Top 8 Best Natural Blood Thinners

Natural blood thinners food
Natural blood thinners food

This article will highlight some of the best natural blood thinners. These blood thinners have several benefits.

Blot clothing is a major problem in recent times. Many diseases will come from people with this blood clotting problem until you add natural blood thinners food to your diet.

Natural remedies are great for your body, but still, consulting an expert is always important. There are few foods that you must add to your diet for preventing blood clotting inside your body.

In the following sections, you will read about some effective natural blood thinners.

Top 8 Best Natural Blood Thinners Food


Turmeric is used traditionally for home remedies and is a kitchen king as well. Many studies showed that turmeric would show anticoagulant properties inside your body.

Hence, it will help in preventing or treating blood clotting that may host various diseases. Blood clotting is not a dangerous process until it reaches that high peak.

Certain stages may become life-threatening due to blood clotting. So, it is always better to add natural blood thinners food.

Turmeric will do magic for your body as it is an astounding anti-inflammatory agent. If not, in dishes, you can make various remedies by using turmeric.

natural blood thinners food

2. Ginger

Ginger is going to fit really well into the list of natural blood thinners food. Aspirin present in ginger may help in blood-thinning properties.

Aspirin is also called acetylsalicylic acid that is a derivative of salicylate. And some analyses showed the benefit of ginger for blood thinning.

To get the anticoagulant properties, you should use dried or fresh ginger in your recipes. Also, ginger will show impressive results for your overall body.

Ginger is highly nutritious due to the presence of antioxidants to make your immune system more powerful. Ginger can be a great choice for natural blood thinners food.

But still, consulting a professional would be a better option. As few perplexing studies say, ginger benefits for blood clotting are quite unclear.

natural blood thinners food

3. Vitamin E

One of the basic requirements that you should add for your body. Vitamin e is known for showing blood thinning capacity inside your body.

You will find many foods that are loaded with vitamin e. But if you intend to add supplements, then consulting a doctor is really vital.

Taking huge doses of vitamin E along with other drugs for blood clots will have repercussions. And supplements are not going to help like the originality of natural foods.

According to reports, it is always good to take vitamin E (naturally) to get rid of blood clotting. Some of the most amazing sources for vitamin E are the following:

  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
natural blood thinners food

4. Garlic

An amazing source for claiming antibiotic properties. Garlic is great for killing microbes due to its antimicrobial properties.

Some researches proved garlic powder (odorless) as an antithrombotic agent that will help blood clotting. Garlic will be another great natural blood thinners food for people looking for short-term results.

A study showed that the blood-thinning capacity of garlic would be for less time. And also, the effects would not be that strong due to fewer antithrombotic activities.

Some people start taking high doses of garlic per day to get huge effects. But this would not work as an excess amount of garlic may also cause bad effects on your body.

So, it is always better to follow medical guidelines for taking garlic daily.

natural blood thinners food

5. Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper is one of the best natural alternatives to get rid of risks of blood clots. Cayenne peppers are loaded with salicylates that will reduce the risk of heart disease due to blood clotting.

People that don’t take spice daily should first try a few cayenne peppers. As these are very spicy and will also irritate your mouth if taken in large amounts.

So, it is always advised to start with a very small amount of these peppers. Cayenne peppers will also do wonders for blood pressure to reduce the blood pressure level.

Taking cayenne peppers for circulation will be an outstanding choice by the folks. Overall, this would work for your whole body and health.

natural blood thinners food
Cayenne Peppers

6. Cassia Cinnamon

Coumarin is one of the effective blood-thinning agents that is found in cassia cinnamon. Warfarin is another drug used for blood thinning purposes under medical advice.

And this drug is derived from coumarin present in cassia cinnamon.

Adding natural blood thinners food is pivotal to prevent heart attack or stroke that You can achieve by preventing blood clots for the long-term.

So, it would be best if you always tried to add cassia cinnamon to your daily diet to claim the blood-thinning benefits. Also, make sure you take these under the supervision of experts not to exceed the limits.

As excess intake of these will cause liver problems. Cinnamon is great for your body if added in a small amount. However, anything in excess is not right.

natural blood thinners food
Cassia Cinnamon

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7. Grape Seed Extract

There are reports to prove the benefits of grape seed extract for blood conditions and heart health. Being rich in antioxidants will contribute to protecting your blood vessels from any damage.

And hence, grape seed extract will also a good natural blood thinners food. But there are some drawbacks that one should learn before taking grape seed extract.

People undergoing blood-thinning medications or taking prescriptions blood thinners should avoid grape seed extract.

Some reports suggest not to use grape seed extract if undergoing any medication for blood thinning.

Natural blood thinners food
Grape Seed Extract

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8. Natural Blood Thinner Food

Taking food that thins the blood is essential for people with bad blood conditions. It would help if you always took natural blood thinners to stay away from side effects.

Blood clotting can be harmful to your internal health as you will not be able to diagnose it easily. So, try adding foods that will maintain your blood conditions.

Also, talk to your doctor about natural remedies that don’t work. Go ahead! And try these amazing natural blood thinners!


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