How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories: 12 Proven Ways

With the constant worry of work, school, family, and more, counting calories just adds an unwanted cherry on top.

How to lose weight without counting calories is an interesting question that many people in this generation are looking for, it is indeed an exciting process, especially for those who are willing to lose fat. It primarily depends on the food you eat, and the proper schedule.

Here, we will appraise the various approaches how to lose weight without counting calories. Check the sections below for more!

How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories?

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There is a famous proverb – “Eat less and move more.” However, it is wrong to believe that the only reason behind someone’s weight gain or weight loss is calories.

The conception is primarily beyond your imagination. Not every food affects our hormones and hunger in the same way, and all the calories are not even equal. In easy words, there are various ways to lose weight without counting calories.

Let’s now evaluate the top 12 proven ways how to lose weight without counting calories!

12 Proven Ways

1. Use Smaller Plates –

One of the best answers to how to lose weight without counting calories is to use smaller plates while eating.

Nothing is as complicated as the human brain in this universe, and no other thing works so mysteriously as our brain. The brain is the one that decides whether you will eat or not.

However, this is where you can play mind games with yourself. Use smaller plates, and trick your brain into thinking that you have eaten more.

While using larger plates, your brain thinks you have eaten less and is tempted to eat more. With smaller plates, your brain feels like you have eaten enough even though you have consumed fewer calories!

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2. Have Eggs in Breakfast –

Another right way of losing weight without counting calories is to change your breakfast and replace it with eggs.

Since they are high in protein, consuming two eggs in the morning can help you burn fat without even trying other techniques.

For example, in one experiment, 152 overweight persons were divided into two groups. Both groups had a weight loss diet. One group consumed bagels, and the others ate eggs. After completing eight weeks, the consequences were like this –

The egg group experienced –

  • 61% greater reduction in BMI.
  • 65% more weight loss.
  • 16% greater reduction in the percentage of body fat.
  • 34% greater reduction in the circumference of the waist.

Even though the results didn’t bear a huge difference, they showed that we could have more generous benefits while eating eggs for breakfast. So, switch up your breakfast today to lose weight!

3. Consume More Protein –

Another technique for how to lose weight without counting calories is consuming more protein. Consuming protein in greater quantities largely reduces hunger, burns fat, and assists in losing weight consequently.

Protein primarily boosts metabolism, as our body uses most of the calories from our food in digesting and processing protein. Besides, it leads to you feeling satiated for longer, which reduces hunger.

A study showed that increasing the protein intake to 30% of calories led some people to eat fewer calories per day ( around 441 fewer calories daily). According to various studies, increasing protein intake can automatically lead to weight loss, even if you eat to a great extent and feel full.

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4. Consume High-Calorie Foods With Lots of Fiber –

Another way of losing weight while eliminating the calorie counting process is to consume foods with a lot of fibre and a good calorie density.

This process primarily includes fruits and veggies, having high water content. Dieters who consume fewer foods that are less calorie-dense experience significantly more weight loss than people who consume high-calorie-density foods.

It is a straightforward answer to how to lose weight without counting calories, as you have to choose foods having less calorie density, like high-fibre vegetables, and not reduce the actual amount of food you eat.

5. Have a Good Amount of Sleep, and Avoid Stress –

Sleep and stress both play a vital role in optimizing your health, weight, and body hormones. Inadequate sleep can harm a person to a great extent and can increase the chances of health risks. It is one of the significant reasons behind obesity.

Inadequate sleep can cause hunger cravings and form a biotechnical tendency to put on weight by affecting various hunger hormones, including leptin and ghrelin. Excessive stress can affect your hormone cortisol, and you may begin to experience fat gain, leading to chronic heart diseases.

Hence it is recommendable to have quality sleep and dodge the unnecessary stressors that may come your way.

6. Cut Carbs From Your Diet –

One of the best answers to losing weight without counting calories is cutting carbs from your diet. Researchers have verified that people who consume low carbohydrates consume fewer calories and gain weight loss without any special effort.

The primary way to cut carbs is to reduce your consumption of carb sources, including sodas, sweets, sugars, pasta, potatoes, slices of bread, and many other starchy foods.

Adopt this most uncomplicated technique of how to lose weight without counting calories, and have benefits soon.

7. Set Your Focus on Eating –

Please don’t get carried away by a thought while eating, as it can result in overheating, eventually resulting in obesity. Paying attention to your body’s hunger craving and satiety signals is a must.

This mistake is frequent nowadays, as many people focus their concentration on watching TV or browsing the internet while eating.

Practice peaceful, mindful eating, and it will help you introspect on yourself and differentiate between real hunger and emotional eating. It comprises setting your focus on eating, with zero distractions, chewing slowly, and enjoying every bite.

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8. Cook on Your Own or Have Home-made Foods –

One of the best techniques for losing weight without counting calories is cooking food on your own or having homemade foods. Cooking your food signifies that you can cut the calories on your own, cooking the food in that specific way.

As specified in the earlier point, consuming dishes without carbs, and sugar is important for losing weight. Make a decent meal plan, and exclude carbohydrate foods from it. Also, avoid going to restaurants frequently to get benefits.

9. Have Two Glasses of Water in the Morning –

One of the best ways to lose weight without counting calories is to start your day with two glasses of water. Having an adequate amount of water helps to flush out toxins from your colon, resulting in your metabolism’s good functioning.

Inadequate water can lead to dehydration, resulting in a lowering of energy levels. Start with two water glasses in the morning, and drink water throughout the day so that you do not risk dehydration.

10. Choose the Right Snacks Throughout the Day –

Another option you can look for how to lose weight without counting calories is munching on the right snacks all through the day. Researchers have found that those who incorporated low-sugar and high-protein snacks in their diet experienced significant weight loss in their daily routines.

Eat healthily, have high-protein snacks to control the blood sugar level, keep your brain from triggering that hunger craving, and restrict your body from yielding high-energy foods to lose weight easily.

11. Have a Meatless Meal Once a Week –

Vegan foods are tremendously beneficial for our health in various ways. Primarily they can provide you with the best benefits in losing weight without counting calories.

Various studies have shown that individuals who consume less meat can stay far away from the state of obesity with low body fat percentages and low BMIs. However, this doesn’t indicate that meat is your enemy!

High-protein foods like meat will help you feel full so that you can enjoy the benefits of vegetables. Vegetables are more effective in slimming the waist and reducing body fat when combined with high-protein foods.

It is one of the effective ways how to lose weight without counting calories. Also, exercise!!

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12. Reduction in Alcohol Consumption –

If you are searching for how to lose weight without counting calories, take special note of this point. The intake of fermented drinks like wine or beer is cool, but excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects.

Taking in more of these drinks can pose different threats to your health, such as diabetes, liver disease, and even cancer!

Suppose you plan for a vacation at the weekend and arrange for some extra alcohol. That will be responsible for the calorie increase.

Therefore, it is advisable to limit these drinks’ intake for your own health’s sake.


The areas mentioned above are the points of how to lose weight without counting calories. Overall, it is primarily the game of reducing hunger, optimizing hormones, and boosting metabolism.

Just remember to apply the ways specified earlier, and you can experience the benefits soon. Whether you are a fitness freak or an average person, you can easily use these techniques how to lose weight without counting calories and see the benefits soon!

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