6 Advantages of Healthy Rice Water for Hair

Hair growth is one of the topics of discussion for many beauty enthusiasts. Chemical products attract us, but often, they damage our hair. All of us desire to have proper hair growth and healthy hair. People often discuss the benefits of rice water for hair. If the strands of hair fall on your face, the wind becomes more meaningful.

rice water for hair
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Healthy hair is an asset for a person. Beauty gets multiplied with silky and manageable hair. Just washing hair with shampoo isn’t enough; you need to condition it too.
Rice water has its significance in history too. Your hair deserves your attention as it is one of your assets. Preserve and lock the beauty of cute hair locks.

With a regular chemical conditioner, you are damaging your hair. Try rice water and you will notice the change.

It’s time that your hair care routine changes a little. If you have dull or damaged hair, then you surely need to try this.

You can apply rice water to your hair after shampooing and conditioning. You don’t need to change the schedule of your hair-washing pattern during the week.

1. Heian Period History

The use of rice water is of great importance, and it has its roots in the Heian period in Japanese history. Court ladies here used to comb their hair from Yu Su Ru. Yu Su Ru was the water obtained after rice rinse.

The history of rice has its roots way back. Court ladies were known for their long, beautiful, and thick hair. Their hair was called Suberakashi.

Researchers have talked about how rice water reduces hair friction and increases hair elasticity.

Thus, rice is not only one of the major food items but also a beauty product.

2. Huangluo Village

The Village of Long Hair Women

Huangluo village is an ancient Chinese village. Huangluo is also known as the world’s longest-hair village.

Yao women in Huangluo village are known for their long and shiny hair. Their hair is also less grey. The long hair of the Yao women is world-famous.

Many women of this region have hair of length more than 1.4 meters. Yao women have made their appearances in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The secret to this thick and healthy hair is fermented rice water. Applying rice water on the hair is a common practice in Huangluo village.

3. How to Maintain Healthy Hair?

Rice water for hair
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  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Don’t go for warm water. Warm water may leave your hair with frizz and make your hair dull and dry.
  • Select your shampoo wisely. Always check the content of the shampoo before buying it.
  • Wash your scalp with shampoo and not the lower part of your hair. Washing your scalp with shampoo will help you maintain the moisture of your hair.
  • Use heat protection spray before curling or straightening your hair. Using heat protection is one of the chief steps to maintain the health of your hair.
  • Take usual hair care like using DIYs for your hair and making them feel rejuvenated. Take some time from your busy schedule to care for your hair and skin.

4. Procedure for Making Rice Water for Hair

There are several methods to make rice water for hair. Some of them are listed below.

Rice water for hair
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  • Soaking

Soaking is said to be the fastest way to prepare rice water.

  • Steps for making rice water for hair
  1. First, take uncooked rice.
  2. Rinse the rice thoroughly
  3. Take the rinsed rice in a bowl and add 2 to 3 cups of water
  4. Leave the rice for 30 minutes soaked in water
  5. Now, strain out the rice water in a clean bowl.

4.1. Way to use rice water on your hair

When you are using the rice water, try to focus on your scalp. Let it sit on your hair for at least two to five minutes, and then rinse your hair. You will gradually feel the change after using the rice water.

You will notice that your hair feels different after the first use. People who had experience with rice water say that they had no problem in detangling their hair.

  • Boiling

You can even prepare rice water for your hair by boiling it. This method has a resemblance to the soaking process. This process only involves heating as an extra effort.

The water left after cooking rice can be used for your hair. The ingredients needed to prepare rice water are uncooked rice, water, a pot, a strainer, and a spray bottle.

  1. Now, take half a cup of rice in a pot.
  2. You’ll need 1-2 cups of water to pour it into the pot
  3. Start cooking the rice over medium heat and let the water boil
  4. Now strain the water and store it in the spray bottle
  • Fermented rice water

Fermented rice water has more benefits than rice water. Fermented rice water’s benefits are proven by many.

A high amount of Antioxidants are present in the fermented rice water. Antioxidants present in rice water are used to combat damaged hair.

Rice water is also used to repair damaged cells of the hair.

  • Steps for rice water rinse
  1. Rice water can be the perfect conditioner that your hair needs.
  2. Utilize shampoo on your hair.
  3. Wash your hair till the shampoo is completely rinsed off your hair
  4. Now, pour that rice water onto your hair
  5. Slowly massage the rice water in the hair and scalp
  6. Leave it for 20 minutes
  7. The last step is to rinse your hair thoroughly using warm water

5. Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

rice water for hair
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Rice water for the treatment of damaged hair. Women from Southeast Asia, China, and Japan are using rice water for their hair. They have used this process for more than centuries.
If you desire healthier hair, then rice water can be your saviour.

Let’s know about some benefits of using rice water for hair:

5.1. Promotes Hair Growth

Rice water promotes hair growth. Hair treatment like rice water increases the blood flow to the scalp and clears the dust if present.

The increase in blood flow and clarification of dirt eventually leads to the growth of hair.

5.2. Provides Shine to the Hair

The starchy coating of the rice water can be given the credit for adding shine to your hair. Rice water has many vitamins and is rich in starch. The high starch content makes your hair shine and gorgeous.

People who used rice water say that they had shiny and glorious hair after using it.

5.3. Protection From Hair Damage

In colour-treated hair, there is a high chance that you may have brittle hair. Not brittle hair, but rice water rinse can also work on dull hair.

Rice water reduces friction and closes the outer cuticles1.

5.4. Strengthens Hair

Rice water will strengthen your hair and make it thick. If you use rice water for two days a week, your hair may not need a chemical conditioner.

Having stronger hair will be easy to achieve when you use rice water for your hair. Your hair will start feeling thicker and fuller in just a few washes. Even after blow-drying, the hair won’t turn out to be brittle, which usually happens.

5.5. Vitamins and Nutrient Content of Rice Water 

Amino acids and many other nutrients and vitamins are available in rice water. Inositol and vitamins B and E are present in rice water.

Rice water has about 70-80% starch content which makes it beneficial for hair. When you massage your hair with rice water, you get the nourishment of vitamins and minerals altogether. The goodness of rice works to make your hair beautiful.

5.6. Treats Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Dandruff can cause embarrassment. Dandruff even causes itchiness and irritation. One of the reasons for dandruff is a dry scalp2. A Rice water mask can help you in treating it.

One can use the rice water mask once a week before shampooing and then wash it. Using rice water can help you keep dandruff and dry scalp at bay.

6. Some Common Hair Problems

There are many problems that hair has to go through.

Rice water for hair
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6.1. Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems regarding hair. People are horrified when they start losing hair.
There are various ways to protect your hair and stop hair loss. You may change your diet and include basil and salad green.

You can apply olive oil and coconut oil to your hair. These oils help you to control hair loss.

Please wash your hair with proper procedure, and a rice water rinse can be helpful.

6.2. Split ends

When the end part of the hair becomes brittle, dull, and dry, this condition is called split ends. Split ends occur after the exposure of the hair to extreme weather conditions. 

Straightening, curling, and blow-drying can be the cause for the split ends too. Chemical hair products are even the source of split ends.

Fermented rice water can heal the split ends. Rice water is a natural DIY conditioner.

6.3. Frizzy hair

The hair follicles may get damaged due to the use of heat on hair. Heat may leave your hair all frizzy and unmanageable.

Use less heat, and it will protect your hair from further damage. Use conditioner, which is homemade like rice water.

Give your hair time to breathe without using any chemicals or heat on them.

7. Rice Water for Curly Hair and Straight Hair

Many women have hair treatments, and they straighten their hair. Rice water is helpful to them too.

Some use a straightener or curler to have temporary straightening or curls. Using heat products may damage your hair. Use the hair protection spray before using the heating product.

Blow drying your hair can make your hair brittle and dry. To decrease the effects of heating products, one can use rice water, and rice water is a natural conditioner.

DIY beauty products are often difficult to make, but this one is easy and has great results. Your hair feels the difference.

Take care of your glamorous hair with rice water. Sometimes, it isn’t very easy to detangle curly hair. The rice water is for your rescue.

Whether straight, curly, or wavy, whatever your hair type is, you may get benefits out of rice water.

8. Disclaimer

Rice water for hair
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Just because one thing works for one person doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone. The rice water is beneficial, but your hair health depends on the type of your diet 3too.

Use it only if it suits your hair type. Follow precautions while using, on having any trouble consult the professionals.

If your first experience with rice water doesn’t go well, please avoid it. Consult with a professional for guidance, depending on your hair type.

Always have a sample test before applying it to your whole hair.

9. Foods to Have for Good Hair

Let’s know some foods that you may have for better health of your hair.

  • Eggs- Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin that may help hair growth. Eating it will give you protein which is good for hair growth. Also, the hair follicles4 consist of protein.
  • Spinach- Spinach has iron, and vitamins A, and C. Spinach promotes hair growth.
  • Soybeans- Soybeans have spermidine. Spermidine compound promotes better health of your hair.
  • Nuts- Nuts taste good and have a variety of nutrients that promote hair growth.

10. Last Note on Rice Water for Hair

Rice water for hair
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Having healthy, silky, shiny hair is everyone’s dream. Expensive chemicals like shampoo and conditioner sometimes don’t provide our hair with the benefits it needs.

DIYs help in maintaining natural beauty. Rice water is one of those. Rice water is easy to prepare and apply as well.

Rice water comes with great benefits. Make your hair beautiful as you always wanted to. Just give it a thought and pamper yourself. The benefits of rice water are surprising so give rice water a chance. 

Go for it. You deserve some of your time and pampering as well.

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11. Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Do You Leave Rice Water in Your Hair?

Pour rice water on the hair. Massage the rice water into your hair and scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly with warm tap water.

2. Is Rice Water Good for Your Hair?

Yes, it can help in the growth of hair. Rice water is beneficial for all hair types and can promote the growth of floor-length hair. It can increase elasticity, increase volume, prevent frizz, protect hair from damage and treat dandruff.

3. Can I Spray Rice Water on My Hair Every Day?

The ideal frequency is once or twice a week for optimal results. It is not recommended to make rice water a part of your daily routine as it is not really beneficial. In fact, frequent use can cause residue in your hair, making it heavier and more tangled, and can cause your hair to dry out.

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