72-Hour Fast: Simple Tips and Tricks

Have you gained some weight recently? Let us help you by sharing our advice on the 72-hour fast. Thinking of fasting, we usually think of a strict proper diet, which might not be your cup of tea. But eventually, our body is much more capable of handling fast than we think.

Our body is the most vital and powerful element of our own self. We usually underestimate our capabilities, whether it be taking care of our bodies or our talents.

72-Hour Fast
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If you are facing this problem, then consider trying out the 72-hour fast.

1. 72-Hour Fast – Everything You Need To Know

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1.1. The Motive Behind Fasting

Our bodies are used to regular routines, which means if we are not on a fast, we will feel the urge to eat when breakfast, lunch, and dinner time come around.  When we are fast, our body starts to get the habit of not eating continuously but only when needed. It increases our metabolism and reduces insulin resulting in clear skin, weight loss, and purified blood. For more, read here.

While fasting, after 12 hours, our body starts the Autophagy process, which is a process of eliminating unnecessary non-functional components from our cells. This process helps our body to cleanse from the inside, clears your skin, smoothens your face, reduces facial hair, decreases blood pressure, better digestion, and increases metabolism.

Hence, you should consider starting 72 hours fast for its health benefits.

1.2. Health Benefits:

  • Reduces Hormone Imbalance
  • Reduces Insulin production
  • Metabolism restarts

Because of these health benefits, along with the advantage of losing weight, sticking too fast is music to our ears. If you are overweight and want to do something to reset your metabolism, fasting is the best option as it’s totally convenient, does not cost any money, and does not need to do extreme exercise to maintain a healthy body.

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2. Getting Ready for Fast

Before we start multi-day fasting, we must take care of some things. So you should probably try to fast for 12-24 hours before fasting for 72 hours, as it may damage your body if you suddenly stop eating and don’t give the nutrients your body needs.

So you can start by fasting for 20-24 hours at first to let your body slowly go into fasting mode. Your body is used to eating three times a day, and hence it will urge you more to break the fast and eat. In order to avoid this, start fasting during alternative days(before starting 72 Hour Fast) to give your body a habit of having energy all day long without eating for an extended period of time.

72 Hour Fast
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Now, let’s dive into the challenging but exciting times of fasting.

2.1. Day 1 of Fasting

You should start on Sunday night at around 9.00 pm. If your main goal is to lose weight, you should choose to include some low-calorie nuts and some fruits in your fast. Include almonds, raisins, and tomatoes as these are the highest in electrolytes, which give your body that push and energy to complete your day. You can even add avocados and spinach as long as those foods don’t have a high carbohydrate and calorie count.

72-Hour Fast
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As your body should be used to handling fast for 20-24 hours, the first day will go pretty smoothly. You can continue your day as usual, but somewhere in your gut, you may feel like eating because of the thought of fasting for three days. If it is your first time fasting for three days, your body will start to respond slowly, so don’t worry.

In the morning, you should do some exercises as it will give you plenty of energy for the morning. Then, you can continue your regular work. By the end of the day, you may be stressed over the thought of 72 Hour Fast. Don’t worry; you need to push past that feeling to pull off your fast successfully.

2.2. Day 2 of Fasting

72 Hour Fast
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Sleeping after the first day of 72 Hour Fast will be really difficult. But you must get plenty of sleep to complete the fast successfully. On the next day, you will feel a little more comfortable without food and will be able to continue with your regular routine. Try to read some books and have a walk to divert your mind from hunger.

You can also try gardening. According to scientists, when we sit or spend some time in our garden or between some plants, the green and fresh atmosphere nourishes our mind, which in turn helps our soul to get clarified.

Go for a walk in the morning, come back and have some tomatoes with some almonds. This will give you the energy to survive our 2nd day of 72 Hour Fast. It was a little tough to exercise today, so it’s good to have thought of going for a walk in the evening as well. Have some resins which will lead you some energy to sleep and finally end our 2nd day with a bit of body pain.

It’s good to have some tomatoes in the afternoon, which will keep us going for the rest of the day.

You are almost at the end of your fast, so do not give up just yet! Keep trying and you will be sure to reap the rewards of your hard work and determination.

2.3. Day 3 of Fasting

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Finally, the last day arrives; you get up with lots of energy compared to other days of 72 Hour Fast. You may usually get up a bit lazy daily, just like any other person. But it will be quite a surprise that your hunger will be decreased and your energy will be to the next level.

As it is the final day, you may decide to have some black coffee and leave the rest of the day as the water-fast. The last two days also lead to your mental clarity, which will give you that boost of energy and will make your body capable of longer fasts.

However, just because you may feel capable of extending the fast, you should not fast for longer than three days on your first go.

The last 24 hours were much more comfortable than the 1st day. It will be a good idea to add some electrolytes to an extended fast. You may feel hungry by the night as the whole day is dependent on black coffee.

It is common to feel hungry by this time, so it’s good to have a couple of almonds. By the end of the day, you will have 3-4 kg of weight loss and start getting the benefits of fasting. Go to sleep by ten, and finally, your 72-hour fast will end. Good job!

3. Finally, Breaking the Fast!

How to Break a Fast | Jason Fung

It’s time to Eat! It may sound a bit strange, but that’s when we get into a bit of worry. Because immediately eating and stuffing food in your body, like a hungry hulk, would be a little dangerous and would cause side effects after such a long period of fasting.

While you were practising alternate-day fasting (before starting the 72-hour fast), you may have had some broth or some light soup in order to restart your diet. Do the same for the 72-hour fast. You may also have some avocado and cherry tomatoes, to begin with.

The key is to eat light and healthy foods and resist the temptation to give in to cravings. You must exercise the same discipline you showed during the fast.

Some people are really bad at controlling themselves after fasting because sometimes we end up eating up and giving extreme shock to our body and diet. You may have some berries and fruits like watermelon and avocado, which will give your body the perfect restart that it needs.

The constant 72 hours of no real food will result in a lack of impurities, which will be really another benefit for us.

By the afternoon, your body may start to show some effects that it needs food, so you can have a full lunch in order to stabilize your body. After having a full meal, you will feel at peace because your body gets the nutrients it was craving. Was this not a detoxifying experience?

4. Experience of the Fast

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After the intermittent fast, you will feel energy boosts because of the weight loss you will have during these three days. Initially, it will be a bit tough if you are a beginner. Just make sure you don’t give up in between.

Before starting the fast, we must take care of 3 things:-

  • Never start when not ready
  • Don’t take it too lightly
  • Enjoy the process

Once your body gets into the water-fasting habit, it will adapt itself according to what is given to it. Our body is much more adaptive than we can ever think. The practice helps a lot in getting into the 72-hour fast and closing the fast on the last day. Our body needs to get a bit merged into the routine, which helps reduce insulin and increase metabolism at a higher rate.

We usually tend to underestimate ourselves a lot, whether it may be health or brain training. We need to brush it up properly to maintain that perfect balance between our cheat meals and our health. You will enjoy the process of 72 Hour Fast because it gives you that feeling that you are doing something for yourself. It also makes us realize how important we are to ourselves and how important it is to take care of ourselves before others.

By the end of the 72-Hour Fast, you can add some black coffee, which is beneficial for your soul to cleanse up the inner intoxicants and give you glowing skin with your perfect body. By the end of the fast, you can lose around 9-10 kg of weight, which will make your body feel a little bit lighter and healthier.

You will thank your body because it bared the constant feeling of hunger to result in a more beautiful side of you. Try this fast to start loving your body and get in the habit of taking care of it regularly. The results which you will achieve out of it are phenomenal. I am sure that you will be more than surprised by watching the results. Some small efforts will result in a lifetime of a beautiful and healthy body.

5. What To Do Next?

72-Hour Fast is a challenging but exciting experience. You should be really excited to have your next 72 Hour Fast. We can’t say it will be a comfortable journey as it is an experiment for your body. 72-Hour Fast can help connect more with your soul, your body, and your mental health. 

You should add this into your routine to take care of your body, your health, and your intake regularly. That feeling which we get when we have won the sports we used to get in our school or college days, the same feeling will be yours if you complete the 72-hour fast.

6. In The End

Make sure not to give up as if you did; you will surely miss that great experiment. The results are mind-blowing, and you wouldn’t expect to get such effects. Mark our words, you will get the best results ever like increased metabolism, decreased insulin, better digestion, weight loss, clear skin, blood purity, and the list goes on. The benefits are endless, but the efforts we need to give are only for 72 hours.

You will create deep connections with your body by doing the 72-hour fast. You will realize that you can achieve anything you want. You just need good health and a calm mind to fulfil your weight goals.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Fasting for 3 Days Healthy?

Fasting for 3 few days probably won’t hurt most people who are healthy, provided they don’t get dehydrated. Your body needs vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food to stay healthy.

Q.2. What Happens if You Fast for 3 Days?

Fasting for 3 days can result in vitamins, minerals and other nutrient deficiencies.

Q3. What Are the Benefits of a 3-Day Fast?

It helps in unlocking the full power of autophagy.

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