How To Do Push Ups: 3 Easy Variations


Can not do push ups? No worries. There is no shame in saying that I can not do a push up. Sometimes, your muscles are strong enough to take the pressure, but your joints are not. This guide on how to do push ups is here to help. Start with some easy exercises to get the strength.

how to do push ups
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Doing push ups can help improve your pushing ability, increase your overall arm strength and core endurance. If you suffer from shoulder pain, this workout is a need for you. Take the resolution for the next 15 days. Begin today to see great results tomorrow.

How To Do Push Ups

1. Wall Push Ups

The first exercise in our how to do push ups guide. This is the base if you can’t do push ups at all. These are to be done in 3 sets of 50 each. You have to start with so much because it helps to improve your pushing ability. Wall push ups burn your arm fat, work on your biceps, triceps, and pecs. These push up are similar to planks and can be included in your ab workout routine too.

Wall push ups
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Equipment Required

A Wall

How To Do

1. Stand straight in front of a wall. The distance between your body and the wall is supposed to be of arm’s length. Stretch your arms straight and touch the wall with your palms to make it look like a standing plank position. If it feels like your body is too far from the wall, move closer.

2. Lean on the wall and slowly bend your elbows until the tip of your nose touches the wall. Ensure that your back and shoulder width is straight.

3. Get back to the starting position and complete all the sets.

2. Incline Push Up

Another base step in our how to do push ups guide is to help build your body. When you feel like you can do wall push-ups without any difficulty, switch to Incline Push-Ups. These are to be done in 3 sets of 40 each. Incline Push-ups work on the muscles of your chest, major and minor pectoral muscles. Compared to wall push-ups where you have to stand straight, this exercise shifts your body weight to the equipment you are using.

Incline Push Ups
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Equipment Required

A Bench or A Desk

How To Do

1. Stand while facing the bench/desk. Put your palms on the edge of those and slowly transfer all your body weight on the table. Your upper body and lower body should form an inclined straight line.

2. Start bending your elbows and lower your chest until it touches the edge of the equipment (the bench or the desk).

3. Get back to the beginning position and do as many push-ups as you can.

3. Kneeling Push-Ups

These are not the girl push-ups but a great way to prepare your body for the basic push ups. Kneeling Push Ups or the Bent Knee Push ups work on your chest muscles, triceps and provide shoulder stability. These are also to be done in 3 sets of 40 each. This variation of push ups doesn’t consume as much as the amount of your energy as traditional push up does. The reason for that is the transfer of the bodyweight to your knees. Nearly 30% of your body weight is shifted to the knees, making it easy for you to do them.

Kneeling Push Ups
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Equipment Required

A Yoga Mat (Can be done on the bare floor, but there is a risk of hurting the knees)

How To Do

1. On the yoga mat, begin with the knees and arms lying position. Gaze on the floor, Your hips and upper body are supposed to form a straight line. The upper arms on either side of your shoulders are at 90°.

2. Bend your elbows while you inhale and push your body downwards to make your chin touch the ground.

3. Exhale and press upwards to reach the start position. Complete the sets with a nominal amount of rest in between.

Benefits Of Push-Ups

1. Increases the Functional Strength by activation of every muscle in the body.

2. Works on the improvement of your body posture.

3. Decreases the risk of having a spine or back injury by strengthening the joints and toning the muscles.

4. Helps to lose weight by burning down calories in your body.

5. Decrease shoulder pain by strengthening the biceps, triceps, and neck muscles.

6. Works on toning the chest muscles if done regularly.

7. Simultaneously activates a large muscle group that helps enhance cardiovascular stability.

Push Up Variation

Add these variations to make your standard push up more challenging or slightly easier. A certified personal trainer can help you identify the proper technique for better and faster results.

1. Military Push Up

2. Wide Hands Push Up

3. Diamond shape (Triangle) Push Up

4. Side Kick Push Up

5. Triceps Extension Push Up

6. Super Push Up

These modified push-ups can help you in building strength and gaining more upper body muscles than regular push-ups. However, you should note that the effectiveness of these techniques works differently on various body forms. Try doing 3 sets of 30 or 35 each in proper form and regularly to make them effective. We suggest you do these under the guidance of an ace-certified personal trainer. No matter how hard you try, all of your efforts can go to waste without proper guidance.

Push Up with weights
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How many push ups were you able to do after following our how to do push ups guide? Do tell us in the comments.


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