How Foundational Correction Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Millions of patients worldwide have undergone foundational correction from licensed chiropractors for various conditions. Their goal is to reduce discomfort caused due to musculoskeletal systems1, such as pinched nerves, lower back pain, and other such conditions.

Foundational correction can improve your well-being by alleviating pain and discomfort in the body, thereby improving your productivity. It also helps to establish better nerve connectivity, which in turn boosts the immune system, improves sleep, and reduces digestive issues. 

Foundational adjustment can also increase mobility by resetting misaligned joints to their original position. A foundational Colorado Springs Chiropractor can help you deal with reduced breathing issues due to traumatic injury to the chest.

Foundational correction does tremendous work on the peripheral nervous system, which is the spine. The nerves in the body travel from the brain and spinal cord, which connect to the rest of the body. Hence spine is one of the most important parts of the body. 

There are many ways in which this procedure can directly or indirectly benefit your health. Here are seven ways how foundational correction can improve your well-being. 

1. Improves Daily Function

When your body is in good condition and free from pain and discomfort, you will be able to perform better in whatever tasks you do throughout the day. Carrying out daily tasks can be difficult if your body is aching and you’re feeling drained out. So paying a visit to the chiropractor for foundational correction can really boost your productivity. 

2. Reduces Digestive Issues

The nerves of your lower spine are directly connected to your digestive system so they have a close relationship with one another. If your lower spine is affected, it can directly have an impact on your digestive system2


Having issues with your lower spine could cause digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS3), Chron’s Disease, and other such issues. Getting a foundational correction will relieve discomfort due to digestive problems to some degree and help improve the symptoms of digestion-related illnesses.


3. Improves Immune System

Foundation correction does tremendous work on the peripheral nervous system. The nerves connect the immune system to various parts of the body and carry signals toward the spinal cord for the brain to interpret. If these signals carried by the nerves are thwarted, it could prevent the immune system from functioning properly.


As the immune system is responsible for fighting infection, a compromised immune system will make you more vulnerable to illnesses. So getting your nervous system checked and treated can be very helpful for you.


4. Reduces Breathing Difficulty

Asthma condition has been linked to the nervous system and this problem can be traced down to an autoimmune reaction as a result of disrupted nerve impulses. 


Foundational correction can be very helpful for patients who have suffered a traumatic injury to their chest or spine as it can make some adjustments and ease their breathing. This procedure is conducted only after the patient heals from the damage sufficiently and still has breathing complications.

5. Improves Mobility

Patients having pinched nerves suffer great discomfort and pain, which makes it difficult for them to use certain body parts. Some even turn to painkillers just to get some relief. People with traumatic injuries and autoimmune 4conditions may have inflammation present, which further reduces the mobility of their joints.


Chiropractors perform foundational correction to reset misaligned joints to their original position and thereby address mobility issues in patients. 

6. Better Sleep

The reason why you are having difficulty sleeping may be linked to your spine alignment. Lack of good quality sleep can be highly detrimental to your mental as well as physical health. Good sleep is also helpful for patients who are recovering, as it can help them recover faster. So it is of utmost importance to tackle any sleep-related issues.


Foundational alignment helps to improve nerve connectivity which is directly linked to your sleep. Patients have been found to report better sleep after getting a foundational correction. 

7. Stabilize Mood

People suffering from chronic pain and discomfort can have their moods affected. This makes them so much more vulnerable to depression and anxiety5


So visiting a chiropractor for foundational treatment can ease some of that discomfort and pain which in turn will reduce mood instability. It will also help the nerves to function optimally and improve the mood. 

A Final Note

Foundational adjustments can reduce nerve pressure and improve inflammation, pain pin-and-needles, and other such medical conditions. 

Many patients who have already experienced the trauma of pain and surgery would much likely prefer foundational correction as it is a non-invasive treatment.

Foundational correction from a licensed chiropractor can significantly improve your wellbeing by alleviating pain and discomfort in the body which in turn improves the daily functioning of the body and increases productivity. 

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