Top 10 Different Types of Beds That are On-Trend

While buying a new bed, you must have listed distinct properties needed in your bed. One of the common attributes is comfortability. Well, people are unaware that there are different types of beds 1in the marketplace. 

There is a notorious saying that sleep is the best meditation. However, what if you didn’t get enough of it or the quality of sleep isn’t up to the mark? It becomes hard to survive the entire day with indolence and heavy eyes. Working twenty-four/seven and achieving sleep in seven golden hours is like walking in the air. 

Sticking to just one variety for years creates a dull impression for your house and can put you in awful situations.

So, the next time you step into a marketplace, refer to our guide for the best buy.

When going on your search, you’ll find endless varieties of beds out there. However, in this guide, we have jotted down some very new, comfy, and different types of bed styles you need to opt for a night of healthy sleep. Also, let’s know the price bracket of these beds.

Different Types of Beds in Market

As highlighted, there are different types of beds in the market, which may confuse you at some point in time. This is why we have encountered the top 10 different types of beds that are on fire nowadays. 

History says that earlier beds were made by piling many straws and some other natural material like vegetables, grass, animal skin. In August 2020, researchers detailed the revelation of the most established grass bedding from at any rate 200,000 years prior.

Beds are classified by designs, sizes, styles, frame material, and of course, color. Today, we’ll be considering our beds in terms of design.

Furniture is meant as decor. So, why not convert your bed as home decor. Turn your bedroom attractive with the following types of beds. 

  • Platform
  • Folding
  • Panel
  • Adjustable
  • Daybed
  • Poster
  • Canopy
  • Convertible 
  • Storage
  • Trundle  

1. Platform Beds

different types of beds
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How it sounds, define its infrastructure. Platform beds are usually the beds raised at a certain level of height horizontally. There are closer to the floor and are trending nowadays. Characterized by the thick, tough base that holds the bedding up, you do not require to buy a case spring or other sleeping cushions to help your bedding.

 This type of bed appears to be casual in design. Having a strong surface offers a firm help for your bedding to keep an extraordinary night’s rest, which is better for keeping up pose during rest. Since they are near the ground, stage beds are mostly suggested for managing back torment.

Pricing- Starting from $66 to $330, the beds are sorted by different shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Folding Beds

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These days, folding beds are ruling social media. Being popularized in social platforms, such beds are the traditional Japanese styles that are now featured in new furniture materials. This type of bed is adjustable as it is easily stored anywhere. 

 Folding beds are also raised at a certain height from the floor. A folding bed has a pivoted outline. These are frequently utilized in guest rooms, where the bed won’t be utilized consistently. Hence, it is categorized into different types of beds.

Value- Pricing from $26 to $158, these folding beds are ranged frugal than other types of beds.

3. Panel Bed Frame

different types of beds
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Consist of a footboard and a headboard, the bed gives a complete balance to the mattress. Both the boards are connected with the bed. Panel bed frames are usually recommended for children aging from 6- 16 years. The base of the bed is typically designed with a wooden panel. Acquiring space in the bottom, it is easy to store things. 

Cost- $257 to $397. Panel bed frames are highly expensive in comparison to others. The wood board from the upper and bottom sides turns out the bed structure unique.

4. Adjustable Bed

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Love watching TV and devices lying on the bed? But finding it difficult to adjust your position?

No need to adjust yourself. Now the beds are going to adjust themselves as per your way!

Adjustable beds can be adjusted according to your comfort- it’s simple. This is the most comfortable bed variety where the bed is attached with a motor that helps it take shapes as per the controller. It is named as one of the best beds amongst varied types of beds. With this new technology of bed, it makes it expensive than other beds. 

Pricing- As adjustable beds are motorized, it starts from $463 to $3972. This bed worth its weight in gold. 

5. Daybed

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Deemed as one of the comfy different beds, these beds are utilized for dozing, relaxing, leaning back, and seating, regularly in like manner rooms.

A daybed is an unbelievably adaptable bed style since it tends to be utilized as a bed, a seat, and a couch. While it fills a similar need as a futon, it’s a smidgen richer. Also known as sofa cum bed, it gives a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, it’s regularly utilized for twin beds. Daybeds are ideal for home workplaces, guest rooms. 

Value- Commencing from $79, the pricing ends with $305.

6. Poster Beds

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Reflecting the old eras, the poster beds consists of the half, two, or four posters on the sides of the bed. These beds were generally found in palaces and historical mahals. However, some individuals still stick to the poster beds. 

This kind of bed is further spitted into four different types of beds, that are-

  • Half poster beds, which have half posters in the corners.
  • Another is the pencil poster beds, consisting of pencil-like sharp long posters in the edges of the bed.
  • Lower poster beds, likely to the four-poster beds, four sharp posters on the edge of the bed. What makes this bed interesting is the tallness of the posts.
  • Ultimately, four-poster beds have four large posters in an equal height. These beds are popular for large bedrooms.

 The pricing of the bed starts from $264 and ends up at $794. After adjustable beds, poster beds are the second high-valued beds.

7. Canopy Beds

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Likewise to poster beds, canopy beds have the same structure. Decorated with four posters at the end of each corner, an ornate or thin net-like fabric is used to cover the ceiling of the bed. These kinds of beds were popular in the early times of kings and queens. Explore more!

Talking about the value, both canopy and poster beds lay on an equal amount.

8. Convertible Bed

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A convertible couch is likewise a type of sleeper couch, yet it is unique about a draw-out couch bed in that there is no different bedding for the bed. All things being equal, the couch seat pad and back pad flawlessly make the bed a sleeping cushion.

Similar to daybed and folding beds, convertible beds are also encountered as the top 10 different types of beds. They work extraordinary in basically any space in your home yet are most normally utilized in guest rooms. 

Cost- Starting from $66 to $590, convertible beds are ranged from the quality of furniture, size, and shape.

9. Storage Beds

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Storage beds are not just beds. They comprise storage channels or drawers in the bottom. This is one of the fashioning beds, seen in most of the households. 

It is further categorized into two different types of beds-

  • Storage from one side, i.e., draws and channels, is available only on one side.
  • Storage from all sides, which means storage facilities from all flanks.

These kinds of beds act as a storeroom and are useful for keeping extra goodies and stuff. 

Pricing starts from $396 to $794.

10. Trundle Bed

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Poles apart, the trundle bed is designed differently from others. This kind of bed comprises the floor inside it. Viewed as a couple of beds, these beds are pre-folded underneath the upper bed or each other. It can be dragged inverted and converted into a trundle bed.

People with less space can find trundle beneficial as it plans space-saving thought and considers an additional bed to be accessible when important, without squandering space when it isn’t. Hence, classified as one of the 10 different types of beds.

The price range starts from $331 and ends up to $529. Trundle beds are ranged as per their structure, size, and shape.


We all have a standard image of beds in our brains. If we begin discovering the various types of beds, we can thrive different beds under our budget and convenience.

Do you know? We spend one-third of our lives in bed. Beds are perhaps the main household items in the home. Nothing influences your day-by-day execution more than rest, and we as a whole, ability troublesome tends to be to work following an anxious evening.

They can be classified into many when it comes to color, shape, sizes, and designs. In this guide, we dive into the top 10 on-trend different types of beds that completely fit into your checklist.

Studies have shown that individuals rest for an additional hour in an agreeable bed and that additional hours can have a major effect on their wellbeing and feeling of prosperity. 

So, when are you turning your bed model?

 Also, read!

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