12 Impressive Physical Benefits of Playing Basketball

What are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball is one of the most debated questions for basketball players. Basketball has its origin in the United States but has spread the craze to the whole world. We can definitely say this game is recognized worldwide.

The physical benefits of playing basketball are impressive. You could call it a game of fitness or good health. Basketball is also good for your mental health.

If you are wondering what some of the physical benefits of playing basketball are, then you are at the right place.

What are Some of the Physical Benefits of Playing Basketball?

Basketball is a game with no age limits or constraints. It is open to people of all ages according to their fitness and capacity. You could play basketball with a team of 5 players according to the standard team rules.

This sport can not be played indoors as it does require a lot of space. Basketball would be a great choice to combat the fear of various diseases.

The game promotes strength, endurance, competitive spirit, and activeness. Many people look for what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball before getting into the game. Let’s learn a few physical benefits of playing basketball.

1. Strength

Basketball helps in increasing your strength. It is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises for improving strength.  Basketball could be a type of strength training that will definitely improve your speed and explosive power.

Basketball requires quick reaction and proper acceleration that builds strength and makes your mind more active as well as stable. Strength training exercises (Basketball) are also great for weight management and weight loss.

A basketball player will have a good metabolic rate due to proper body mass index1, proper circulation, and hormonal balance. If you want to make a list of what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, then strength improvement would be the first on the list.

2. Muscular Endurance

Not only strength but muscular endurance is required for playing basketball. Basketball improves your whole body strength by concentrating on your upper (hands) and lower (legs) body.

Muscular endurance is the ability to apply the required force continuously without break for the required period.

In basketball, the movement of hands and legs is vital, the force is applied continuously for an extended period. Hence, the muscular strength is increased as well as used by the player. Get yourself a chance to increase muscular endurance and strength by including this amazing sport in your daily routine.

3. Bone Health

What are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball for your bone health is a question many people look for. All physical sports involving leg and hand movements are essential for your bone health, but some of them are excellent for building your bone density.

Basketball is a good exercise for people with bone weakness or low bone density. It will make your legs and hands more flexible due to continuous movements. Hence, will have a positive impact on building your bone strength and stamina by eradicating weakness as well as other bone-related problems.

Basketball does magic for your bone strength. According to a study published in 2018 by the Journal of Sports and Health Science – Basketball players tend to have high bone strength as compared to others according to the study.

You should definitely try playing basketball for healthy bones and to prevent joint problems like osteoporosis.

4. Heart Health

Physical Benefits of Playing Basketball
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Basketball is a boon for your heart health. If you are wondering about what some of the physical benefits of playing basketball are then, you must not skip learning about basketball for heart fitness. Basketball would be very efficacious to maintain and increase your heart rate (resting) for cardiorespiratory fitness according to research published in 2019 by Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

These benefits of basketball would prevent many life-threatening heart diseases that could take one’s life. You will spend a lot of energy while running between two sides in this team sport and this will help in burning fat at an astonishing rate.

This mechanism of burning fat would also contribute to heart health as it will reduce the repercussions of excess fat. Basketball will also contribute to maintaining your cholesterol level as it will lessen the amount of excess cholesterol 2present in your body that may result in many cardiovascular diseases.

5. Full-Body Coordination

If you play basketball then you must know that full-body coordination is an essential principle for sports like basketball. You need good coordination between your legs, hands, and eyes to play basketball. Balance and coordination come together in this team sport.

Playing basketball would also help in honing your motor skills like dribbling and passing. You’ll also get to learn various techniques related to defensive moves, and all these will help in increasing your full-body coordination.

6. Basketball Improves Body Composition

Physical Benefits of Playing Basketball
Image by Donate PayPal Me from Pixabay

According to a study published in 2017 by the Journal of Sport And Health Science, basketball players have a perfect body composition. Playing basketball regularly cuts down unwanted fat and develops lean muscle mass.

The health benefits of basketball sport are associated with maintaining a good body mass index that will make you feel good both internally and externally. You should definitely try involving yourself in this sport to lower your fat percentage and correct your overall physique.

7. Fundamental Movement Skills

In basketball, your body is involved in physical activity continuously and that requires proper motor skills. When you start dribbling, your movement skill (motor skill) is required for a perfect goal.

According to research published in 2018 by the US National Library of Medicine, the benefits of basketball for improving fundamental movement skills in children were found. This type of sport is also great for flexibility and motor coordination.

Therefore, you should play basketball or any other team sport such as football, etc to develop your movement skills.

8. Maintains Proper Circulation

Sports and physical activities are always preferred for people with improper blood circulation. Blood circulation is the most important function that maintains your whole body functioning. In team sports such as basketball, your whole body is involved for a long time in various movements.

This will help in the smooth flow of blood throughout your whole body. This type of team sport will enhance the flexibility of muscles. Flexibility plays a vital role in relaxing your muscles by reducing stress which is another factor affecting blood circulation.

9. Weight Loss

Physical Benefits of Playing Basketball
Image by Satheesh Sankaran from Pixabay

Calories play a very notable role in weight loss. If you wish to be fit then, you need to burn more calories. Basketball sport will be very impactful in weight loss as it requires calories to elevate your energy level.

In order to get that calorie deficit notification from your body, you need to play basketball regularly. A calorie 3deficit signal will lead to weight loss and hence, promote many health benefits.

10. Strengthens your Back Muscles

Basketball strengthens the muscles, which is a big answer to what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball. Basketball is a good sport for toning and shaping your core and back muscles. It is a game of strength and force.

This sport will help in providing strength to your muscles by moulding them into proper shape to ensure fitness.

11. Enhancing the Speed Level

Just like all other running sports, basketball is capable of increasing your speed. From fast dribbling to getting goals within seconds, you need a proper concentration of mind with great speed.

Basketball would be an outstanding game to build your speed by activating your muscles to move within seconds. The strength this game will bring to your body will help you grapple against resistance and friction.

12. Immune System

Just like other cardiovascular exercises, basketball will enhance the working efficiency of your immune system and will make it more powerful. Sports dealing with endurance and cardiovascular will help in proper circulation and raise your body temperature.

A rise in body temperature will activate various antibodies 4to fight against infection-causing microbes and also reduce stress-causing hormones. Exercise will activate your immune cells to perform efficiently.
Inflammation would obstruct the working ability of your immune system, and here, cardiovascular exercises will help. Cardiovascular sports such as basketball would take the edge off inflammation or bloating. Hence, basketball could improve your immune response and increase your immunity.

Key Takeaways

If you are still pondering about what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball. Then you must note the above-mentioned benefits.

This game would be a great kickstart for your children at an early age to pave them towards a perfect body and good health. Try to find out some of the physical benefits of playing basketball by playing it on your own.

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1. What are some of the mental benefits of playing basketball?

Ans. Some of the mental benefits of playing basketball are as follows:

  • Playing basketball can boost confidence.
  • Playing basketball can improve concentration levels.
  • Basketball also helps in lowering the stress level.
  • Playing basketball will accelerate your critical thinking.

2. How does playing basketball help in emotional well-being?

Ans. Playing basketball will keep our mood light, reduce our stress level, help us fight anxiety and boredom and finally will give us a good night’s sleep.

3. Does playing basketball help our brain positively?

Ans. Yes. Playing basketball will definitely affect our brains positively. When we play basketball, dopamine and endorphins which are known as ‘feel-good’ hormones are released.

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