How To Choose The Best Tooth Replacement Option

Tooth replacement.
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Healthy and beautiful-looking teeth are essential to maintain good dental health, boosting our confidence, and making our appearance attractive.

But sometimes, due to some oral abnormalities like tooth decay, genetic problems, gum disease, or injury— we have to deal with missing teeth. And without proper treatment, this may lead to a few negative effects like teeth misalignment and difficulty eating and speaking.


Luckily, you will find plenty of functional and attractive teeth replacement options on the market to restore your oral health and also your beautiful smile.


So, what are these options, and how to choose the best one to fulfill your needs? Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is scroll down this article.

What are the best tooth replacement options?


The best option depends on your timeline, financial conditions, and dental health. Consulting with a dentist will also help to deal with it. For now, you can check out the top four most common tooth replacement options and their benefits in the below section,

1. Dental Implants


Dental implants are one of the best types of tooth replacement options that you can go for. Here in this process, the surgeon will place a titanium rod in the place of your tooth root that will act as an anchor to fix the false teeth on top of it.


For replacing one tooth, implanting can be done using a dental crown. But for multiple teeth, you need to fix them with dentures or a bridge. This implant restoration is flexible and simple to care for, just like your natural teeth. And taking good care can help dental implants to last long without the need for any replacement.

Benefits of dental implants

  • A dental implant reduces the chances of bone loss and shrinkage of your jaw.

  • It will feel and looks like normal teeth. And your teeth also feel stable.

  • This process does not require the involvement of the adjacent teeth.

2. Bridges (Implant-supported)


This process will work when you need to replace multiple teeth. Using the dental implant for a single will be a lengthy process.

But the implant-supported bridge only uses implants to support the teeth at both ends, while teeth that are present in the middle will be secured in place without the need for screwing.

Although you must know, this process will not last long, and you have to visit the dentist frequently.

Benefits of the implant-supported bridge

  • This process is budget-friendly when you want to replace multiple teeth at a time.

  • This method almost works like dental implants and gives you a natural look.

3. Fixed bridges (tooth-supported)

This process is similar to an implant-supported bridge. But the only difference is the existing teeth will support the bridge instead of using the implants for your teeth. Here the dentist will place the crown on the teeth present beside the missing one.

Benefits of tooth-supported bridge

  • There is no need to go for surgery in this tooth replacement option.

  • It is more suitable and less costly in comparison to dental implants.

4. Full or partial dentures


Are you searching for the option to replace multiple or all of your teeth? A full or partial denture will be a good option for you. Dentures are basically resin or porcelain-made prosthetic teeth attached with a nylon or acrylic base that will look like natural gums.


You will find plenty of options— like the removable partial dentures or fixed partial dentures for replacing multiple teeth or the traditional ones to replace the dental arches.


Although, you need to follow certain instructions to make the procedure long-lasting. For example, cleaning them regularly, taking them out of your mouth at night, and don’t let them dry out.

Benefits of Full or partial dentures

  • This dental replacement option will be more affordable for you in comparison to bridges or dental implants.

  • The process is quick and simple than dental implants or fixed bridges.

Scheduling a consultation service

You will find a myriad of information online that you need to know for your all on 4 full tooth replacement. And the wise decision will be to search for a consultation service and visit a licensed dentist. The consultation service will help you solve all your queries and offer professional recommendations from a dentist on how to maintain your oral health.

Wrapping up


Choosing the best option to replace your missing teeth depends on factors like your budget or the time each method requires to complete the process. Moreover, each type of teeth replacement is different and comes with advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider.

So, understanding each step is vital and doing a thorough analysis is important before choosing the best option for you. In addition, you need to search for a licensed dentist who will offer you the best service according to your needs.

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