10 Popular Types of hairlines

Types of hairlines

Hair is an important factor that contributes to your overall look. The different types of hairlines make you look unique. Though the formation of hairlines depends on genetics, you can alter your hairline.

A change in your hairline can create a great impact on your appearance. It is good to know the hacks to maintain and protect your beautiful hairlines. Each type of hairline requires a different level of attention.

Types Of Hairlines

Before you ponder over the different types of hairlines, you should understand what a hairline is. You can see the point from where hair starts to grow on your forehead. The edges of all the starting points on your forehead create an outline.

This outline has its shape and it is unique and diverse. It is possible to change your hairlines and with time some might even change naturally.

Men and women have different types of hairlines. You can see drastic changes in men’s hairline. Your lifestyle and hormones, together with genetic factors make up your hairline. The various types of hairlines have their benefits and disadvantages.

Different Hairlines

1. Low Hairline

A low hairline makes your forehead look short and narrow. This hairline resides close to your eyebrows. People with low hairline have multiple benefits. They look good in almost every hairstyle.

Types of hairlines
Low hairline

If you have a low hairline, you don’t have to worry much about hair thinning and receding. This type of hairline is found in both men and women.

2. Middle Hairline

This hairline has a gap between eyebrows and forehead and sits in the middle of the forehead. Among the various types of hairlines, the middle hairline is one of the most common hairlines in both men and women. You can create different looks in such a hairline.

Any type of face shape with a middle hairline is attractive. This is also one of the most preferred hairline.

3. High Hairline

In this type of hairline, there is a high gap between eyebrows and hairline. The forehead looks wide in such a hairline. People with this hairline have high chances of hair thinning.

Types of hairlines
High hairline

People with low hairline and middle hairline may change to high hairline with the increase of age or hair loss. Also, a high hairline sometimes goes bald.

4. Rounded Hairline

This hairline projects your face shape and gives an attractive look. It is also common in men and women. People with such a hairline have comparatively dense hair and have fewer chances of losing hair in the front region.

Round hairline
Round hairline

The rounded hairline is also known as bell-shaped or oval. Such a hairline is symmetrical and gives a curved look.

5. Widow’s Peak

This hairline is in the shape of the letter M. In the middle region, the hair is thick and on the sides it is thin. This hairline is seen in many people irrespective of their gender.

Widow's peak
Widow’s peak

Unfortunately, all types of hairstyles cannot be done in a widow’s peak hairline. This kind of hairline also occurs in people with severe hair loss and aged people.

This type of hairline requires special attention as there are high chances of getting bald. This problem is mostly seen in men.

6. Receding Hairline

This is considered a problem rather than a hairline! It is common in men and women to have receding hairlines after reaching their middle Ages.

People with Widow’s peak-shaped hairline have this problem. Receding hairline occurs due to hereditary factors. In such a condition, after losing your hair along the outline, hair does not grow.

Receding hairline
Receding hairline

If you are facing too much hair loss, consult a specialist. You might need a hair transplant to fill in the margin of your hairline. With proper care, you can stop this problem.

Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails as it tempts receding hairline. You can try out fringes to make your forehead look small. Men are more prone to receding hairline than women.

Your lifestyle habits, genetics, stress, and hormones have a direct impact on your hairline. Women tend to have receding hairline due to hormonal changes during menopause.

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7. Straight Hairline

This type of hairline defines your face and makes you more beautiful. Such a hairline sits straight across your forehead with less disturbance from baby hair.

You can do different hairstyles and it is easier to maintain this hairline. The straight hairline is found in men and women.

8. Cowlick Hairline

Cowlick hairline is quite a messy one as it has lots of baby hair growing in different directions. This makes the hairline look undefined. Cowlicks are usually found at the crown or hairline.

There are many hairstyles for such a hairline. It is advisable to grow your hair in length to manage your hair.

9.Uneven Hairline

As the name suggests, this hairline is uneven on the forehead. It is not so easy to manage such a hairline. There are some dips and growth of baby hair in some parts. So all kinds of hairstyles are not applicable in the uneven hairline.

This hairline occurs either because of genetics or due to wrong practices on your hair. Following hairstyles that tightly knot your hair, eventually makes your hairline uneven.

10. Triangular Hairline

This is the opposite of a widow’s peak hairline. The triangle is not necessarily center-orientated. Such a hairline mostly occurs due to genetic conditions.

How To Change Your Hairline?

It is possible to change your hairline. There are various options for different types of hairlines. With permanent solutions, you don’t have to cut out bangs to hide your broad foreheads.

Types of hairlines
Bangs to conceal forehead hairline
  • Laser hair removal is a good option for people who have untamed baby hair or patches around the hairline. People with widow’s peak can undergo this treatment to make an even hairline.
  • Hair transplant is another option for people with a receding hairline. You can reduce the thinning of hair with such a treatment.
  • Forehead reduction is also applicable for a receding hairline.
  • With medication, you can stop or limit balding. Take a proper consultation before you decide to undergo such treatments.
  • Microblading is a technique that changes your hairline for a temporary time. It uses tattooing to mimic the look of natural hair.

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The different types of hairlines have their advantages and disadvantages. There are various options to treat your hair when the hairline starts to recede. Maintain and protect your hairline with proper care. Adopt practices that promote hair growth.

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