17 Fascinating Quail Eggs Benefits

Never judge a quail egg by its size! Quail eggs’ benefits are two to three times more than that of chicken eggs. A dense source of protein and of high nutritional value, quail egg is definitely a superfood.

Quail eggs are packed with several vitamins and minerals which are essential for our health. The benefits of quail eggs1 include improved eyesight, stronger bones and teeth, advanced metabolism, cancer prevention, and many more.

Quail eggs
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Quail Eggs Benefits

1. Boost Your Metabolism

Vitamin B, present in quail eggs promotes metabolism2. Including quail eggs in your diet helps in weight loss by burning calories even more fast.

Leucine, an amino acid, present in this egg helps in maintaining your immune system. A healthy metabolism will lead to an increased digestion rate and make the process qualitative.

2. Speed Up Your Recovery

The compounds present in quail eggs have the ability to regenerate damaged cells. They prevent infections by resisting free radicals.

If you are affected with small wounds or cuts, quail eggs can help you a lot. The antioxidants and minerals speed up your recovery, even from diseases like the common cold.

3. Improve Your Vision

Quail eggs benefit you by improving your eye health3 because they possess vitamin A. Adding quail eggs to your diet can reduce the risk of getting diseases like cataracts or glaucoma.

4. Beneficial During Pregnancy 

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Choline in quail eggs promotes the brain development of the fetus. It also helps in producing more milk. These eggs don’t carry infections like salmonella, so they are safe to consume. You can add quail eggs to your diet after taking advice from your doctor.

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5. Help in Regulating Sugar Levels

Quail eggs can be a boon for diabetes patients! They help in regulating sugar levels. You can distance the needle by incorporating quail eggs into your diet.

The low glycemic index in these eggs maintains your sugar level and prevents diabetes. Also, quail eggs reduce glucose and creatine levels, which in turn manages diabetes.

6. Develop Bone Strength

Quail eggs contain Lysine, an essential amino acid, which is required to strengthen your bones. Calcium alone is not enough for bone health.

Having quail eggs also prevents bone diseases and adds to a stronger life. Quail eggs benefits your teeth too. Also, the presence of zinc and potassium adds to bone strength development.

Quail eggs
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7. Help in Relieving Depression

Fast life and unhealthy habits have made us more vulnerable to depression. Since quail eggs consist of antidepressants4, they can help in relieving depressive symptoms.

The hormone P present in quail eggs can limit the consequences of depression. Women can ease the problems of menopausal syndrome and stress by adding quail eggs to their diet.

8. Cleanse Your Bodies

Quail eggs promote bowel movements in order to clean your body. The antioxidants and amino acids keep away free radicals.

The amino acids bind toxic chemicals and remove them from your body. Toxic heavy metals and mercury are also removed. Thus, quail eggs keep your body in balance.

9. Increase Concentration

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If you want to improve your memory and you don’t know what to eat, well, the answer is quail eggs! Eating quail eggs help you be more balanced and calm.

The vitamins and nutrients in these eggs increase your brain functioning. Vitamin A present in this superfood acts as a barrier against free radicals, thus protecting your brain. Quail eggs benefit you by reducing the risk of brain damage and diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

10. Reduce the Risk of Anemia

A deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to a reduction in red blood cells. Quail eggs are rich in vitamin B12 5and iron which reduces the risk of anemia. By eliminating toxins, these eggs increase the level of hemoglobin in the body.

11. Replenish Your Skin

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Quail eggs are beneficial for skin health. The antioxidants present in them repair damaged cells. These eggs prevent sun damage and premature aging.

They also reduce wrinkles and give you a fresh look. Teenagers and adults having acne problems can have quail eggs as a remedy because it reduces excess oil secretion.

12. Great for Your Nails and Hair

A rich source of fatty acids and proteins, quail eggs can make your nails healthy and strong. They reduce nail breakage. Quail eggs consist of zinc, iron and selenium. So it prevents premature graying of hair.

They control dandruff and reduce hair loss. With the increased blood circulation in the scalp, you can resist breakage and split ends. You can use quail eggs for dandruff therapy.

Quail eggs
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13. Help in Cancer Prevention

The antioxidants in quail eggs reduce oxidative stress. Lecithin and ovomucoid in these eggs increase cellular repair and cancer prevention. Ovomucoid also inhibits the growth of tumours. Quail eggs have natural antioxidants like vitamin A and selenium, these can reduce the risk of mutations in DNA.

14. Control Cholesterol 

Good cholesterol- HDL is present in quail eggs. Therefore, there is only a low risk for heart disease. It also lowers the bad cholesterol – LDL, thus controlling the cholesterol levels.  However, consuming too many eggs is not advisable.

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15. Treat Sexual Disorders

Quail eggs benefit the prostate. They repair testicular damage from diabetes. The vitamins, amino acids, and macro elements treat sex desire and malfunctioning of erectile muscles.

16. Prevent Kidney Disorders

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The antioxidants in quail eggs fight free radicals and protect your DNA. They detoxify and expel heavy metals. This helps in preventing kidney disorders and bladder stones.

17. Good for Your Respiratory System

Increased air pollution can damage your lungs. Quail eggs contain ovomucoid, which serves as an anti-allergic reaction medicine. It helps in soothing diseases like asthma and tuberculosis. It also improves lung function.


Quail eggs
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A healthy body creates a healthy mind. To increase your productivity and performance, you must include quail eggs in your diet. One good way to do this is by replacing chicken eggs by having quail eggs.

Quail eggs benefit your nervous system by making up nerve fibers called myelin6. These eggs are proven to keep high levels of energy. They also boost your immune system.

You can create a more balanced life by consuming quail eggs. The richness of these eggs helps you tolerate stress.

If you are a bodybuilder, then quail eggs will benefit you by giving you an improved muscle tone. It has 2% more protein than chicken eggs and higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

Potassium present in these eggs acts as a blood pressure depressant. So you can maintain your blood pressure too! The positive effects of quail eggs will definitely help you in the long run.

Consume quail eggs in moderation for health benefits. While buying these eggs, make sure that they are organic. This habit will help you take a step toward your health and our environment as well.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I eat quail eggs every day?

  • The nutritional value of quail eggs is similar to chicken eggs, but since quail eggs are so small, you can eat more of them. Three to four quail eggs are the equivalent of a single chicken egg. This means 6 to 12 quail eggs is a reasonable amount to eat per day!

Q. Is a quail egg healthier than a chicken egg?

  • Quail eggs are healthy, but not far superior to chicken eggs nutritionally. It’s up to you if you choose to add them to your diet. Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs but contain more fat, protein, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B12 by weight.

Q. How many quail eggs equal chicken eggs?

  • About three quail eggs are equivalent to a single chicken egg. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t a good choice. You can eat them in a single bite (so no runny yolk going all over the place) and you have a lot more flexibility with what you choose to make with them.

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