5 Types Of Easy Calisthenics Shoulder Workout For Beginners

calisthenics shoulder workout
Calisthenics shoulder workout is a great way to start your fitness regime

Thinking of getting your shoulders toned and strong? Why not start with a calisthenics shoulder workout that will help you inch closer to your goals every day?

Calisthenics involves strength training of the body using nothing but our own body weight. It includes exercises such as running, jumping, twisting, bending and so much more. The body weight is used as resistance to build strength and flexibility.

Calisthenics is ideal to target strengthening for various muscle groups or muscle fibers and body part in this case the shoulder muscles.

To further engage in calisthenics shoulder workout, you need to first learn about the shoulder movement and muscles so that you can easily perform calisthenics shoulder workout that target your shoulder muscles.

The main muscles of the shoulder are the rotator cuff muscles – subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor. The scapula is the triangular bone, at the back of your shoulder, present on each side. It constitutes the shoulder blades.

Why Calisthenics Shoulder Workout?

calisthenics shoulder workout
calisthenics shoulder workout can be done anywhere, anytime.

Whenever we think of starting a fitness regime, we picture lifting heavy weights and a gym membership. No doubt that joining a gym and lifting weights help achieve fitness goals but that is not always the case.

Here are some reasons to consider calisthenics shoulder workout for strong shoulders:

  • Calisthenics shoulder workout would be inexpensive. You won’t have the need to join a gym or buy any costly equipment.
  • Calisthenics shoulder workout are very easy and convenient to get started.
  • Calisthenics shoulder workout is a type of compound workout that will not only increase your shoulder strength, but also engage all the other muscles of your body, helping you burn more calories.
  • Calisthenics shoulder workout would include shoulder workouts using your body weight which would also increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Calisthenics shoulder workouts are fun to do and can be performed anywhere, anytime. There are so many movements to learn along with progressive training and creativity.
  • There are no age restrictions to start calisthenics shoulder workout.

There is no reason why you should not start with calisthenics shoulder workout. Here are a few calisthenics workout for beginners:

1) Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks
Performing jumping jacks can induce cardiovascular as well as muscle strength training

Jumping jacks can be used as a quick warmup before starting your calisthenics shoulder workout as it strengthens the large muscle groups of the upper body too.

Basic Jumping Jack

Start with your arms at the side of your body and legs joined. Start jumping with your feet apart and bringing your hands over your head. Jump again back to the initial position. Repeat these movements continuously for 30 seconds.

Plank Jumping Jacks

This exercise is a progressive form of jumping jacks that combines cardio with muscle strengthening.

Take the basic plank position with your palms flat on the ground and your elbows straight. Your palms should be of shoulder width. With the support of your arms, start hoping slowly while opening and shutting your feet. Do this exercise for one minute continuously.

2) Arm Raises

arms raises
Arm raises are a very basic form of calisthenics shoulder workout

This is the most basic form of shoulder calisthenics workout.

Basic Arm Raise

Stand with your feet joined together and your arms by your side. Raise both your arms forward and extend it up to shoulder height. Bring back to starting position. Repeat. Do this exercise for 16 seconds.

Side Arm Raise

side arm raises
Side arm raises stretch and strengthen shoulder muscles

The starting position would be same as basic arm raise. This time, lift your arms up perpendicular to your body, up to shoulder height. Again, repeat for 16 seconds.

3) Push Ups

push ups
Push Ups for toning arms and chest

Push ups are an effective exercise to work your shoulders.

Basic Push-Ups

Lay flat on the ground with your stomach and chest in direct contact to the ground. Now using your arms, push your body off the ground until your torso is lifted up and only your feet is in contact with the ground. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and then lower your body back to the initial position. Repeat. 10 reps of two sets at first and then gradually increase.

Wall Push-ups

wall push ups
Wall push ups are a great starter exercise for pushups

Stand before a wall with your palms placed firmly on the wall at shoulder width from each other. Make sure you stand one step away from the wall. Lean onto the wall and lift your heels. Bending your elbows, press the upper body towards the wall. Push back and repeat.

12 reps of two sets at first and then gradually increase.

Pike Push Ups

pike push ups
Keeping your hands at shoulder width during pike pushups can help in performing the correct form

Start with the basic pushup position. Slowly raise your hips up, while bending your body in an upside-down V position. Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart. Initiate the movement by performing a push action by bending your elbows and bring the head close to the ground.

Push the body back and repeat. Carry out 14 reps of 2 sets and increase gradually.

Hand Stand Push-Ups

hand stand pushup
Hand stand pushup is an advanced form of calisthenics shoulder workout

This Is a very progressive type of calisthenics shoulder workout and needs the ability to perform two positions – handstand and pushup.  This exercise is a true body weight shoulder exercise.

Make sure to master a hand stand correctly before performing this exercise. Start by taking a hand stand position. Now slowly start raising and lower your face from the ground using your arm strength. Try doing this with the support of a wall at first.

Start with 10 reps and gradually increase.

4) Dips

A very effective calisthenics workout for shoulder

This calisthenics shoulder workout tones your whole arm along with the shoulder.

Basic Dips

Dips can be done using equipment like a chair, bed, or table.

You can perform these dips with the help of a chair or bench.

Start by sitting on the chair. Move your hips off the chair and place your hands on the edge. Make sure your knee joint and torso remain perpendicular or they can remain straight as well. Putting all the weight on your arms, lower your hips down to the ground, making sure they don’t touch the surface.

Raise it back up and repeat. Start with 10 reps of 3 sets and increase.

Floor Dips

floor dips
Floor dips can be done by either placing your heels on the ground or the foot flat on the ground

Start by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and only the heels the floor. Place your hands on each side, beneath your shoulders with the fingers pointing towards the feet. Slowly raise your hips using only your arms. Slowly lower your hips down to the ground, touching them slightly to the ground and then raise them back up.

Make sure you use only your arms while doing so. Start with 10 reps of 2 sets and then increase accordingly.

5) Planks

Planking is considered to be a full body workout

Planking is a wonderful calisthenics exercise. It engages almost all of your body muscles and is great for a full body exercise.

Here are two of the basic calisthenics shoulder workout planks for beginners:

Basic Plank

basic plank
Holding the position for as long as you can ensures muscle stability and strength training

Lay on the floor with your chest facing the floor. Place your elbows underneath you right below your shoulder with your palms in a fist, facing forward. Lift your body up from the floor using your arms. Make sure your foot is on your toes. Try to stay in this position for thirty seconds before you release.

Side Plank

side plank
You can either place your free arm on your hips or you can raise tit

Start with a side lying position. Place your elbow below you on the floor and it should be right below your shoulder. Place the palm of the same hand flat on the ground. Place your other hand on the hips or you can raise it.

Keep your legs straight and stack it on top of each other. Now start raising your hips off the ground while increasing the gap between your body and the ground, using only your upper arm. Switch sides and repeat.

Start by holding both the plank positions for 30 seconds at first and then aim for 60 seconds and so on.

exercising in groups
Performing calisthenics shoulder workout with friends can make it even more fun

There are many other calisthenics shoulder workout to perform but all those are progressive forms of the above-mentioned workouts. You could also get yourself a partner to do these exercises and make your workout even more fun.

Once you have mastered the above basic workouts, there are many more calisthenics movements that you could learn to do.

Calisthenics take time and patience to perform. You need to be punctual and determined in your exercise as well as your diet in order to reap the health benefits of this technique and to see changes in your body.

Start today and keep practicing to perfect the art of calisthenics shoulder workout.


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