but not that small. Baby bangs are very short in length whereas short bangs are longer than baby bangs but smaller than long bangs.

That is, they cover your forehead but not your eyebrows or eyes. They fall flat slightly above your forehead. They are a perfect match for the oval face shape. Also, make them look edgy.

Moreover, you can try out short bangs with long wavy or curly (small curls) hairstyles. It gives an amazing look and makes your facial features look sharper.

2.16. Textured Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Victoria Regen/ pixabay/ Copyright 2019

Textured bangs have uneven fringes with layered cuts. They give edgy blunt ends to the bangs that look great. They have layering among the fringes, which are well-defined with fine, edgy ends.

Textured bangs help in the elongation of the face shape.4 So, the people with chubby cheeks and long forehead textured bangs work best. Moreover, they hide your broad forehead and round face, giving you sharper facial features.

They look amazing with shaggy short hairstyles, as they give the textured fringes a more defined look and define the layering properly.

2.17. Faux Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Morgan Lane/ unsplash/ Copyright 2019

These are also known asfalse bangs.” That is because these are not real fringe bangs; these are bangs wigs. They are for those who want to just try hairstyles with bangs as an experiment without damaging their hair. Or those who want bangs temporarily and not permanently.

These come in various textures, colors, and lengths. You can choose what suits you best. They are best for occasions or for increasing volume. Along with shape-framing ideas, one can try different types of faux bangs to find out what looks perfect.

2.18. Feathered Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Davis Sánchez/ pexels/ copyright 2018

Feathered bangs are the ones with texture, as well as feathery flipped hair ends. These flipped ends that look like a feather are the highlights of these bangs.

Since they give a stunning look with those classy flippy ends. Also, it adds to the bouncy element in your hairstyles with bangs. It is your choice to have side-parted or middle-parted bangs.

Although, these bangs work best with shoulder-length hair types as they give defined clear feathered ends throughout your hair length. The chin-length bob cut or the wavy bob cut with the feathered bangs gives a cool girl look.

2.19. Wavy Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Vlada Karpovich/ pexels/ copyright 2020

Wavy bang hairstyles give an adorable look. Wavy hair is a very cool, adorable style that also makes you look younger.

Moreover, wavy bangs with wavy hair give you whole-length wavy hair that looks so volumized and thick to see.

They might work best for those with fine hair as they will get an increased volume of hair with all that sassy look, too. They will suit the shaggy haircut and especially the beachy bob cut, which is shoulder or chin length and usually has amazingly defined short curls in it.

2.20. Layered Bangs

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by meijii/ pexels/ copyright 2019

We know what layered haircuts are; similarly, we get the layered bangs with the fine blunt ends. The uneven textured ends that define all the layers throughout the hair length give an amazing hairstyle.

Although, the layered haircut is famous and has been in trend for a long time. This style gets its perfect look with the thick voluminous hair because layers are easy to cut.

Also, each layer contains a considerable number of hair strands. Layered bangs are the solution to thin hair types to make their hair look more volume. They can be side-parted as well and give a fine end.

You have seen how many types of bangs exist now. Also, you are clear now about what bangs are in hairstyles. The bangs can make you look different but amazing. Let us move further and come to a brief conclusion about how bangs can create a huge difference.

3. Differences That Bangs Create

Bangs can create a huge difference in your looks. What are bangs in hairstyles is now known by you. What you can conclude from the above section is how hairstyles with bangs can make a difference in your appearance. Let us discuss them briefly and find out their benefits:

3.1. Hides Big Forehead

People with broad or big foreheads finds themselves conscious of it. They always think of a way to hide it and take away the focus from their forehead.

Bangs are the best solution for them as they hide your forehead well. Different bangs types hide your forehead differently providing a different look.

Straight bangs cover your whole forehead, while curtain bangs cover it with the middle partition. Similarly, side-swept bangs cover your forehead and give it an angular haircut.

3.2. Makes Face Slimmer or Oval

Bangs help people with round or square face shapes have slimmer faces. They hide most of the face, making it easy to have a slimmer face instead of a round or square one.

Long curtain bangs or side-swept bangs help shape the round face into an oval. So, people who want a slimmer or oval-shaped face should try out bang hairstyles.

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Adina Voicu/ pixabay/ copyright 2016

3.3. Sharp Jawline

Everyone wants a sharp jawline these days. It is a sign of fitness or we can say it is a trend. But people with round, square, or more jawlines can have a well-defined sharp jawline with the touch of bangs to their hairstyles. Moreover, bob haircuts with bangs can help you have a beautiful jawline shape.

3.4. Face Framing

The bangs’ overall face-framing ability is the best feature. They help frame all your facial features.

Further, helps in elongation of your small face length and takes everyone’s focus from your forehead to your eyes and the lower face features. They also enhance the cheekbones by hiding the chubby cheeks and shaping them sharper.

So, these were some benefits or, shall we say, differences created by the bangs. Now, not only are we clear about what bangs in hairstyles are, but we also know all of their types. Along with how they help frame our facial features.

what are bangs in hairstyles
Image by Wavebreakmedia/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

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4. Final Note

There are so many types, isn’t it amazing? Now, you know what bangs are in hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for?

Find out the best one for you and try it out today! Bangs might give you the look you always wanted. They are so awesome to look at and just amazing personalities you get having such a hairstyle.

Moreover, it also gives you a younger and much cuter look. Also, the cool girl looks that hairstyles with bangs create for you are awesome. They can even give you a sharper jawline and highlighted cheekbones.5

Bangs are pretty awesome, I feel. You should find out, too. Even faux bangs are available in the market if you don’t want permanent bangs or to experiment with your hair.

Go try it out! There is a huge variety of bangs with different textures, types, colors, and even lengths. I hope you find the one hairstyle with bangs for you now.

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