Garlic For Toothache: 2 Best Ways To Use

Garlic for toothache
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Garlic for toothache is known as an efficacious remedy. Toothaches could occur because of many problems, but garlic could help you for coping with stressful toothaches. Many studies came up with the concept of garlic for tooth pain.

Garlic for toothache
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Is garlic for toothache really effective in reducing the pain and symptoms? Read this article for clarity about whether garlic really works for toothache.

Garlic for toothache: Is It Really effective?

You may take garlic more as a cooking ingredient rather than thinking it to be a toothache remedy. Garlic for toothache is quite impressive, because of its outstanding results. Traditionally, garlic has been praised for its medication capabilities. The main reason that pushed garlic always on the top is the presence of allicin.

Allicin is known to have antibacterial properties. It would also show antimicrobial properties, which is something toothaches require to heal. You can find allicin only if it is freshly cut ( or crushed). Garlic will no doubt, prevent any growing bacterial infection that may worsen your toothache.

Garlic for toothache
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Garlic For toothache: How To use?

A clove of garlic freshly cut or crushed would help in toothache. There are few ways in which garlic could be used for toothache. These are:

  • Chewing Garlic Cloves

You have to chew a clove of garlic involving the affected area in the process. Allicin will be released in the chewing process that will help in killing bacteria. These bacteria may be responsible for causing tooth pain. Also, you have to allow the chewed clove to be there in the affected area for few minutes.

  • Garlic Paste

Use garlic paste for your mouth ache or toothache. Garlic paste is anyways great for your oral health. Garlic paste would also help in reducing the swelling and inflammation of the mouth (or gums). The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic would be very useful for reducing toothache.

A toothache may also come because of inflammation or bloating. To make a mixture or paste, you need garlic and a pinch of salt. Crush the garlic properly then add a pinch of salt to the crushed garlic. Then apply the paste on the impacted area causing tooth pain.

Side Effects Of Using Garlic For Toothache

Garlic is a very important part of many healthy diets. Before you think of trying out garlic for toothache, there are few side effects that you might be aware of. These are:

  • Odor (body)
  • Bad breath
  • Acid reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Allergic reaction (burning sensation in the mouth)
  • Stomach issues
  • These side effects are mainly seen in folks chewing raw garlic to help toothaches.


You should not try stuffing the garlic cloves. People with cavity problems may face repercussions. Cramming more garlic will call for many other side effects, so be aware of the same.

There are few folks allergic to garlic, they should not try these types of home remedies.

Pregnant women could try eating garlic, as it is considered to be safe. Checking up with a professional is always better if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Consuming garlic in a huge amount would call for many side effects like heartburn or worse.

Is Garlic Powder Effective For Toothache?

Garlic powder is also used in many Indian kitchens as a substitute for raw garlic. The sad part is, garlic powder contains no allicin in it. Therefore, it’s not effective to trust garlic powder for toothache.

Other Remedies For Toothache

Few other home remedies are really effective in reducing the symptoms of a toothache. Some of these are:

  • Peppermint tea

One of the best ways to help swelling and inflammation during toothache. Toothache’s symptoms could be controlled by trying out peppermint tea as a remedy. You can make the tea bag a little warm (not hot) and put it in the impacted area.

peppermint tea
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This will help in relieving the pain and reducing the swollen part of your mouth. For providing a cooling sensation, you can just put the teabag in the freezer for few minutes after steeping. Then use the same for cooling sensation that may also help your affected tooth.

  • Clove Oil

clove oil
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Eugenol present in clove will work in a great manner for toothache. You can use a cotton ball to apply clove oil to your toothache area. Then let it be there for few minutes, but make sure not to swallow the oil.

  • Cold Compress Or Ice Packs

A cold compress or ice pack will narrow (constrict) the blood vessels. This will help in reducing the pain and inflammation (or swelling) because of toothache.

  • Salt Water Mouthwash

Sometimes, toothache pain could come because of some leftover food stuck for a long term in infected gums or teeth. You need to take those out as soon as possible for pain relief. Saltwater is an astounding disinfectant.

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This will work in an impressive way to reduce toothache infection and pain. To prepare your own personalized salt water mouthwash, you have to add a pinch of salt in some water. Then make it warm and use it like you use your mouthwash.

  • Aloe Vera

aloe vera
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Aloe vera is a very effective antioxidant. Aloe vera would also participate in reducing the inflation and swelling in your affected area. Using aloe vera pure gel would be more efficacious if you take it from the aloe vera plant directly.

Proper flossing and brushing will help you temporarily get out of various infections affecting your mouth. In case, no home remedies are working for your toothache. Then you have to book an appointment with a dentist.

Garlic for toothache
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Garlic For Toothache

Garlic for toothache is something that many people are fond of. Not only, for toothache, but garlic is also known for many other health benefits. You can add garlic to your diet for many other health benefits. Garlic would bring immense benefits to our oral health if taken adequately.

People suffering from severe toothache problems should also talk to their doctors about the same. Besides, it is always recommended to take care of your oral health to avoid tooth decay or dangerous gum diseases. Go ahead! and try out garlic for toothache.

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