11 Perfect Jobs For People with Social Anxiety

Post-pandemic, social anxiety is something a lot of people go through. As per a survey by WHO, Covid-19 triggered social anxiety and depression 1to increase by 25%.

Having social anxiety and looking for a job that meets your interests and skills can be tiring, but there are plenty of jobs for people with social anxiety. Firstly, we should know what social anxiety is and what its symptoms are. To find out more, read on.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also commonly known as social phobia2, is a type of anxiety disorder triggered by the fear of socializing with people or at any social gathering.

Everyone gets nervous before presenting in front of a group of people, but people with social anxiety overthink and fear being judged on how they speak and present themselves.

They believe that the people out there are constantly judging them, which makes them feel on edge all the time. Sometimes it becomes so bad that the unfolding of the events triggers a panic attack.

Jobs for people with social anxiety
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People with social anxiety find it very hard to meet new people or communicate in a social setting. Generally, people think that this is a sign of shyness, but social anxiety is not about being shy.

Being shy will not cause or affect any harm to your lifestyle and is usually short-term. Social anxiety disrupts people’s lifestyles and causes serious damage to one’s mental health.

The cases of social anxiety are found mainly in young people.

Below are the symptoms of social anxiety 3that will allow you to understand if you or anyone around you is going through the same.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

During a social interaction:

  • Hands trembling.
  • Legs wobbling.
  • Inability to speak.
  • Blushing.
  • Sweating.
  • Feeling Nauseous.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
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Other symptoms of social anxiety include:

  • Avoiding social situations like a plague.
  • Worrying about an event, weeks before it needs to happen.
  • Constantly feeling fear of getting judged by others.
  • Missing important events because of anxiety.
  • Trying to blend in the background as much as possible.

If you feel you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, it is best to get treatment for social anxiety. If ignored or not treated properly, social anxiety can lead to high-risk behaviours4 like drug abuse, negative thoughts of self-harm, and suicide also takes place in your mind.

Social anxiety can be treated by various therapy or behavioural patterns on the severity of your symptoms.

Having social anxiety should not pull you back from being successful; there are many jobs out there that can match your interests and not drain your social battery. Jobs for people with social anxiety are not limited; there are many working opportunities available worldwide.

Following is a list of jobs for people with social anxiety:

Jobs for People with Social Anxiety

  1. Computer Programmer

When you have got the brains for designing something with your programming skills, why should that go to waste? Everyone is aware of how much focus is required when programming, with no distractions.

That is why being a computer programmer is first on the list of jobs for people with social anxiety. People with SAD can use their skills to program without worrying much about getting disturbed. It is a win-win situation.

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The only downside to this job is writing a program will never be enough, as making the company you work with understand what the code is about or giving updates about your work progress will be required.

Before taking up the job, ask yourself or your therapist, if the job is worth taking. It can worsen your social anxiety if you force yourself to do tasks that are not in your routine.

  1. Librarian

The library is one place, where you will find a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. What better place to work than in a library, where minimal talking is allowed?

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And if you like to read, then this is the best job for people with social anxiety. It is not like you will have zero social interaction because, as a librarian, customer service will be required. But usually, the customer service is short and straight to the point.

  1. Writer

The writer is also one of the best options for creating jobs for people with social anxiety. A writer needs solitude to focus on their work which in turn means less socializing.

There are many types of writers out there. From freelancing for a project to a full-time author, it is purely your choice. Being a technical writer for a company will surely ensure good pay.

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The only downside of being a writer with social anxiety is that you will be required to take feedback from others about your work before publishing. If you think you could handle this part, there is no one stopping you from becoming a successful writer.

4. Animal Caretaker

People who love to spend their time with animals and have social anxiety should consider becoming-animal caretakers.

Veterinary technicians, zookeepers, and dog-walker have many options to choose from, making sure that most of your time is spent on animals rather than interacting with humans.

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The only reason that an Animal caretaker is considered one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety is people with social anxiety tend to be more comfortable with animals than they are with people.

  1. Graphic Designer

Like most of the jobs mentioned above, a graphic designer job requires a lot of alone time.

Being a graphic designer is not an easy job. It will take up a lot of time to think about and create the design you want. But it has its perks, like being left alone for most of the time so that you can work in peace.

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Some projects or companies allow their employees to work from home for better results, as graphic designing can be quite stressful.

6. Artist

If you are not worried about having the highest-paid job and want to back your skills to become successful, becoming an artist is a good option.

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You can also take a part-time job if financial issues cause hindrances.

It should all come down to what makes you happy. If you are not satisfied with what you do for a living, you will never achieve self-satisfaction.

  1. Statistician

A statistician’s work is to solve problems by collecting and analyzing the data. Sounds simple? It is not. Being a statistician requires pretty good skills in mathematics.

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Making surveys, polls and questionnaires is what the job will entail. This means, very little interaction in the real world, as most of the surveys are taken online. That is why it takes place in the list of jobs for people with social anxiety.

  1. Chef

Love to cook? Then no one should stop you from becoming a chef, not even your social anxiety. Chef is also one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety.

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As a chef, minimal talking is required, with exception of coordinating with your teammates. The focus lies more on creating delicious food.

And if you are good at what you do, then opening a restaurant is also a great option that will ensure maximum financial security.

  1. Plant Nursery Worker

Who does not like to spend their time close to nature? Becoming a worker in a plant nursery can become a good job among jobs for people with social anxiety.

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The job will entail taking care of plants, growing plants, and monitoring their growth. A perfect job for people with social anxiety. The work is not easy for a plant nursery worker as looking after a plant is similar to looking after a baby. A lot of time and attention are required for this job.

  1. Accountant

If you like to toy with numbers, you should consider becoming an accountant.

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An accountant deals with managing the finances of a company which requires skills. This job comes under the list of jobs for people with social anxiety because the work of an accountant is not easy, and requires full focus and concentration, hence less socializing.

  1. Landscaper

Just like the plant nursery worker mentioned above, being a landscaper allows you to be close to nature, which immensely helps in decreasing social anxiety.

The landscaper’s job is to make sure the gardens, lawns, or backyards are well-maintained. They also place statues, fountains, or other decorative items to make the landscape beautiful. Work usually requires very few social interactions, which will help you to keep your social anxiety in check.

In the End

There are many jobs apart from the list mentioned above of jobs for people with social anxiety, which can be considered. The basic idea behind people with social anxiety looking for a job should be comfort.

If you are not comfortable at your workplace, you cannot grow in your career. Furthermore, it can worsen your social anxiety, which affects a person’s mental health very badly.

People with social anxiety should also not back down from an opportunity when provided because of the fear that they will not do it. They should trust their capabilities and not let their social anxiety be the anchor of their life.

It can feel like a big deal for people with social anxiety to look for jobs, but taking little steps at a time will surely help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 3 3 3 rule of social anxiety?

You must first recognize three items and three sounds in your immediate environment before touching three body parts. When anxiety takes control, many people find that using this method helps them stay grounded and focused.

2. What triggers social anxiety?

A social anxiety disorder may be more common in kids who are subjected to bullying, taunting, rejection, or other forms of humiliation. In addition, this disease may be linked to other unfortunate life experiences such as family strife, trauma, or abuse.

3. Can social anxiety be cured?

Some individuals may see a gradual remission of their social anxiety disorder symptoms and be able to stop taking their medication. Others might require years of medicine to avoid relapsing.

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