Sea Moss Tea: 10 Incredible Benefits To Know About


Before beginning with Sea Moss tea or Sea Moss Tea benefits, let us briefly introduce what sea moss is. Sea Moss, also known as, Chondrus Crispus grows on the shorelines and channels of North America, Europe, and Caribbean Islands throughout the year.

It is a species of red algae from which a gelatinous carbohydrate termed carrageen is extracted. This carrageen is crammed with a bunch of nutrition and healing advantages.

Recently, it has attained worldwide popularity. Even before that, it was perpetually considered to be enchanting seafood within its originating counties, and people used it in every practicable manner.

Sea Moss is utilized extensively in the form of gel, powder, tea, or tablets. Underneath mentioned are the varieties of sea moss tea available and sea moss tea benefits, ways to use sea moss, and fascinating trivia regarding sea moss.

Sea Moss Tea

1.0 Types of Sea Moss Tea:

Except for some basic boiling of sea moss, there are different varieties of sea moss teas too. Below mentioned are the ingredients for them and instructions to prepare them; enjoy reading them!

1.01. Jamaican Sea Moss Tea:

You can taste the coast of Jamaica with this sea moss tea whose origins are in Jamaica. The preparation of the tea takes a little long-drawn than other sea moss teas.

You would need some coconut cream plus a cinnamon quill to begin with. Then add cloves and nutmeg to the infusion, including filtered water, to bring it to a boil and let it simmer. The algorithm is simplistic; the longer you let it simmer, the thicker it tastes.

1.02. Spicy Irish Sea Moss Tea:

Every Chai Tea enthusiast will fall in love with this astonishing spicy Irish sea moss tea at once. It would help if you had some of the Chai Tea Blend, Sea Moss gel, milk, and maple syrup. Some of the spices like cumin seeds, star anise, cloves, bay leaves, and ginger.

Blend everything properly, and make sure it rests for a few weeks before you start using it. If you are preparing it in bulk for long-term use, then here’s a heads up. The mixture becomes glutinous gradually. Don’t think of it as ruined; it is simply fermented, which is healthy.

1.03. Basic Sea Moss Tea:

As the name suggests, the tea is basic and straightforward preparation. You can prepare it merely by boiling sea moss gel with filtered water. It will produce a rather faint taste, so you can spice it up with some seasonings you prefer.

You can have any additions to the basic sea moss tea because of its plain taste. While denoting simplicity, it has all the nutrient essence of the sea moss within it.

2.0 Sea Moss Tea Benefits:

Raw Sea Moss has numerous health benefits, but we cannot consume it raw, right? So, mostly it gets processed into tea, but the goodness is nevertheless there in a processed manner. Several dieticians and nutritionists acknowledge how sea moss benefits the one who uses it.

Underneath mentioned are ten sea moss tea benefits that would compel you to try it at least once in this lifetime.

2.01. It helps to build up the connective tissues

Sea moss tea is crammed with nutrients that help maintain the strength of the body’s connective tissues. For example, Irish Sea Moss Tea is the most suitable for the purpose as it does not contain any chemicals but only raw materials.

2.02. They have anti-inflammatory properties

It is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. This makes them highly efficient in tackling small concerns such as acne to bigger health situations like arthritis.

2.03. Fights viral and bacterial infections

Sea moss is the antigen to viruses and bacterias. Sea Moss tea is a powerful and palatable option to withstand such infections and making the immune system much stronger.

2.04. It is gut-friendly

Sea moss has anti-bacterial applications, which make it extremely useful to fight bad bacterias in the stomach. Sea moss works as a prebiotic. This makes it befitting for remedying digestive problems like indigestion, ulcers, gastric, and constipation.

2.05. It is useful for the respiratory system

The tea itself is a comfort to the respiratory tract. Sea Moss helps in getting rid of the mucus, especially if you are suffering from a cold. It soothes inflammation of the respiratory system by disintegrating phlegm and catarrh.

2.06. Sea Moss can be good for the skin

The rich in nutrient characteristics make sea moss tea a healthy skin edible. It can cure skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne pores. It also has anti-aging features and reduces blemishes, lines, and wrinkles. Regular use of sea moss can lead to the lightening of the skin complexion.

2.07. Deposits of nutrients

Sea moss is encumbered in minerals, containing approximately 92 of them, including iron, zinc, and others. Besides minerals, Sea moss tea comprises omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins such as A and C. All this makes Sea moss an appealing dietary component as you gain all the nutrients your body needs within one food.

2.09. Boosts Immunity

Being nutrient abundant makes sea moss tea a promoter to the immune system. Along with the anti-bacterial function, it acts as an anti-tumor nutrient. Apart from these, sea moss is also antiviral and anti-coagulant. Sea moss is recognized to fight infections for a long time.

2.10. Improves thyroid function

Seaweeds are the richest source of iodine on the planet. And, iodine benefits in the production of hormones that counteracts thyroid disease. As a seaweed, sea moss is a valuable source of iodine too. This makes it a key tissue developer, prominently for breast tissue.

Sea Moss Drink

3.0. Other Ways to Use Sea Moss:

Sea Moss has numerous techniques to be utilized as. Undoubtedly, Sea Moss Tea is one of the most popular uses of Sea Moss. But not everyone fancies tea, or I can rephrase it as tea is not so appealing all the time. Still, the underneath mentioned might be captivating to you.

3.01. As a drink:

Popularly known as the love potion, Jamaican Sea Moss Drink is a delectable smoothie. You would need to blend some vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, fruits, chocolate, and non-dairy milk to conceal the taste of the sea moss.

Except for the Jamaican Sea Moss Drink, sea moss can be used in making other smoothies. Their gelly-like composition and light taste make it suitable to be combined with several fruits and veggies. Here is an incredible Apple Pie-Sea Moss smoothie for you to savor.

3.02. As a thickening agent:

The gel composition of Sea Moss makes it an ideal culinary thickening agent. It is extensively utilized in stews, jams, soups, and drinks to increase food thickness. And if you keep the quantity of sea moss gel low, it is unnoticeable in taste because it is very easy to mask the flavor of sea moss.

3.03. Watering plants:

We previously discussed how nutritious Sea Moss is, making it an exceptional supplement to your plants’ health. As much as your plants need manures and fertilizers, it would be a great plus if you sprinkle them with sea moss.

All you have to do is mix one or two tablespoons of the gel into about a gallon of water and then use it to water your plant; they will become healthy and gorgeous.

3.04. Face Mask:

Sea Moss is not solely a marvelous addition to your diet but also has extraordinary effects on the skin if applied. The gel can be used on the face. It can be molded into masks which enhances collagen production. Sea Moss not simply clears the skin but also stimulates anti-aging.

One can even prepare these face masks at home. Besides, the homemade ones will be way better than the ones available in the market.

4.0 Sea Moss Trivia:

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, sea moss accounts for several others. For instance, sea moss can slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease, which to date is said to be an incurable disease. But the researchers are working on it.

Even when people have been using sea moss for eternities, scientifically, there has been limited research. But the outcome of the use of sea moss is undeniably advantageous and commendable.

One of the most prominent reasons for the recent popularity of Sea Moss is Dr. Sebi’s teachings. There have been plenty of people who started following his advice and started using sea moss consistently, and now they recommend others to try it too.

Now, we are done with the benefits of sea moss tea and covered some other uses of sea moss. You can probably make up your mind to try it promptly. And if you aren’t familiar with sea moss, then be relieved as sea moss is tasteless.

Sea moss is generally available in raw or gel form. You can purchase it from different e-retailing websites. Everyone can try sea moss as it is vegan. Besides this, sea moss can be stored for quite a long duration, depending upon the form in which it is being stocked.

Here, the composition concerning sea moss tea benefits comes to a closure. Nevertheless, Icy Health has got you covered whenever you require a health consultant. Along with Sea moss tea, you might be interested in the benefits of Jasmine tea. Click here and unravel the amazing benefits of this aromatic tea.

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