How Many Hugs Do We Need In A Day For Good Health?

how many hugs do we need in a day

Hugging is an act of embracing people, which gives out a positive feeling to both the giver and receiver. How many hugs do we need in a day is an important question that has been generally asked by people worldwide.

According to the studies, the¬†power of touch holds positivity and impact vastly on the development of a human being. Holding hands, touching shoulders, cuddling, and hugging are essential people’s essential needs to connect emotionally and feel good in life.

Hugging is the most important touch that we seek and love. It is like a therapy for healing, easing the pain, making people feel safe and better in the arms of their beloved, and reducing stress.

Importance Of Hugging In A Relationship

Acknowledgment in a relationship could be express with the simple act of hugging your partner and expressing gratitude. To validate one’s feelings or console someone, a warm hug works like magic and makes them feel better.

Relationships are based on emotional attachment. Once in a while, it requires articulation of love and affection in any of the five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, gifting, and an act of service.

Out of the five, the dosage of physical contact, i.e., hugging, raises affection and intimacy between the couple. If one can’t articulate their emotions with the help of words, hugging works like wonder.

Here are the reasons why hugging is important in a relationship. They are as follow:

  • Hugging elevates the mood if one is feeling stressed, upset, or depressed. A hug from their partner can make them feel better and uplift their mood.
  • It is an act of expressing care and affection to our partners that enhances the emotional attachment and makes the bond stronger than before.
  • Improves the intimacy in a relationship. When partners hug each other, they feel close to each other more than before.
  • In a time of stress or despair, a hug can make us feel strong and motivated in life.
  • Hugging is important in a relationship to make it healthy, happy, and long-lasting.

One average hug lasts for approximately 10 seconds which is sometimes enough but lingering longer in a hug for more than 10 seconds is beneficial in many ways.

how many hugs do we need in a day

Health Benefits of Hugging

To console someone, we hug; To show someone we care, we hug; To express happiness, we hug; To show our sadness, we hug. In articulating every feeling or emotion, we hug people, which is considered one of the most crucial functions of a human being.

Before moving ahead with how many hugs do we need in a day, it is important to know certain scientifically proven facts about hugging that are also beneficial for our health and happiness.

Here is the list of how hugs are beneficial for good health. They are as follow:

Hugs Help In The Reduction Of Stress

Hugging someone shows support and care, and in times of stress or tension, we need a support system around us to make us feel better, confident, and motivated.

According to scientists, comforting someone via physical touch reduces stress. When we hug someone to comfort or console them, our brains react differently, which helps uplift the mood.

It Helps In Maintaining Heart’s Rate

Hugs are essential to boost the heart’s rate and to make it healthy and happy. Hugging someone for approximately 20 seconds helps maintain and boost heart rate, which is healthy for our well-being. Hugs increase the circulation of blood which is essential for a healthy heart.

Prevent Illness or Sickness

Hugs are huge protection from any illness that might be unhealthy for us. According to research, hugs reduce the chance of getting any sickness or disease, and people with supportive and affectionate partners are less likely to fall sick or ill.

Reduce Fears

Hugs are a great way to reduce the fear of people with low self-esteem or anxiety issues. When people feel they are heard and seen, they feel more alive, and that way, the feeling of loneliness and fear reduces. Hugs help boost self-esteem.

Eases The Pain

Hugs help in easing the pain of a person by providing them warmth, comfort, and affection. It helps in releasing tension and stress hormones as well. Holding someone and hugging them eases the ache and increment the circulation of soft tissues.

Teaches Empathy

Through Hugs, we get to learn about giving and receiving. We learn to empathize and reciprocate our feelings and emotions to others which is beneficial for our health.

Effective Communication

People often prefer verbal communication or maybe written sometimes, but physical touch is another intimate way of communicating. People often struggle to express their sadness or discomfort verbally, which is when hugging is important as a communicative tool. Hugging is a comfortable physical touch to make people feel safe and better.

Provide Healthy Immune System

If we are stressed or sad, our immune system gets weak, and that results in sickness. Getting a hug from our loved ones and supporting them helps improve the immune system and make us healthy.


how many hugs do we need in a day

How Many Hugs Do We Need In A Day?

To quote Virginia Satir, an American psychotherapist and family therapist,’ A human being needs 4 hugs a day for survival; 8 hugs a day for maintenance; 12 hugs a day for growth.’

Scientifically, it is not known yet how many hugs do we need in a day. We can give and receive as many hugs as we like, but there is not a limited number of how many hugs do we need in a day.


how many hugs do we need in a day

The number of times doesn’t matter when it comes to hugging but the amount of time hugging someone. How many hugs do we need in a day is just a question that people generally ask but often forget to ask the important question how long should a hug last?

On an average level, a hug lasts from 3 to 10 seconds which is considered the short hugs, while the long hugs usually last for 20 seconds or more. According to scientists, longer hugs are therapeutic, and the release of the love hormone helps in calming anxiety and easing pain.

Back to the question, how many hugs do we need in a day? According to studies and research, we should have as many as we can.

People lack the quality of learning physical touch or are touch-deprived; once the concept is known to them, it would get easy for them to express emotions by hugging their loved ones.

It is scientifically proven that hugging your loved ones regularly has a positive impact on our health. So, go and hug your partner as now you have finished reading about its benefits.

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