10 Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

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Looking for an article about all the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids? Then your search has come to end, my friend because this article is all about foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are common diseases that cause swelling of blood vessels in and around the body’s bottom area. This disease is not that common in younger people, but piles’ possibility cannot be overlooked.

A diet that is high in fiber can help in dealing with hemorrhoids more smoothly. Also, fiber-rich foods promote a good bowel movement and can help achieve an anti-inflammatory gut.

By just reading a list named foods to avoid with hemorrhoids would not help in solving your external and internal gut issues. A solid change of lifestyle is essential for its overall health.

10 Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Like most health-related advice, drink lot of water as it promotes a smoother motion and keeps your stomach and bowel as clean as possible. It also helps in treating hemorrhoids.

With the foods that are going to be listed below, make sure to follow a diet that promotes high fiber intake, then only desired results could be seen.

1) Quinoa

foods to avoid with haemorrhoids

Quinoa tops the list of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids as the crop that is grown mainly for edible seeds. It contains high grams of fiber that will bring a high amount of fiber into the diet easily. Quinoa is readily available around the world due to how easy it is to grow.

It is being used in a variety of desserts and spicy dishes. A person would easily be able to add quinoa to his diet.

2) Lentils

Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Lentils have a good ability to loosen hard motion and help in solving constipation related issues. This property can help prevent hemorrhoids and ease bowel pain. Lentil is a recommended food in the dietary fiber food chart.

Lentils are also very easy to add to a person‘s diet as they are available in different forms. Soluble and insoluble fibers are not of much worry as the intake is more important than how it is consumed.

3) Brown Bread

Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Brown bread would not have made it to the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids list. But it is an excellent source of fiber and can easily be added to the list of high fiber foods. The Bread can be used with different curries and sauces like the chocolate spread, which also promotes a good bowel movement.

Brown bread is always a better option than white bread as it contains more grainy goodness and raw soluble fiber that helps in preventing lower stage piles.

4) Brown Rice

Many people are not aware that brown rice can easily counter piles as it is rich in protein and fiber. Many tribal groups still eat a handful of brown rice before having breakfast, as that will help ease their overall bowel movement.

If you do not have brown rice in your diet, then that would be a reason to develop hemorrhoids. 

Brown rice is mostly consumed in Asian countries as the weather conditions are suitable for its growth.

5) Beans

Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Beans, as everyone knows, is a superfood because it is not very costly, easy to prepare, and has a lot of nutrition. Beans are termed as a staple in many countries due to its bulk availability.

Beans, lentils, and pulses are mostly recommended to people who have problems due to their bowel and upper stomach.

Beans are available in different forms as people worldwide use those beans that are easily available around them.

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6) Peanuts

Almost all nuts have a certain value of fiber present in them, making them must food to avoid hemorrhoids. But peanuts have considerably more fiber and proteins than other nuts.

The overall texture of peanuts makes it a good supplement for dietary fiber in a person’s diet. Peanuts can either be eaten as a whole food or by adding it to a complex food. Anyway, adding peanuts to an individual’s life will help grow their fiber levels, which can help in good upper stomach health.

7) Raspberries

Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Raspberries are an excellent way of pushing daily needed fiber in a person’s life. Due to its tangy flavor, most people do not like eating raspberries, but raspberries can play an important role in preventing piles.

Raspberries are usually eaten raw or mixed in a fruit salad due to its sour and bitter taste. It adds to the mild flavor of vanilla in a fruit salad. This is recommended for people suffering from piles.

8) Mango

My personal favorite in this battle of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids, mango is a portion of easy go-to food for all generations. Mango is an overall sweet fruit and is consumed daily by people around the world.

But most people are not knowing the very useful benefits of this fruit and always underestimates its value. This has to be a must addition to your daily diet as it promotes good health and digestion.

9) Pumpkin

This might come as a surprise to many people as most of them, including me (in my initial days), did not know that pumpkin has a high value of fiber and dietary supplements, which will help in good oral health.

Pumpkin is normally a very dense fruit because of its hard flesh that is present inside its outer shell. Also, the pumpkin’s outer shell is very rich in fiber as it contains a very rare type of fat that is only found in flower-bearing fruits.

10) Raisins

Last, in these foods to avoid with hemorrhoids list, raisins are not that bad in giving a person the right amount of fiber, as it is very much rich in proteins, which also helps in the bowel movement. Raisins are considered as a secondary option when considering foods rich in fiber.

This is because although it has a very good value of fiber, it comes with a bad kind of fat, which will increase heart-related problems. Hence raisins are not that friendly in the case of senior citizens.

Piles are usually easy to treat disease as most people get rid of it only by adding the right amount of fiber in their diet. These foods that have been listed above are tested to bring the right amount of fiber a person needs in a day

Stay relaxed and bring the right amount of fiber in your diet by consuming these superfoods, and hemorrhoids would just be something that you would not like to think of!

While at times contributed by general users, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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