How to Use Chia Seeds: 26 Best Methods to Try

Are you wondering “how to use chia seeds?” If Yes, then you have clicked on the right page to know in several distinct ways for their outstanding benefits.

Many people try to find out the uses of chia seeds1 for better clarity. Before using chia seeds, it’s always vital to learn more about how beneficial chia seeds would be for your health.

Tiny little things with some unbelievable health benefits. Chia seeds are renowned for holding some amazing health benefits for your physical and mental health. From fiber to protein, chia seeds would fill your body with some tremendous nutrient content.

People looking for a good calorie intake should also give chia seeds a try, as chia seeds contain a large amount of calories.

Chia Seeds: The Basic

Salvia Hispanica (chia seeds) is a very famous staple with many benefits for your health. Chia seeds are gaining immense fame as a very nutritious superseded in the diet of many folks. People are going crazy about chia pudding and other recipes using chia seeds.2

The main reason behind adding chia seeds to your diet can be the nutrient content in the chia seeds. Chia seeds are trustworthy sources of protein, omega-3, calories, fiber, and some minerals. Another beautiful thing about chia seeds is that they are free of any flavors. This makes chia seeds more suitable to be added to many foods.

Chia seeds are a very popular staple for adding nutritional benefits to your breakfast. There are many ways to use chia seeds.

How to Use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can be used in multiple manners. You can try your creativity skills and curiosity for experimenting with chia seeds but don’t skip the basic knowledge about how to use chia seeds before using them.

Some of the different ways to use chia seed are:

1. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia pudding is a mouthwatering pudding that is prepared using soaked chia seeds. This may be one of the best methods to use chia seeds. This pudding is very renowned, as many people love having some sweet desserts in their diet on a daily basis.

Nothing is better than sweet which would instantly lift your mood up. There are so many types of recipes available for making chia pudding. Some people prefer almond milk, while others prefer dairy (milk) as a good choice for chia pudding.

Prepare chia pudding, by adding soaked chia seeds to the preferable milk. You can make it thicker in consistency by adding some extra chia seeds to it.

Put some drops of vanilla extract or any other flavor extract into your chia pudding for a better flavor catch and help your taste buds. Some folks add cocoa powder to their chia pudding, as that would bring a chocolaty flavor to the pudding.

If you find that seeds are making the consistency of your pudding rough or hard, then you can try using a blender to give a smooth and easy-to-eat texture to your pudding.

2. Chia Water

People who are not fond of many chia products can try having the simplest way of adding its staple to your diet. Chia water is a very convenient and simple way to use chia products on a daily basis. Chia water preparation is not a herculean task.

You can prepare the water (chia water) by taking 2 cups of water and adding 20 grams of chia seeds into it. Make sure you are using clean water and the exact quantity of chia seeds for a better texture and benefit. Lime flavors are everyone’s favorite, you can also make your lime chia water.

Yes, you heard it right. Chia water can also be curated using some flavors such as orange and lime. You can add some lime juice or orange juice to the chia water to make it flavorsome yet healthy.

3. Chia Seeds Soaked in Juice

It’s not true that you can only soak chia seeds in plain water. You can also add or soak chia seeds using any juice of your choice. Some people enjoy the flavors of juices more than plain water. These folks can try taking 2 cups of juice (as per choice) and put 20 grams of chia seeds in that to make it juice-soaked chia seeds.

Juice is always a healthy option, but now by adding chia seeds, you will make it a healthier drink. After adding chia seeds, your juice would turn into a healthier drink with the extra added benefits of minerals, fiber, and protein.3

4. Chia in Smoothies

Your smoothies can be made more nutritious and healthy if you add chia seeds to them. Adding fiber and minerals to your smoothies would make them more beneficial for your skin and body.

Different varieties of smoothies can be curated in a better way with chia seeds. Chia seeds go amazingly with mashed fruit, there is no doubt about it and smoothies would be a great combination of healthy ingredients together.

Just like juice, chia seeds absorb or get absorbed in smoothies well. They will complement the consistency of smoothies, making them more soothing and mouthwatering in taste.

5. Chia as Toppings

Toppings are always engrossing for folks to give a complete look to their dishes. Chia seeds can play the role of a great topping for the dishes. You can use some chia seeds to cover or sprinkle them on your breakfasts such as oatmeal and smoothies.

You can also try grinding the chia seeds and using them as a topping for juices. There are a lot of breakfast meals or normal meals, where you can use your chai seeds as toppings.

6. Chia Cereals

You can practice eating chia seeds by making chia cereals. You can prepare your own chia cereals to give yourself a breakfast morning treat.

Sometimes, having the same cereals as your breakfast would be quite boring. You can replace or substitute your cereals with chia cereals, which would be very simple to make (prepare).

Try to soak dry chia seeds in milk (according to your preference) and keep them in the fridge (overnight). You can add or put some seeds and nuts to your chia cereals as toppings. In the morning an astounding breakfast meal would be ready for boosting your mood and health.

7. Chia Truffles

Sometimes, people in a hurry forget to have their meals, Skipping meals would be a big loss for your body. Here, you can actually eat chia truffles, as they would be healthy and tasty covering a good meal quantity.

8. Chia as a Salad Dressing

Salad dressings are no doubt, great options to claim many nutrient contents in the salad. How about adding some extra nutrients to your salad? Yes, it is possible by putting or sprinkling some chia seeds into your salad.

You can decorate your boring salad meals with some chia seeds. It would not only enhance the looks of the salad but would make it healthier.

9. For Baking

Enjoy chia seeds by baking them in pieces of bread. A bread with huge omega 3 fatty acids content would definitely make you glow internally and externally. You can use buckwheat as the main ingredient for making healthy loaves of bread with chia seeds.

You can use chia seeds for baking them in your cake to make it more favorable for health-concerned folks. Cakes are most of the time a good way to mess your health with a lot of sugar and fats.

This concept can be modified a little by adding some healthy twists to the cake. Here, chia seeds are very helpful in pushing your cake more toward the healthier side and overpowering the unhealthy part of the cake.

10. Crispy Crumb

You can use a tablespoon of chia seeds to make your meat or fish more crispy and crunchy. Many Folk are using chia seeds as their way of giving that crispy and crunchy taste to dishes. It’s very simple to prepare. All you have to do is grind (blend) a single or few tablespoons of chia seeds as a crispy coating.

Bread crumbs are a very common choice of coating to bring a crispy taste to your dish. You can also use chia seeds by substituting them with bread crumbs. You can also add some chia seeds to the bread crumb to enhance the flavors and give a crispy touch to your food.

11. Include in Pancakes

You can enjoy chia pancakes with some maple syrup. Prepare your own chia seeds pancakes by using blended or dried raw chia seeds, the choice could be according to your taste buds.

If you are using a ready-made pancake mix, then you can add some raw dried chia seeds to it. If the pancake mix is entirely prepared by you, then you can blend it along with other ingredients to improve the taste of the pancake. You can also spread some chia jam on the pancake with fresh fruit.

A delicious-looking chia seeds pancakes with berries on top.
Photo by Ash/Pexels

12. Chia Protein Bars

Chia Protein bars are gaining a lot of fame for their nutritious nature. Many people trust chia protein bars for adding a good and required amount of protein to their body. A sweet candy can’t be compared to the nutrient value of a chia protein bar but could beat the chia bars in taste categories.

You can’t expect chia protein bars to be the best in taste, but the health benefits are worth looking into. Chia protein bars are always exceptionally good, as compared to many other sugar-rich protein bars available in the stores (or market).

13. Used in Gravy

Chia seeds are also well-known replacement options for thickening the gravy or consistency of soups. You can add chia seeds in a blended form for your soups or thicken the consistency of any dish in liquid form.

This alternative for flour would be extremely healthy and nutritious.

14. An Egg Substitute

Chia seeds soaked in water make a brilliant combination of egg substitutes. You can use chia seeds for substituting the presence of eggs as an ingredient in your recipes.

There are some people who are not ready to eat eggs in their recipes but would need some other substitutes for eggs. Chia seeds come as a beautiful substitute for eggs in your recipes if you use them in the appropriate way.

15. In Yogurt

A glass container with yogurt and chia seeds with berries on top.
Photo by Maryam Sicard on Unsplash Copyrights 2022

Chia seeds can act as some astounding toppings for yogurt. You can use them to make your yogurt more appealing and healthy.

The addition of chia seeds would bring that crunchy texture to your yogurt. Also, it would add a bouquet of nutrients to the yogurt and would bring an amazing taste to it.

16. For Making Crackers

You can use chia seeds to make some outstanding crackers. The crunchy texture of chia seeds would be the best choice for making crackers. Seeds are always appreciated for making the crunchy part of anything. Chia seeds would be a healthy element to be added to crackers.

17. Chia Gel

Chia gels are an outstanding way to add the benefits of energy gels to your body. People who are fond of energy gels, especially those who make their gel at home can try out making chia gels.

18. Chia Gels in Tea

If you are not a chia water fan and would like to have chia seeds with your tea, then you can increase your love for tea by adding some chia seeds to it. Once, you start adding chia seeds to your tea, initially, you will see chia seeds would start floating on the top of your tea.

With time, the chia seeds would sink and would settle properly in your tea. You can also try some healthy tea options to enhance the benefits of chia seeds.

19. To Prepare Pizza Base

You can also use chia seeds to make the crust of your pizza base. Using chia seeds in the pizza base would make your pizza crust more crunchy. It would also fill your pizza base with good amounts of fiber and other nutrients.

While adding chia seeds to your food, you are also protecting yourself against heart disease and high blood pressure.

20. For Making Homemade Granola

Having the same granola repeatedly without any creativity becomes very monotonous for granola lovers. You can try experimenting with granola by adding some chia seeds to it.

Adding chia seeds to granola along with many other seeds and nuts would not only enhance the flavors but also increase the benefits obtained from chia seeds.

21. For Making Lemonade

You can also improve the taste of simple chia seeds by adding them to the lemonades, you prepare at home. Making homemade lemonade at home with chia seeds would be great for adding some crunch and extra nutrients to the lemonade.

Take some cold water, and add chia seeds to it, then let it soak for 25-30 minutes. Then add the required lemon squeezed juice to it and let it mix properly. Enjoy your tasty and healthy chia seeds homemade lemonade without any worries.

22. To Prepare Falafel

Falafel would be a big treat for vegetarian and vegan folks if chia seeds were added to them. You can also try many other vegetables available in the market to give your falafel a more beautiful taste and look.

23. To Prepare Tortillas

Preparing tortillas is really fun, as these can be combined with so many different varieties of fillings. You can also experiment by adding chia seeds to the fillings.

24. Included to Dips

Including chia seeds in dips could be another great answer for how to use chia seeds. Chia seeds don’t hold any flavors of their own and that makes this a more versatile ingredient. You can mix some chia seeds with any type of dip if it does not affect the consistency of the dips.

Also, you can blend chia seeds and make a better consistency dip with some health benefits as well. You can enjoy chia seed dip with your pizza, nachos, and other food.

25. Add in Your Oatmeal

A person's hand holding a jar of oatmeal with chia seeds in it.
Photo by Cristi Ursea on Unsplash

Oatmeals can be customized by adding different nuts, seeds, and other flavors to them. Adding chia seeds to oatmeal will enhance the flavors and health factors of simple oatmeal.

You can prepare oatmeals at night so that you can enjoy your chia seeds oatmeals in the morning breakfast time. You can add some amount of chia seeds to your oatmeal overnight so that it will soak properly.

26. Used in Cookies

Chia seeds are also actively used in making cookies. Just like you use chocolate chips for your cookies, you can also use chia seeds in your cookies. It would boost the nutritional value of your cookies.


Chia seeds if added to your diet would totally depend on your creativity and flavor palate. They are beneficial for your whole body. You will get a huge amount of nutritional value by adding chia seeds to your diet.

A great combination of fiber antioxidants and minerals would help your body in various ways. Chia seeds are something that every human must try in their life to stay fit and healthy.

Go ahead! and explore these outstanding ways of using chia seeds in your diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

Some of the ways are mentioned above. For example, adding chia seeds in pudding, oatmeal, cookies, shakes, pancakes, and more.

2. How much chia seeds should you eat a day?

Consumption of 40 to 50 grams of chia seeds per day is a common dosage for a person’s diet. However, it depends on person to person as to how much they are used to consuming fiber.

3. How long do I soak chia seeds?

Soak chia seeds 20-30 minutes in water until they are soft in texture.

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