The 24 Hour Fast Benefits: Best Things To Know

24 hour fast benefits

Fasting, more often, it is done according to religious norms of various religions across the world. But fasting is more than just a tradition.

Nowadays, many people choose to fast to remain healthy. It acts as a tool to stay fit and disease-free. Mostly fasting depends on different aspects like age, health, time, willingness, etc. One of them is done for 24 hours, known as a 24-hour fast, and this 24 hour fast benefits the body and mind in many ways.

Scientifically, when you fast, you are giving a chance to your body to generate new cells in place of old ones. It is a form of detoxing the body.


Everything You Need To Know About 24 Hour Fast Benefits


24 hour fast


As the name suggests, the time limit of the fast is 24 hours. Therefore, you can begin this fast after dinner and end it the next day by having dinner. You are not allowed to have any food during the fasting period. Lastly, you can break the fast by having a light dinner.


1. The 24 hour fast benefits:

The literal meaning of autophagy is ‘self-eating.’ In biology, Autophagy refers to a metabolic process that happens due to starvation or certain diseases. The process refers to the consumption of the body’s tissue.

Through fasting, you can activate this process. It helps to keep the body rejuvenated by cleaning out unnecessary parts and recycling any damaged parts.

The function of insulin is to provide glucose to the body through the bloodstream. This glucose acts as energy for the cells and is created from the food we intake.

Therefore fasting creates insulin resistance. It happens when there is no food intake, due to which there is no production of glucose in the body. Since there is a shortage of glucose [blood sugar], the blood sugar levels drop. When the sugar levels are low, that results in low energy, which helps in losing fat.

In short, 24 hour fast benefits in controlling sugar levels by dropping insulin levels in the body.

  • Boosts Brain functions:

A study done on animals shows that fasting can improve brain functions and prevent neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

The 24 hour fast benefits also include improvement in nerve cell synthesis. Basically, it means advancement in fundamental cellular processes such as energy production and protein synthesis.

  • Boosts Human Growth Hormone:

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, sparks growth, cell production, and cell regeneration in humans. Thus, it is a crucial part of human development.

While fasting, HGH levels increase in the body. It results in an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass. HGH functions vice versa when compared to insulin.

The function of insulin is to store glucose and breakdown the fat. In contrast, HGH increases the availability of glucose and allows the body to burn fat as fuel.

  • Major Health benefits:

Fasting enhances heart health by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. It also controls diabetes and reduces weight. Therefore, 24 hour fast benefits in reducing heart disease percentage. It also results in keeping heart health better.

Fasting also aids in cancer prevention. Short-term starvation like a 24 hour fast can make cancer cells sensitive to chemotherapy while protecting normal cells. It increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Fasting also lessens inflammation by reducing the release of inflammatory cells called monocytes in the blood circulation. Therefore, during fasting, these cells go into sleep mode and thus become less agitating.

  • Minor health benefits:

At the time of fasting, the autophagy process gets activated. Therefore, it results in increasing the immunity of the body. It helps in keeping the body healthy as well as rejuvenated.

Fasting may also result in the delay of the aging process.

While fasting as there is less intake of food, the absorption of calories also gets limited. Thus, calorie restriction boosts fat burning process that results in weight loss.

  • Other benefits:

The 24 hour fast benefits also include boon related to personality and daily aspects.

a. It increases self–control.
b. It regulates appetite function
c. It builds up tolerance and discipline.
d. It improves memory and the thinking process.
e. It is a simple process and affordable.

The 24 hours fast can be performed once a week or thrice a month—generally, a 24 hour fast benefits in gaining self-control and discipline in life.


2. Risks

The 24 hour fast benefits us in many ways, but there some risks to consider for certain people like,

risks of fasting

  • People with a history of eating disorders:

Here fasting does not benefit because when the person completes the fast, he again returns to his old eating habits. These eating habits do not aid his body, and it also decreases the fasting process’s value.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding:

At the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding, women need all the nutrients to keep themselves and the fetus healthy. Therefore, the nutrients can be consumed by the intake of food.

Hence, fasting in this time period benefit neither the mother nor the child.

  • Children and adolescents:

Children and adolescents are always categorized as they are in their growing age. At this growing age, the child needs a proper diet that includes all nutrients to grow and become healthy.

Fasting can make the child weak, which may later result in improper growth of the human body.

  • People having a particular disease:

People having diseases like type 2 diabetes should intake food every few hours—this aids in consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals required by the body. Therefore, fasting during this type of condition can only weaken the body.

  • People taking medications:

It is essential to eat something before taking any medications. If the medications are taken on an empty stomach, they may have a dangerous effect on the body. As the stomach is open, there is nothing to react to with the medicines. Therefore medication taken can go in vain or affect other parts of the body.

People should eat before taking any medications. Thus fasting while on drugs is not a good idea.


3. Considerations

breaking the fast with fruits

The fasting period can be a little hectic for beginners. To make the process easy, here are some tips to consider

  • Choose a typical day for fasting, which should neither be filled with a busy schedule nor should it be a lazy day.
  • Before starting the fast, check if you are well hydrated and have consumed enough nutrient-rich food. This will provide you with the energy to remain calm during the fasting period.
  • Consider breaking the fast by eating small meals, which include cooked vegetables.
  • Avoid experimenting with the food.
  • If you are doing the fast for more than 24 hours, then consult a doctor before proceeding.


4. Other Types of Fasting

24 hour fasting

Fasting can be done in various forms. You can choose fasting according to your requirements. It is flexible in nature. Now the types are:

Basically, the 72 hour fast is done continuously for three days. It is one of the long term fasting methods. You can begin the fast after having dinner, and you need to continue the fast the next day. Lastly, you can break the fast on the third day at the time of dinner.

You can begin the fast at whatever time you wish. But break the fast at the same mealtime that you had chosen to start your fast with.

These fasting days also benefits in rejuvenating and cleansing the body and keeping us healthy.

  • Intermittent Fastin:

Intermittent fasting is all about when to eat rather than what to eat. The 5:2 diet approach is the famous approach for intermittent fasting. The 5:2 approach is mostly presented as five days of regular eating and two days of fasting.

For those selected two days, you can go a whole day without food or consume limited calories, which is up to 500-600. The one rule to observe is that the two days of fasting as per the approach should be alternate days.

  • Water Fasting:

While fasting, when consuming only water, then it is known as water fasting. Generally, water is considered to have zero calories in it. Therefore, drinking water during fasting will not affect the fasting process. The time limit of the fast can be either 24 hours or 72 hours.

  • Calorie Restriction:

In this diet, the calories are calculated before food intake. This diet restricts calorie consumption, which means that food items rich in calories should be avoided.

This type of fasting helps in losing weight by reducing the intake of calories.

  • Partial Fasting:

At the time of fasting, you need to restrict the consumption of certain food items. Such as caffeine, processed food, or animal products for the set time.

The 24 hour fast benefits in rejuvenating the body and preventing various health-related issues. The result of this 24 hour fast benefits in understanding our body and mind. It provides physical benefits such as weight loss, improved immune system, excellent appetite regulation, and mental sanity and peace.

Fasting has been one of the most practical and helpful solutions to improve our health. Hopefully, this article helped you in finding out the 24 hour fast benefits.


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