How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear?: 7 Easy Tips

How to get water out of your ear may trouble so many folks these days. Various activities may cause water to confine inside your ears. Water trapped in your ear is to be cleared out as it may lead to various ear problems if it is not done so.

Getting water out of your ear is an essential topic that one must learn as you face so many activities where you may get water into your ears. For safety purposes, one must get a brief knowledge about how to get water out of your ear.

Various home remedies can be used if you are looking for how to get water out of the ear. Suppose the water gets trapped inside your ear that’s not a big deal. But things may get worse if you don’t get water out of your ear. This article may help you gain a good amount of knowledge about getting water out of your ear.

Home Remedies For How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

1. Olive Oil

One of the most nutritious oils that can be added to various food items. This oil can also be used for external purposes. This oil is totally safe and gentle for putting inside your ears.

If you are stuck finding a method for how to get water out of your ear, then olive oil may do the job for you. It would help if you had a few drops of olive oil and put it into your ear. It would be best if you did not skip using a dropper for accurate measurements.

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You are not supposed to put a lot of olive oil into it. You may keep your range between 2-3 drops utmost. Then try to hold a constant position so that the oil won’t come out. You may lie on your bed, keeping that particular ear in the upward position.

Then wait for 10-15 minutes and then direct your ears in a downward position. This position may force the water and oil to come out together. How to get water out of your ear can be easy if you try some good remedies and maintain the position perfectly.

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2) You May Try Adding Some More Water

If you are pondering how to get water out of your ear, then you may another beneficial and effective remedy. This remedy may work appropriately for how to get water out of your ear. You need a few drops of water in a dropper (clean).

Then add a few drops of water into the impacted area (ears) and wait for 5-10 seconds. Now, after this, try to maintain a position that will prevent water from getting out of your ear instantly.

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After 5-10 seconds, you may stand or raise your body facing downwards to get water out of your ear. You should remove the water as soon as possible.

As water stays inside your ear, it may cause various ear infections. Some of these ear infections may be dangerous for your body as well.

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3) Try To Jiggle Your Earlobes

Getting water out of your ear can be a herculean task if you don’t try removing it instantly. You may try to shake your ears to make the water get out of them. You may also try to jiggle your affected area by facing downward.

If you are looking for how to get water out of your ear, this can be the east method. You may also try moving your head slightly in both directions or tilting it slightly either way.

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4) Try Using A Blow Dryer

The blow dryer can provide a good amount of heat that may help in water evaporation. You need to put your blow dryer in the minimum heat setting, as excessive heat may also damage your affected ear.

And then try plucking down on your earlobes allow the heat (air) to enter your ears.

5) Try Using Ear Drops

There are various eardrops available in the market. If you are trying to find ways to get water out of your ear, this method may help. This is as simple as taking medicines. Like when you fall ill, you consult your doctor for treatment.

Similarly, you may schedule an appointment with your doctor. This can be the last stage for how to get water out of your ear if nothing is working and your ear pain is just getting worse.

ear drops

Before getting any eardrops, check that with your doctor for safety purposes; whenever you are adding anything to your ear, it may directly affect your body and brain, and/or nervous system. So don’t use anything that may lead to various side effects. Also, it would be best if you made sure that your eardrops contain vinegar and alcohol. Alcohol is astounding for water evaporation.

The main cause of water trapped in your ear may be the earwax built up inside your ear. Now first thing while searching for how to get water out of your ear. You must not forget to remove earwax inside your ear that restrains the water from coming out.

There are some conditions where it is better not to use alcohol and vinegar rich eardrops:

  • If you already have an outer ear infection
  • Pierced eardrums (perforated eardrums)
  • Grommet tubes (Tympanostomy)

5) You Can Use Steam

This method can be used when people intend to find a remedy or how to water out of your ear. But the main concern is about the water trapped in the middle ear. It may be a little difficult to remove water from your middle ear.

But steam may not fail in doing its work. The main work of steam is to allow the water from your middle ear to flow release through Eustachian tubes. Follow these steps for providing steam to your impacted area:

Firstly, get a bowl and add a little amount of hot water (steaming) into it to catch the steam directly to your affected area. You can cover your face with a towel as the towel will lock the steam inside. You can also try taking a hot water bath for better results.

How to Get Rid of Inflammation
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Water, if in the middle ear, may trouble you a little more. If you are looking for how to get water out of your ear, specifically for the middle of your ear, then you may try antihistamine therapy. But these can only be recommended after taking medical help.

And if you want to give OTC decongestant for middle ear congestion. Then don’t forget to follow the instruction written in the particular packaging.

6) Eardrops With Hydrogen Peroxide

Eardrops that are rich in hydrogen peroxide may help in clearing earwax. And this can definitely clear the passage to release the water. The study also showed that they might unclog debris.

7) Gravity Can Help

If you are still trying to find a good remedy for how to get water out of your ear. Then you may try this gravity-based remedy. You need to lie on the bed with the downward-facing so that you’re the water can come out of it.

The gravity may help in draining it out of your ears. How to get water out of your ear can be a little tough if it goes deeper. So always try to get it out as soon as it entered.

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Before thinking about how to get water out of your body, you can definitely try to prevent this situation. There are various activities from which water can directly enter your ear. And this may further cause various ear infections and a lot of ear pain. So while doing water-related activities, one must take several precautions to prevent such inconvenience.

  • Try to cover your ears. You may use a swim cap or earplugs to keep your ears safe from water.
  • Never forget to dry your outer ear, even if water didn’t enter into it after swimming or a shower.

Things To Avoid If Water Entered Inside

  • Don’t try any strenuous stunts. Before trying anything, get a brief knowledge about it.
  • Don’t add bacteria to that specific affected area.
  • Don’t injure your ears by putting unwanted things into them.


How to get water out of your ear is one of the most asked questions these days as due to the increase in sport activities people face a lot of trouble in this.

So if you are too trying to find some home remedies for getting water out of your ear, you may try these remedies. But while many of these remedies, you must be careful and gentle to your ears. Ears are susceptible and cause a lot of pain if any damage is caused to them.


Q. How long does water last in the ear?
  • In most cases, water trapped in the ear will naturally drain out within a few hours or days, or at most, within a week. However, in some cases, the water can remain trapped for an extended period and lead to infections such as Swimmer’s Ear.
Q. Can I leave water in my ear overnight?
  • Water in your ear can result in either a bacterial infection or a fungal infection, and it’s most often caused by water that remains in your ear canal, possibly trapped behind cerumen (ear wax).
Q. Can you lose hearing from water in the ear?
  • If left untreated, the swimmer’s ear may cause other problems such as Hearing loss from a swollen and inflamed ear canal. Hearing usually returns to normal when the infection clears up.

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