Guide To 5 Best Types Of Eyelash Extensions

We all know how hard can applying fake eyelashes can be. Eyelash curler is not really a smart option if you want a perfect flutter for your eyelashes. Some people struggle a lot while applying fake eyelashes.

The lash glue can be extremely harmful to your skin and cause allergic reactions too. So we’re going to discuss the different types of eyelash extensions that are appropriate for different types of people.

Eyelash extensions are only trendy but also affordable and better than mascara. People can choose the color, the volume, and even the curls they want on the eyelashes. But it’s essential to consider a nice salon if you want your extensions to be perfect.

different types of eyelash extensions

Some of the different types of extensions that are discussed below may not be available in many salons. Knowing if you have any animal fur allergies is also very important when getting your extensions done. Last but not least, maintain your natural eyelashes too.

After getting different eyelash extensions, some people tend to pay no attention to their natural hair follicles1. Due to the tension and tugging created by the eyelash extensions. Due to this, the natural hair follicles of people’s eyelashes can weaken or even start breaking.

For keeping healthy lashes, always maintain periodic breaks from wearing different types of eyelash extensions. And always be sure to read reviews about the salon you are choosing.

1. What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are not like our regular false eyelashes, which you have to buy and apply at home. Professional eyelash stylists do different types of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are done with the help of a semi-permanent adhesive give a natural eyelash effect.

different types of eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are usually applied on the top eyelash line; these extensions are never applied to the bottom lashes. However, you get an option to use in the bottom lash area, too, if you want.

Lash extensions can be applied in clusters or individually on your lashes. People can buy a full set of extensions that can be applied to all of the individual lashes. There are also partial sets. The partial extensions are attached to the lashes from the middle part to the outside of the lash line.

2. Important Things to Remember Before Choosing Extensions

There are different varieties of eyelash extensions that can be purchased according to people’s preferences and budgets. Other things to keep in mind while choosing your type of eyelash extension are:

2.1 Knowing Your Eye Shape

This is an important step to keep in mind before choosing from the different types of eyelash extensions. Eye shapes play a very vital role while selecting a type of extension. The different eye shapes usually are round, almond, downturned, or upturned. If you get your eyelashes done while keeping in mind your eye shape, then people can automatically achieve a perfect eyelash extension.

2.2 Quality and Thickness of Natural Lashes

Usually, professionals check peoples’ eyelash volume, curl, and length of their natural eyelashes. This helps them a lot while preferring you any particular type of eyelash extension. If eyelashes are thick, they prefer individual lashes rather than clusters to look more natural.

2.3 Preferences of the Individual

Another most important thing people need to consider is how they want their lashes to look. People can choose natural lashes, a very dramatic pair of lashes, or even a glamorous one. Your preference plays a vital role for the professional as they already keep in mind your preference.

2.4 Any Allergic Reactions

A key point to always keep in mind is allergies. People tend to show allergic reactions after applying eyelash glue. To prevent this, always inform the professional about your allergies and allergic different response. Especially if people have very sensitive skin, they should take more precautions.

Apply for eyelash extensions only after fully knowing you don’t have any animal fur reaction.

3. Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

It is extremely hard to find the perfect mascara that can give a luscious and fuller look to your existing eyelashes. Eyelash extensions give confidence, but people don’t have to worry about getting the eyelashes ready every day. These eyelash extensions stay for up to 2 weeks which is very long-lasting.

different types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions have different varieties like human-made materials or even animal furs. If people want animal fur extensions, then there are options like mink, sable, and Fox.

3.1 Mink Lash Extensions

If this is the first time looking for eyelash extensions, this is just the perfect option. Among the different types of eyelash extensions, this is the preferable one. This type of eyelashes is made of real mink furs.2 They are made from the tail of the Chinese mink and Siberian mink.

This extension is lightweight and gives a very natural yet glamourous look. These eyelashes are worn by celebrities, too, because of their fluffy texture.

If people have any allergies or sensitivity towards animal furs, they should not consider buying them. The quality of the mink eyelash extensions is extremely premium, and that’s why this extension is quite expensive.

3.2 Faux Mink Extensions

Real fur eyelashes can be quite expensive, so faux mink lashes are another option for people. Many people prefer Vegan and cruelty-free products3 even when it comes to cosmetics. Faux mink lashes are totally vegan and are also light, just like the real mink extensions.

This option is just like the real Mink lashes with different varieties of volumes and lengths to choose from. These lashes are super comfortable and light to wear. So you don’t even spend much and still get that perfect flutter.

3.3 Sable Eyelash Extensions

This is another premium option if you want your lashes to look as natural as possible. It is made from the lightest material possible for those who want an even better option than mink lash extensions. These are made from Sable’s premium fur (which is an animal found in parts of Siberia and Russia).

The sable eyelash extensions are the thinnest lash extensions ever available in the market. If people have thin eyelashes, then this is the perfect option to get that perfect natural look without the heaviness.

Though, this type of extension is not readily available like the Mink extensions. So people need to really look around salons to get this. Also, if you have an animal fur allergy, then totally avoid these eyelashes.

3.4 Fox Fur Lash Extensions

Fox fur Lash extensions are also a realistic option for people. These lashes are very soft and have a reddish tone to them. If people want, they can dye them in ombre style for a more glamorous look. Though this extension is unique and natural-looking, the only problem is people need to perm them to get a perfect curl every day.

different types of eyelash extensions

If people are getting these eyelashes, they will need to take care of their own eyelashes. This is a great option if you want gorgeous lashes with volume and budget-friendly too.

3.5 Silk Eyelash Extensions

As the name suggests, it is not made of authentic silk, which is used for garments. Silk lash extensions4 are a bit heavier than faux or Mink lashes. For people looking for a vegan and a cheaper alternative while choosing the extensions, this is the ultimate option.

These lashes are usually thicker at the top lash part and become comparatively thinner towards the end, giving people dramatic and fuller lashes. If you are looking for something suitable for any occasion, then this is perfect. Also, this eyelash requires minimum maintenance, which means people can do anything they want without ruining the perfect curl.

This extension is not made of real animal furs to not give an allergic reaction when applying.

3.6 Synthetic Lash Extensions

This is also a heavier and longer extension option in the entire list. This extension is not very natural-looking when applied to your eyes. They have a very shiny and unnatural texture rather than a soft one seen in any animal fur lashes.

This is the least preferred option when choosing from different types of eyelash extensions. Plenty of people reviewed this extension as very uncomfortable to wear.

But if you are going to any party where you want a bold and fuller eye look without mascara, this is the perfect option. This option is pocket-friendly, but this is not animal-made, so that you can choose this without any problem.

4. Benefits of Trying Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

  • Different types of eyelash extensions add another type of volume to natural eyelashes.
  • Eyelash extensions are water-resistant and stay up for almost two weeks.
  • If mascara never gives you a good bold and full look, then choosing from different eyelash extensions is the ultimate solution.
  • Eyelash extensions never intend to damage your natural eyelashes.
  • Eyelash extensions usually don’t take much maintenance.
  • They also give you very bold yet natural eyes every time you put them on.
different types of eyelash extensions

As mentioned above, there are plenty of different types of eyelash extensions for every kind of person. They can choose according to their preference and budget.

From natural to dramatic, every kind of look can be achieved if the proper lashes are put on. If you are not sure about your animal fur allergies, then artificial eyelash extensions like faux or synthetic extensions will do a lot of help.

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