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Aparna is a Delhi University student majoring in sociology. She is an experiences medical content writer. She likes reading a lot of diverse types of articles so as to gather lot of new information for her articles. She tries to conduct an in-depth research in order to provide the readers with all the information.
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What is Depression Relapse? 5 Best Treatment Options

Mental health is a major area of concern these days. Due to the kind of lifestyle and expectations a lot

What is an Inflamed Liver? 3 Best Treatments

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. Its main functions include the absorption and

What is an Endomorph Body Type? Best Diet Plan

Body types are different for different people. Body type is also known as somatotypes. One's body type is determined by

What is High-Functioning Depression? 2022 Best Guide

Developing a mental illness has become very common in the fast-growing and capitalist world. High-functioning depression poses a great threat

How Long It Takes To Digest Food? 5 Best Ways

Food is one of the life-sustaining mediums for all living beings, and it is important to know how long it

8 Best Benefits of Yoga for Women

Yoga practice is not only beneficial for women's health, but it helps everyone who follows a proper routine. Yoga is

When To Worry About Leg Cramps? 5 Ways to Treat Them.

Leg cramps can be very painful and horrible. They are called Charley horses and range from mild, bearable pain to

What is Thought Disorder?

What is Thought Disorder? Here is your perfect guide! Mental health has become very important these days, and you cannot

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.