7 Intriguing Types Of Self-Care That You Cannot Miss!

There are some types of self-care1 that every person needs to do for their well-being. Self-care is about taking care of yourself, pampering yourself, and prioritizing yourself. It is about loving and respecting yourself2 in the worst situations.

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Why is Self-Care Important?

If you want to live a positive life where problems are there, you can face them with courage and strength and not give up on them.

Difficult situations and various problems are just a part of life. You can either snap and zone out or face them with a smile and confidence in these times.

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Loving yourself, having faith in yourself, and understanding yourself help you to face them. These all things come when we care for ourselves by not being selfish but by practicing self-care.

Types of Self-Care

Now we know what self-care is. But do you know there are seven different types of self-care? Interesting, isn’t it? These different types of self-care 3help us in leading a healthy and stress-free life.4

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Let us discuss these types of self-care in detail:

1. Emotional Self-Care

Taking care of your emotions, understanding them, and enhancing them is what emotional self-care is all about. Being emotionally strong helps us in choosing the right path and facing difficult situations.

But how do we get to that state? We all know understanding our emotions is not an easy task. But it is not impossible also, right?

We can achieve that by practicing various ways. Here we are listing some of the ways below which will help you in understanding your inner emotions5 perfectly:

  • Start Loving and Respecting Yourself (Trust us, it is not selfish).
  • Know Your Boundaries (It is not okay for anyone to enter your personal space. Know that).
  • Maintain Journal (Writing your thoughts gives you clarity about your feelings).
  • Never Let Other’s Opinion Affect You (You cannot control how others think, but do not let that affect you).
  • Stay Positive (Always be positive and be with positive people).
  • Accept That You are Amazing (Yes, you are amazing, and there is no doubt in it. So, accept it).
  • Meditate Daily (It helps in calming your thoughts and clarifying them. So, do it for sure)
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2. Physical Self-Care

If having proper emotional health is important, then having proper physical health is also essential. Physical self-care is a spectacular way to be in your best shape. Taking good care of your body is not a choice; it is an obligation.

Good emotional health and stability are of no use if your body is not working properly. So, do not let your poor physical health ever come your way.

Make sure you maintain a proper physical self-care routine, and if you are thinking, how can you practice physical self-care? Here is the answer:

  • Get Yourself Adequate Sleep (Getting a perfect amount of sleep is super essential for good health. Always remember that)
  • Eat Healthily (We know eating junk food is more tempting, but eating healthy is important. Make sure you make no compromise on that)
  • Exercise Daily (For any machine to remain working, it needs to work that is the same case with the human body. So do exercise to keep yourself working)
  • Take Time to Relax (Taking time to relax is equally important. Do not forget that)
  • Do Activities That You Love (Taking time for activities that you love like dancing, running, cycling, and anything which makes you happy and satisfied are must)
  • Take a Nap (Never exhaust yourself. Take out time for short naps in between your hectic days)
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3. Mental Self-Care

Your way of thinking defines your actions and your well-being. Mental stability not only helps in thinking straight but also helps in realizing one’s abilities and capabilities.

Being emotionally unstable can be managed and worked out but being mentally unstable brings your life upside down. In technical words, mental health is a mixture of your emotional, psychological, and social health. Having proper mental stability 6helps you in leading a sane and healthy life.

Having proper mental stability helps you in leading a sane and healthy life. Therefore, practicing mental self-care, among other types of self-care, is highly important among different types of self-care.

Here are some ideas which you can do to practice mental self-care:

  • Consult External Help (Seek external help if you do not feel comfortable in your thoughts before it is too late. Never be she to do that)
  • Try Listening to Podcasts (Motivational podcasts sometimes are a big help to change your mental state in a positive way. Do try!)
  • Try Something Unusual (Getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes highly needed for good mental health and stability. So it is a must to try)
  • Read a Book (Reading a motivational book helps in diverting your thoughts towards a positive and healthy mental state)
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4. Social Self-Care

Social life plays a vital role in a person’s life. Especially after the advancement of social media, it has become a major impactful point in a person’s life. Therefore, you need to prioritize social self-care, among other types of self-care, or the activities that affect your relationships.

We, humans, are social animals. We live through and on our social life. Sometimes our social life affects us even more than we can think. The problem of our generation is when we get a hectic schedule, and we start zoning out everyone from our life.

It results in us being alone when we need someone, which leads to various mental and health problems.

That is why practicing social self-care is highly important. Here are the ways you can practice that:

  • Proper Family Time is Must (If your family is by your side, nothing else matters or affects you).
  • Hosting Weekend Parties (We understand work is important and must but hosting weekend parties once a month is not difficult)
  • Get a Pet (Having a furry friend helps a lot. They hear you, love you unconditionally, and ask nothing in return. They are the best)
  • Mailing Occasional Cards to Loved Ones (You are too busy to call or meet we get it. But you can mail cards occasionally. Try that it feels good)
  • Dating (Dating sometimes helps a lot. Having a potential partner to share the whole day with is a blessing, and you can have that if you want. So go ahead!)
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5. Spiritual Self-Care

We know the first thought that would arise in your mind would be that this is for spiritual people, among other types of self-care. But you’re mistaken; this is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are atheist or religious or agnostic or anything.

Then you must be thinking, what is spiritual self-care? Spiritual self-care mainly surrounds activities that help you in connecting with nature and your soul.

In simple words, it is about connecting with your inner spirits, your inner thoughts. Caring about yourself is important but caring about your soul is also equally important.

By practicing a proper and right path of spiritual self-care, you can get your inner peace. Here are some ways through which you can practice spiritual self-care:

  • Meditation (The easiest way to practice spiritual self-care is through meditation. So, try it at least once)
  • Connect with Nature (Try to spend some time outdoors in nature. Trust us, you will feel complete satisfaction and peace)
  • Practice Yoga (Practicing yoga outdoors would not only help you to stay fit but it will also help you to connect with nature and your inner soul)
  • Volunteer for a Good Cause (Volunteering for something good helps in connecting with your inner state.)
  • Practice Gratitude (Being grateful for everything in life makes you find that inner peace which your soul craves. So, do try it)
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6. Practical Self-Care

Yes, everything above mentioned in different types of self-care is somewhere a part of practicing self-care. Still, some aspects are left when it comes to practicing practical self-care.

The regular activities and chores are all considered in your practical self-care. But when we can do those activities stress-free it makes us stay patient in every situation.

Here are some ways through which you can practice practical self-care:

  • Organize Your E-Mails (By organizing your emails it helps in reducing confusion and provides you an easier way to find your important things)
  • Keep Your Living Space Tidy (When you live in a clean and tidy space, there is no chance of negative vibes. So, try that you will feel positive)
  • Prepare Your Meal (When you prepare your meal there is no chance you will find anything lacking in your food. Therefore, less chance of stress and bad mood)
  • Decide Your Outfits in Advance (When you decide what to wear a day before as it helps you in saving a lot of time. That time you can easily utilize for more important work.)
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7. Professional Self-Care

Work is the most essential and needful task in today’s time. Therefore, it is highly important to manage your work life. Therapists recently added professional self-care with various other types of self-care.

In simple words, professional self-care is about adapting self-care techniques to lead a healthy and stress-free work life. The activities which you perform to balance your professional life and personal life are the activities that are part of professional self-care.

To ensure a smooth running of your professional life, practicing professional self-care is a must. Therefore, here are some ways through which you can do that:

  • Set a Reminder to Take Lunch Break (Setting a reminder for a lunch break helps you to eat on time and stay healthy while working)
  • Never be Shy to Take a Sick Day Off (Do not be shy in taking a day off for your health. You need it. You deserve it)
  • After Work Set Your Phone at DND (After your working hours, never forget to put your phone on do not disturb. It is necessary for your mental peace)
  • Spend Time with Coworkers After Work (Spending time with coworkers after work provides you with a friendly environment at work. Which is good for your mental health)
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Types of Self-Care

Every type of self-care mentioned among these various types of self-care carries a special role. So, never forget to practice these amazing types of self-care.

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