Collagen For Hair: Top 4 Incredible Facts

Amid this unhealthy environment and daily routine, the need of the hour is to realize the importance of collagen for hair. In today’s life, the most common problem that almost everyone is facing is problems related to their hair, some are facing the problem of dandruff, some hair falls, weak hair, greying of hair before age, and many more such problems.

But with recent studies, one solution to all these problems can be one, only one and that could be collagen for hair. So it is important to discuss the collagen for hair.

Collagen For Hair
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In this article, we will discuss collagen for hair, and how it can solve problems related to hair like hair loss, dandruff, weak hairs, split ends, and many more.

We will step by step discuss all the things in a very simple way that even a new person who doesn’t have much knowledge of all these things can understand everything very easily.

1. Why Collagen Is Important For Hair

Everyone loves healthy, shiny, good-looking, and long hair which they can flaunt in front of people. However, healthy hair is only a dream for many people.

Although all of us want long, healthy, strong and good-looking hair, all we get is weak, short, hair with split ends and dandruff which we never want to show anyone. The reason for this is the unhealthy lifestyle that we all live.

Today everyone is so busy with their schedule, meetings, tasks, and all the stuff that they won’t get sufficient time to take care of themselves, the diet, and of healthy habits that we should have.

Even the environment in which we are living is not pure, it has become contaminated because of our activities, whether air, land, or water, everything is polluted now.

And that is why we are having all these problems related to our health and hair. All these things result in the weakening of hair and damaging it. Although we can’t make our environment pure in one go or one day, and also we need some to change our unhealthy habits, one instant thing we can do is to use collagen.

According to recent studies and research collagen which is a type of protein can be very effective in preventing all the problems related to hair, and if one is suffering from them then its consumption can cure all the problems too.

We should discuss collagen first then we shall move forward with collagen for hair.

2. What Is Collagen

Starting with the basic question of what is collagen we would start our discussion. Collagen is a type of abundant protein that is found in plenty in our bodies. Our body is composed of many nutrients and elements, including carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and many other micronutrients.

Collagen For Hair
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All these elements help our body to perform its function properly. For example, carbohydrate gives our body energy, fat give our body the required fat which acts as a shock-absorbent to our body. Similarly, protein gives our body the required elements as building blocks of our body.

Protein is very important for the overall development and growth of our body. Protein is essential for building the blocks of our body. Whether the blocks are of muscles, hairs, tendons, ligaments, or skin, we can also say that our body is made up of collagen.

Our body produces collagen on its own which ensures skin elasticity, and healthy hair follicles. The hairs have free radicles which may result in the breaking of hair follicles. But collagen in the body makes the hair healthy and prevents hair from weakening.

And now we can realize the importance of collagen for hair. Similarly, our hair is made up of proteins. And as collagen is a type of protein, taking collagen in sufficient quantity will help us in fighting the problems related to hair.

If talking about the relation between hair and protein, the primary unit of which our hair is made up is protein keratin. Keratin is also a type of protein, from which our hair is made up of. One of the elements related to protein is amino–acid. Amino – acids are very helpful in the overall growth of our body.

There are many amino – acids of which our body and keratin are made up. These amino – -acids are further broken down by our body into new tissues and cells of our body. There are a total of 11 non-essential amino acids and 9 essential amino acids that our body needs to work well.

Collagen is one of 3 nonessential amino acids, namely, proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline, and further proline is the amino acid that is the main component of keratin, important for our hair. So when we consume collagen it gives our body the required protein and amino acids which are important for our hair.

So collagen is very important and is very beneficial too. When we use collagen, we are generally giving our body the required material that it needs to build our body blocks. When we use collagen, we are solving the problems related to our hair, like hair fall, dandruff, weak hair, and many other problems.

When we use collagen, we are making our hair more healthy, long, strong, silky, smooth, and shiny which everyone loves. So keep using collagen for your hair and make your hair healthy.

3. How To Use Collagen For Hair

When we know about the importance of collagen, the next important thing to discuss is how we can take collagen or how we can use collagen.

Collagen is found in our body also, but sometimes that is not enough for our hair. To make our hair more strong we need more collagen.

The food items which are main sources of collagen include fish, bone broth, chicken, egg whites, citrus fruits like oranges, berries like strawberry and blueberry, red and yellow vegetables, garlic, white tea, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, cashews.

All these are the main sources of collagen. We can consume all of these food items to get collagen or can choose some of them too. If someone is vegetarian then he can choose vegetarian options and if one is non – non-vegetarian then he has many options and he can choose anything according to his preferences and choice.

But we have to keep in mind all these have collagen, but not in the same amount. This means fish, egg whites, and chicken contain more collagen than blueberries or vegetables, but vegetarians can use them too.

Collagen For Hair
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By eating these foods, we get sufficient collagen and we can make our hair healthy, strong, long and attractive.

Also we these foods are not helpful enough then there are various supplements also which we can consume. So taking daily collagen supplements can also be helpful for collagen production in our body.

But we should keep in mind that before choosing any supplement for collagen for hair, we must know about it completely, the supplement should be of good quality and should be used only after consulting with specialists.

Apart from natural food sources and supplements, we can get collagen from medicines. There are some medicines or capsules which contain collagen and they are specially made for consumption to get collagen.

But again it is important that before taking these medicines or capsules we should consult with a doctor or specialists, and if they recommend it then only we should start them.

So from all these sources, we can get collagen for hair to make it strong and healthy.

4. Precautions

While collagen is important to discuss, another thing which we should ponder is the precautions that we should take to make collagen successful. They can be as follows,

  • First of all, there are certain food items which contain a high amount of sugar. Consuming food items that are high in sugar can not only damage the existing collagen molecules but also prevent our body from getting new collagen.
  •  Smoking is one of the reasons responsible for unhealthy hair. Smoking not only affects our lungs but also the protein in our body, and makes our hair weak, dull, and unhealthy.
  • And if are taking collagen, we should quit smoking to prevent our hair from being damaged and to make them healthy.
  • We should also protect our bodies, skin and hair from direct sunlight. As we know sunlight has UV ray which is harmful to our body, skin and hair, and make our hair rough, dry and unhealthy. So prevention from UV rays is important.

5. In The End

In this article, we have discussed collagen for hair. We have looked at how collagen is important, what is collagen how we can use collagen for hair, and what are the benefits of collagen for hair. We have also discussed the precautions which we should take care of while using collagen for hair.

So consume collagen for hair, include collagen-containing food items in your diet, and if that is not sufficient then we can take supplements like collagen powder, and capsules to get collagen for hair, but only after consulting a doctor.

But rely on the natural source of collagen for hair mainly feel proud of your healthier hair, and flaunt them in front of the world.

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