Benefits of Circuit Training: 4 Amazing Benefits To Know

What are your personal fitness goals this year? Are you hoping to maintain a healthier weight1? Do you want to be able to participate in sports or recreational activities more? This article explains in detail the benefits of circuit training.

If you are hoping to increase the strength of your heart 2and achieve better blood flow, then cardiovascular workouts would be a good start. Or maybe you want to focus more on building strength in your various muscles to protect your bones3 and be able to stay on the move. 

Circuit Workout For Beginners

When attempting to gain or maintain muscle mass4, many people will look to weightlifting, calisthenics, or resistance bands to push and stretch the various muscles of their body. But not everyone understands what a good workout regimen looks like. How do you push the diverse systems in your body effectively?

1. Benefits of Circuit Training 

Circuit training is a perfect solution for those looking to increase or maintain their muscle mass. This method is all about switching between short sets of different exercises with small breaks in between. Here are some of the benefits circuit training offers5.

It typically includes a combination of strength training exercises, such as push-ups, squats, and lunges, as well as cardiovascular exercises,6 such as jumping jacks, burpees, or jump rope. The exercises are performed in a circuit, meaning that once one exercise is completed, the individual moves immediately to the next exercise in the sequence until all exercises are completed

1.1. Breaks Up The Monotony

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Some people struggle to find the right motivation when working out. After doing the same activities over and over again, they become bored and may lose interest in the workout. Circuit training makes you rotate through a number of different activities that use different muscles throughout your body for each one.

Instead of doing several sets of the same exercise with short breaks, you move from one station or workout to the next until you have completed one set of each activity. Then you start the whole progression over again. This breaks up the monotony of doing one activity for a long period of time. For those who struggle with motivation, it can be helpful for focusing their efforts on each set.

1.2. Provides a Diverse Workout

Benefits of circuit training
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Have you ever skipped leg day? Tons of people have. Circuit training can eliminate the need for leg day. Since you work through various exercises, different parts of your body are being used depending upon which activity you are on.

A full session of circuit training could include workouts for your biceps, triceps, abdomen, calves, quadriceps, glutes, pectorals, and more. In this way, you are achieving a full body workout as opposed to spending one day on your arms only, then the next day on your legs, then another day on your core. It ensures that you are pushing every system in your body in one workout so that if you have to miss a day or are feeling especially sore in one area, it does not ruin your opportunity for exercise that day.

1.3. Improves Muscular Strength and Endurance

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Since circuit training combines a full-body workout with short bursts of energy, it is a great method for building and maintaining muscle mass while also increasing endurance. This is important for people who want to remain healthy for as long as possible.

Research shows that muscle mass can be a contributing factor to a stronger overall immune system, so circuit training can give you a better chance to fight off diseases. Remember to get those all-important proteins to improve your muscle growth.7

1.4. Accessible To Anyone

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Circuit training can be done by anyone anywhere. You could participate in it at a gym using the various available equipment to get a full-body workout. Or, you can do so at home using calisthenics8, your own equipment, or resistance bands. You can also add circuit training to your regimen at any age or level of ability.

If you are younger and want to start your fitness goals now, this is a very accessible type of workout. Plus, if you combine this form of exercise with a healthy diet and nutrient boosters, you can truly support your long-term well-being. When you are older and your body is starting to decline, circuit training can help you maintain muscle mass for longer. It is a very customizable way to achieve fitness.

2. Conclusion

The short answer is that it works. It is an effective method for building and maintaining muscles that anyone can do. You can use equipment in your workout or just your body. You can research some designed workouts that tell you what exercises to do or you can come up with your own.

Circuit training has so many benefits outside of what is listed here as well. If you are committed to achieving your fitness goals this year, then consider a circuit training workout for yourself to push the various systems of your body and give you a higher level of physical health.

Overall, circuit training is a popular and effective form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and body composition. With proper form, gradual progression, and adequate rest, it can be a safe and efficient way to achieve fitness goals.


1. Is circuit training a HIIT?
The most important difference between circuit training and HIIT is that HIIT is done with maximum effort. If you are rating effort from 0 (no exertion) to 10 (maximal exertion), then you are working at 8 or higher. The work-to-rest ratios can vary depending on the intensity and exercise selection.
2. Is circuit training better than cardio?
While running burns more calories than almost any other pure aerobic activity, strength training, and specifically circuit training, has been found to burn more fat per minute than any other type of exercise.
3. What are the disadvantages of circuit training?
Circuit training may be shorter and faster but it is not easy. It requires stamina and may not be suitable for beginners or people with low fitness levels. Also, exhaustion from the rapid workout can make your form suffer and increases the risks of an injury.
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