7 Best Self-Esteem Activities

best self-esteem activities
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From a very young age, we have heard people constantly delivering the message – “believe in yourself.” It speaks about having faith in your capacity. Do you know how much believing in yourself can make a difference in your state of life? The strength to believe in yourself can shape your life.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then you would not give your full effort. If you are not fully endeavored, then your possibility of attaining the goal will be hugely decreased. You will find some of the best self-esteem activities in this article which play a vital role in your motivation towards believing in yourself and reaching your goal. 

What Is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is defined as a person’s overall understanding of his or her worth and value. In other words, self-esteem is the quality of appreciating and liking yourself despite the circumstances. Self-esteem is very important as it decides your path in life, playing a major role in making decisions and choices. It also has an impact on relationships, emotional health, and well-being. “Self-worth,” “self-confidence,” “self-respect,” and “self-regard” are some of the terms that closely relate to “self-esteem.” Some of the factors that influence your self-esteem are:

  1. Health
  2. Age
  3. Experiences in life
  4. Character
  5. Heredity
  6. Intellectual thinking
  7. The opinions of others
  8. Comparing yourself to others

People with low self-esteem underestimate themselves and treat themselves as below average. They don’t have faith in their actions and often think about the negatives. They lack self-acceptance and are afraid of challenges, competition, and risk-taking. Low self-esteem can cause a person to lose his or her confidence, relationships, health and become addicted to hard drugs due to depression and anxiety. 

On the other hand, people with high self-esteem believe in themselves and have confidence in their abilities. They accept and love themselves unconditionally by having peace within themselves. They are optimistic and are ready to take risks to seek continuous self-improvement. They handle frustrating situations in a calm manner. They have good communication with others and support them in times of need. 

7 Best Self-Esteem Activities

1. The “I Am” Activity

Do you remember the days when the moral science teacher would tell you to write a list of “I Am”s in the worksheet? It is one of the best self-esteem activities that prompted you to understand the meaning of who you truly are. Rediscover this activity to know about your true self. Take a paper and jot down a list of “I am”s. For example, it could be something like “I am a peaceful person.”

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This activity helps you realize the positive characteristics of you and the features that need to be improved. Paste it in your room so that you can look at it frequently and get reminded of what should be practiced. Try to expand the list by developing positive attributes to build strong self-esteem.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising not just benefits good physical and mental health, but it is one of the best self-esteem activities to improve your self-confidence. A report says that physical workouts are either directly or indirectly correlated with self-esteem. Exercising regularly boosts your mood and builds up your positive state of mind. Moreover, exercising makes you feel comfortable with your physical appearance and also uplifts your level of confidence.

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Exercise with an optimistic friend as it has the power to double your self-esteem. Additionally, go for a walk every morning which will get you exposed to sunlight. This fresh and energetic feeling can improve your positivity to kickstart the day brightly. 

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3. Keep a journal

Do you have the habit of jotting down the good stuff that happened every day? It is one of the best self-esteem activities to maintain a self-esteem journal. Follow this as your bedtime habit by recalling all the pleasant and positive things that happened that day and writing it in a diary to strengthen your self-confidence.

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If you are not familiar with writing journals, start this stress-relieving practice today. Initially, you may find it a bit difficult to pursue this action. With regular practice, you will find it more comfortable to spend your bedtime with it. It also helps in tracking your progress to observing your self-growth regularly. The more you understand yourself, the more you improve your self-esteem. This is one of the best self-esteem activities that I would recommend you go after regularly that boosts your confidence and quality of life.

4. Get Started With Mindfulness

Mindfulness, interconnected with healthy self-esteem, is referred to as a type of meditation where you concentrate on being deeply conscious of what you observe and sense at the moment, without any explanation or opinion. During meditation, you will explore sensations, emotions, and thoughts, especially your breath. A study says that 8 in 10 Americans don’t get enough time to relax their mind and body, thus increasing the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and damages to health.

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Mindfulness meditation has become one of the best self-esteem activities as it improves your attention towards the growth of self-esteem by calming your mind and relaxing your body. Good practice of mindfulness can make individuals leave behind pessimistic judgments about the self.

5. Work Towards Achieving Your Goals

One of the best self-esteem activities is to make progress towards achieving your goals. Goal setting and taking appropriate measures to achieve it promote your self-esteem to prove that you can reach your goals and lead a happier life. Decide what is your aim and purpose in your life. Jot down carefully and share it with someone you are close with, which increases the chance of sticking to the goal.

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Prepare your first step by breaking down your goals. Several smaller goals make the plan a bit easier and give you the feel of completion along the way. There may be times when the situation may get worse. Don’t give up, instead learn how to cope with those struggles. Celebrate your small victories, which motivate you to achieve the bigger goal. This practice makes you get focused on your aim, thereby building your self-esteem and lifting your mood.

6. Develop a Positive Attitude

It is good to see kids smiling and grinning like a Cheshire cat. It would be better if you are that person. Possessing a positive attitude is not just about smiling, laughing, and seeming relaxed. It is about what you do when you aren’t in the mood to smile. Be aware of what you are doing. Acknowledge the times when you are hit with negative thoughts. Keep away from the negative aspects by giving attention to the positive perspectives.

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Instead of beating yourself upon making a mistake, try to congratulate yourself for learning from those faults. Never expect good things to come up. You make them happen. Whether you want to learn cooking or reconnect with your childhood friend, go for it and create your own happiness. Life is a gift. Make every day count.

7. Love, Accept and Forgive Yourself

One of the best self-esteem activities to value your worth is to love yourself. Self-love is the foundation for who you are, above which you build other qualities. If the foundation is not solid, then your life looks jittery. Self-forgiveness is not a sign of failing. It is about accepting your behavior for what has happened and moving on without constantly thinking over the upsetting events that cannot be modified.

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Forgiving yourself by accepting your mistakes is important for your mental wellness. Accepting what you have made or what has occurred is the initiate for self-forgiveness. These best self-esteem activities would make you stand tall in your performance.

Benefits of Self-Esteem

High self-esteem uplifts you with all the positive exposure in your life. With high self-esteem, you can spend enough time for yourself and, if you feel uninterested in it, think of the benefits you will receive. The perks are not just for you. It is also for those with whom you interact.

  1. You can be optimistic and open the door for new challenges.
  2. You make confident decisions and choices.
  3. You can be genuine to yourself.
  4. Your communication skills will be greatly enhanced.
  5. You volunteer to help others.
  6. Your stress becomes manageable.
  7. You can maintain healthy relationships.
  8. You begin to bloom with a positive attitude and leadership qualities.
  9. You will be happy and satisfied with what you owe in life.
  10. You will not be afraid of change or the unfamiliar.

The benefits of self-esteem don’t limit to this. It goes beyond the list. Whatever you wish to achieve in your life, start your journey by raising your self-esteem, which gives you the confidence that the achievement is attainable.

Follow the above-mentioned 7 best self-esteem activities that make you get rid of yourself and uplift your self-esteem. Self-esteem is one of those essential qualities that develop slowly over time. But don’t lose your friction in attaining it. It creates a great impact on your life. Among the 7 best self-esteem activities, which would you be your initial progress?

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