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The 8 Major Signs Of Divorce

The picture that comes to one’s mind while discussing the signs of divorce is either of a huge fight or adultery. Relationships and marriages are not always a bed of roses. Couples with healthy relationships and happy marriages also go through an extreme downfall, leading to separation and, in severe damage cases, divorce.

Sometimes, a relationship or a marriage gets fixed through having a certain conversation or finding a logical solution to preserve their love. Still, often it is seen that couples opt for divorce when the spark dies, and there is a lack of almost everything from trust to communication.

According to research, 3 out of 5 married couple contemplates divorce during the early years of their married life. Sometimes disputes and fights get resolved, and couples often give another chance to their marital bond and continue the relationship without getting a divorce.

The most obvious signs of divorce are infidelity and an abusive relationship that breaks the marriage and leaves no option for couples to work things out or find a solution. Getting a divorce is totally a personal choice of couples. Still, there are some majorly common factors and signs of divorce observed in every loveless marriage across the world. Certain signs of divorce in marriages are extremely subtle, which take quite a while for couples to notice.

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Red Flags In A Relationship

Red flags in a relationship often get ignored by newly married couples or are so in love. To quote BoJack Horseman, “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” Red flags are warning signs that one should notice to understand that it is time to break up and the relationship is not worth investing your time and emotions in.

Relationships are often complicated, so the couples set certain deal-breakers at the beginning of their relationships. Sometimes the red flags are right in our faces, but we don’t care to give attention to those important signals, which lead to unhealthy relationships. Here is the list of 4 in-your-face red flags that might be subtle at times and are important to take notice of. They are as follows:

  • They want you to spend all your leisure time just with them, and not with your friends or family. This is an ultimate toxic behavior of a person, and it’s better not to move forward with someone who’s driving you far away from your loved ones.
  • Sometimes we might argue with our parents, but if your partner is constantly on a bad term with their parents and is unkind to them, it is a sure sign of a red flag because if they can’t treat their parents with respect, they won’t show respect to their partner.
  • They invade your privacy by demanding passwords of all your social media accounts, for instance, Facebook and Instagram. There is a right of privacy between the partners in every relationship, and one should not invade their privacy without their permission.
  • They are insecure in the relationship and constantly seek reassurance to feel better. If the insecurity in a relationship keeps on increasing and starts to dominate the relationship, then it is a huge red flag that one should ignore.

12 Signs Of Divorce

Couples take marriage counseling to save their marriage from the turmoil of divorce, but sometimes it gets difficult to fix certain issues in a marriage. Like some of the red flags in relationships are extremely subtle, so are the signs of divorce in marriages.

Research shows that married couples often are ignorant of the prevailing signs of divorce. At times those signs might be a sign and could be resolved with support from family and friends or, at times, a marriage counselor, and at other times those signs might indicate serious issues which lead to divorce.

There are different reasons for different couples for the end of their marriages and relationships. Every relationship has a different dynamic, but they share a few common reasons for the break-up or getting a divorce.

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Here is the list of 8 major signs of divorce that couples should pay undivided attention to decide the next chapter of their relationship and lives. They are as follows:

1. Lack Of Communication

Communication is the key to every happy and healthy relationship. It is important to communicate with your partner even if there’s a disagreement or misunderstanding. One should try and talk to clear it and have a heart-to-heart with your significant other to have a happy relationship.

People think it’s better not to talk for a while during a fight, but that is where they are wrong. It is important to talk during a fight to clear whatever misunderstanding has formed unknowingly. When there is a lack of interest in communicating with your spouse, it is one sign of divorce.

2. No Future With Them

Five or ten years down the lane, if you can’t see yourself with your partner, it is one of the major signs of divorce. A happy and healthy relationship is about picturing the future with your spouse, achieving your dreams together, traveling together, living together, experiencing life together, and growing old together. A future without your significant other in it is a sure sign that it is time to break up, and it is not worth investing your emotions into this bond, which indicates you really aren’t happy together.

3. Excessive Criticism

Criticism is necessary for healthy relationships because it gives room for improvement, but constant criticism is considered unhealthy in a relationship. It is toxic when a person criticizes every day, intending to attack the other person and not talk about resolving any problem or misunderstanding. If there is more criticism instead of compliments from your spouse, then it’s high time you should understand it is one sign of divorce.

 4. Lack Of Efforts

Relationships and marriages are often extremely challenging, and it is the responsibility of the couples to make efforts to overcome those challenges to have a happy and long-lasting relationship. But if there is no sign of effort in understanding problems, in taking care of kids, contributing to the relationship, and making peace, then it is one of the serious signs of divorce.

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5. Extreme Self-Doubt

It feels good when our partner compliments us or prioritizes us over other things, makes us feel special and loved, but when the contrary happens, we start to doubt ourselves, doubt them, and doubt our relationship. When there is a perpetual ignorant attitude of your spouse when they do not value you, when they always put you down and always make you feel like you are at fault for every fight, misunderstanding, and argument, then it is time to leave them.

Partners in relationships start making their significant others doubt themselves. That’s extremely toxic for one’s mental health and relationship as well, and it is where things get worse. It is one of the common signs of divorce.

6. Hiding Your True Self

In a relationship where you have to hide what you truly are and have to be what your partner expects you to be is an extremely toxic trait and a sure sign of a red flag. If one cannot be themselves in a relationship because their partner might not like them or find them stupid, then it is one of the sure sign signs of divorce.

A happy and healthy relationship is all about being yourself without hiding any part; it is about being vulnerable about your thoughts and feelings with no judgment from your spouse’s side. If a marriage does not allow a person to be their best true self, then it will not last for a long term and will be heading to the couple’s divorce.

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7. No Teamwork

Marriage needs perpetual teamwork to achieve a mutual objective and to manage things in their life with love, understanding, trust, and communication. If there is a lack of teamwork in a marriage with constant high conflict and disagreement, then it is a sign that your marriage will not last.

One should pay attention to subtle details in their marriage to understand the dynamic of their relationship. Marriage should be about WE instead of I, and if there is more of I than WE, then it is one of the surest signs of divorce.

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8. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, whether emotional or physical intimacy. It is essential to have intimacy between couples in a relationship and marriage. Physical intimacy is considered to be the ultimate requirement for a healthy and happy marriage. When there is no physical intimacy between partners in a long time because of a busy schedule or kids or others, it is an indicator of emotional disengagement between the couple.

It is one of the major signs of divorce when couples show a lack of interest in having sex and do not express why they are uninterested or talk about their problems.

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Relationship experts state that the universal predictor of divorce in marriages is emotional and physical disengagement. Marriage requires constant efforts and understanding of each other’s perspectives to work on the bond to have a long and happy relationship. If things are not working in your marriage, if your partner is acting distant lately, and if you don’t feel happy in your marriage, then it is absolutely high to consider divorce.

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