6 Amazing Maple Syrup Health Benefits!


What Is Maple Syrup?

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Maple Syrup is usually collected by driving a tap into the bark of a maple tree, usually a sugar or black maple, and collecting the sap that flows out. Then the collected sap is processed to evaporate, leaving behind a thick, concentrated syrup. And the best part is that Maple syrup is 100 % natural as the whole process of extraction does not involve any use of chemical additives, preservatives, or agents. Apart from its amazing taste, there are also numerous maple syrup health benefits.

They are predominantly produced across the northern region of North America, including much of Canada and parts of the East Coast and Midwest.

Nutrient Information

Consuming pure maple syrup has numerous health benefits as it contains many nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, and Zinc. It also includes many vitamins like  riboflavin, niacin, and B6 which has many benefits like

  • Manganese (helps in energy production)
  • Zinc (aids your immune system)
  • Calcium (good for strengthening bones and teeth)
  • Riboflavin (helps in metabolic processes)
  • Magnesium (related to a lowered risk of heart disease)
  • Potassium (aids to maintain normal blood pressure)

A tablespoon of maple syrup contains:

  • Calories: 52
  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 13 grams
  • Fibre: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 12 grams

How To Select Maple Syrup?

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Maple syrup must be selected based on its purpose. Maple syrups that are lighter in colour and milder in flavour are made during the early season. Use in foods like ice creams and buttermilk pancakes.

On the other hand, dark-coloured, strong coloured are made as the season progresses. They are used as waffle toppings and can also be used in many other places instead of chocolate sauce.

It is vital to make sure that maple syrup is stored in a cool, dry place before opening and after opening, it is to be stored in a refrigerator. In cases of any mould, discard immediately.

6 Amazing Maple Syrup Health Benefits

Although commonly used as a sweetener for pancakes, waffles, and fruits. Maple syrup is so much more than that! Some of the maple syrup health benefits include:

1. Strengthens Immune System

An absence of zinc and manganese minerals in the body leads to a decrease in the number of white blood cells that are crucial to the functioning of the immunity. The only way known to restore their levels to the proper state is by supplementing these minerals.

A major maple syrup health benefit is that it is a good source of both zinc and manganese, which play a key role in strengthening the immune system. While Zinc can help fight diseases, improve immunity, and keep your level of WBC up, On the other hand, manganese plays a vital role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, absorption of calcium,  maintaining blood sugar level, and nerve and brain function. It also supports to lessen inflammation and helps in healing.

2. Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Another major highlight among maple syrup health benefits is that it contains 24 anti-oxidants, namely 24 in number. Antioxidants are important for our body as they help in neutralizing free radicals, which may cause various diseases.

It is also to be noted that the darker variety of maple syrups are richer in antioxidants.

Some of the major antioxidants found in maple syrup are benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, and gallic acid.

3. Improves Heart Health

heart healthMaple syrup health benefits also include a healthier heart. Maple syrup is a rich source of zinc and consumption of zinc protects and prevents various cardiovascular diseases and keeps the heart-healthy.

The Zinc from maple syrup, while acting as an antioxidant, even has other functions that can bring down any development of atherosclerosis. Zinc is needed to facilitate the inner lining of the blood vessels and helps to avert any harm caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol and other oxidized fats.

4. Natural Sweetener

no sugarMaple syrup serves as an alternative to sugar. Consumption of huge quantities of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners can cause problems like putting on weight, fatigue, stress, depression, learning disabilities, short-term memory loss, and  so much more

Since real maple syrup is free from chemicals and has many health benefits, it can preferably be a  better choice to use in baked goods, yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies. Its natural taste and flavour is an added plus.

5. Helps Protect Skin Healthskin healthMaple syrup health benefits also include amazing flawless skin. Like many other natural ingredients, maple syrup can also be directly applied to the skin. It helps to reduce inflammation in the skin and also lessens the redness and removes dryness. It can also be applied as a mask on the skin by mixing with yogurt and milk as it helps to hydrate the skin and other signs of bacteria that are found on the skin.

6.  Improves Male Reproductive Health

male healthAnother major one among maple syrup health benefits is good male reproductive health. Maple syrup contains minerals such as zinc that are very useful for a healthy reproductive system, especially the prostate gland. If the level of zinc is less in the gland, it can lead to prostate cancer. Manganese also acts as a catalyst for the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol; it also helps to produce sex hormones and hence maintains reproductive health.

Low levels of minerals in the body can lead to various disorders. Therefore, everyone should consume food that is rich in minerals. Maple syrup is one such food with numerous health benefits that are easily available and enjoyable also for everyone.

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Uses of Maple Syrup

Since Maple syrup health benefits are many, they will keep a check on health problems. Maple syrup is commonly used and incorporated into many days to day meals and snacks. It is also considered as a key cooking ingredient in many food items.

  • It is commonly included in breakfast and used as a topping for pancakes, french toast, and waffles.
  • It adds flavour to sausages, ice cream, and different types of fresh fruits also.
  • Due to its natural flavour and sweetness, it can be used as a sweetener to be used in baked beans, cakes, bread, and granola bars.
  • Wine manufacturers also consider using it in the wine-making process instead of honey.

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