Top 7 Delicious Plant-Based Egg Substitute

Eggs are always preferable to make a variety of food items. But few folks are looking for some plant-based egg substitutes1 due to their diet preferences as some people don’t eat non-veg or follow a purely vegan diet.

For them, it is always important to add nutrients that an egg can offer to your body. By reading this article, you will find some amazing plant-based egg substitutes.

Why Plant-Based Egg Substitute?

People who follow a vegetarian diet may go for eggs if they wish. But vegan diets and other similar diets completely eradicate eggs from its list. You can always trust a plant-based egg substitute for the same results.

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So in some cases, you may find different results from the egg-based product. But then, a substitute can’t show the same nature as the original product.

But no doubt, a plant-based egg substitute will be highly beneficial for your body.

7 Best Plant-Based Egg Substitutes

Some of these plant-based egg substitutes are the following:

1. Flax Seeds

Eggs are one of the most baking ingredients when you want to bake some bread or anything else. Flax seeds are the best you can ever get in the plant-based egg substitute category.

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It would help if you did not skip adding flax seeds for vegan egg substitutes as they will do magic for your vegan diet benefits2, also providing nutrients similar to eggs.

Flax seeds will be the best plant-based alternative for your baking process. You can not skip experimenting with flax seeds to find out some amazing recipes.

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2. Bananas

Banana is another great plant-based egg substitute. No worries, you will get the same benefits from one whole banana as you can expect from one whole egg.

Another great part about bananas is consistency after getting mashed up. Once you mash your banana, you will get the best texture that will enhance your cooking recipes.

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You must be thinking about the strong flavors of bananas as these may bring an unpleasant smell to some dishes. Try to use a banana to appreciate the flavors of it rather than weighing the dish down.

If you are into the sweet taste, then the most favorable substitute for scrambled eggs can be mashed banana.

3. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds will also act as a good egg substitute. There are many ways that you can go for preparing your chia seeds recipes. You can try adding a few tablespoons of water to your chia seeds; once they get swollen, use chia seeds in your recipes.

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Another great thing about chia seeds has no gluten, making them favorable for people following a gluten-free diet3.

These seeds are an absolute treasure for people who want to add a good amount of protein to their diet. Chia seeds will act as the best plant-based protein4 alternative for folks. People crazy about deserts should try chia seeds to enhance the taste and nutrient value of their deserts.

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4. Silken Tofu

Silken tofu is one of the most popular plant-based egg substitutes. According to research, tofu is high in protein content and can give up to 14 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Silken tofu is delicious and easy to use in any recipe due to its bland taste and will be cruelty-free for people following a vegan diet. Silken tofu will be the best option for egg alternatives as it looks almost similar to a cooked egg white and has a good amount of protein content.

You can make great French toast using Silken tofu or eat it with soy sauce and many other toppings like jalapenos, chilli oil, chopped chillies, and minced garlic.

5. Black Salt

Now, if you like the smell of eggs, then black salt is another great vegan substitute for it. The scent of black salt has the same taste as that of eggs, and you can use this as a seasoning on your salad, pizza, pasta, and others.

You can also use this salt as a substitute for normal salt. You can use black salt in many recipes, such as scrambled eggs, French toast, and egg noodles.

The main purpose is to get the smell of eggs without having it in your recipes. So, visit grocery stores and get your hands on black salt.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is traditionally used and known for its health benefits, and it can be another very healthy plant-based egg substitute.

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The nature and benefits of turmeric will do wonders for your body. You can achieve the color of eggs by adding a pinch of turmeric to your food. Turmeric is yellow, and most of the egg recipes are yellow.

So you can try turmeric for a matching egg recipe color to give yourself the satisfaction of eating eggs. Also, along with providing a yellow shade to your dish, turmeric will work pretty well for your body. Turmeric can also offer anti-inflammatory properties5 for your body.

7. Chickpea flour

Eggs are used mainly for raising and binding characteristics. You can use chickpea flour in many recipes as a plant-based egg substitute as it is another great protein-rich binding agent.

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If you want an exact egg substitute, add an equal amount of water to the chickpea flour. For example, if you add four spoons of water, then chickpea flour should be four spoons.

Try these great ingredients as an alternative to eggs for delicious recipes.


Give yourself a good amount of nutrients by using a plant-based substitute for eggs. Go ahead and try these ingredients in your recipes to get some eggy vibes in your food.


Q. What is a vegan egg?

  • Vegan eggs are made using one or more plant-based ingredients to replicate the structure, taste, and binding ability of regular eggs.

Q. Are artificial eggs healthy?

  • Fake eggs contain no nutritional values compared to natural eggs. Fake eggs are being sold in the local market because of money. The chemicals used for artificial eggs cause harmful metabolic disorders, damage to the brain, liver and other vital organs, and may cause cancer and many other deadly diseases.

Q. Which is better egg or paneer?

  • Both paneer and eggs have almost the same nutrient compositions. They are healthy and hence, should be included in the diet. People who are vegetarians, they should try to include paneer in their diet. They can also add soy products, lentils, and nuts to retain maximum benefits.

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