7 Amazing Essential Oils for Canker Sores

Essential oils for canker sores seem to be very effective for getting rid of that bump (or mouth ulcer) like structure inside your mouth.

Yes, you heard it right. A bump-like thing developed inside your mouth generally surrounded by a red border and with a yellow or white color in the middle of it is known as a canker sore.

These are entirely different from cold sores that come from the herpes virus.

Canker sores1 are generally found in your tongue, lips (inside), gums (base), or other parts of your mouth. The small canker sores are not a thing of worry, they will heal independently without any external help, but the larger ones would be really scary.

If you are looking for some essential oils for canker sores, this post will help you for sure.

1. What Are Canker Sores?

You call it a mouth ulcer or bump. It’s almost the same thing. Canker sores are curable with home treatment if the size is small and the condition is minor.

Mainly these ulcers come out in your mouth area and could be painful sometimes. You could also sight canker sores on your lips, tongue, and soft palate.

For treating canker sores, essential oil would be extremely useful for minor ones. If you have bigger canker sores, they may be required if not possible with an essential oil treatment.

2. Causes of Canker Sores

It’s quite difficult to predict canker sores’ causes, but mainly the reasons would be environmental, hereditary, or dietary faults. These include:

  • Food sensitivity (sensitive to few food items)
  • Mouth injuries (minor injuries in your mouth)
  • Hormonal imbalances (mainly during periods)
  • Stress (Disturbed emotional health)
  • Lack of nutrients (Vitamin B12, zinc, and folate)
  • Celiac diseases
  • Eating disorder
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (like ulcerative colitis)
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3. Essential Oils For Canker Sore: Are They Effective Home Remedies?

Essential oils for canker sores are extremely effective, especially for minor canker sores. Many people have extremely allergic side effects to essential oils. It’s recommended to talk with an expert before using essential oils for canker sores.

Here are a few essential oils for canker sores:

3.1 Tea Tree Oil

No matter if the infection is fungal, in the mouth, or viruses, the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil would show its magic.

Tea tree oil works as a great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent for preventing or healing any infection, and you could expect a good healing process after using this oil.

3.2 Lemon Oil

Canker sores or any ulcers in your mouth would be treated with lemon essential oil (or lemon juice).

Here, lemon essential oil refers to the lemon juice you find in every Indian kitchen.

A beautiful treatment for showing antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic activity.

The mechanism is lemon would be a big neutralizer for the acid-rich system, and acid would trigger the canker sores.

 3.3 Rosemary Oil

The analgesic effects of rosemary would be very helpful for the treatment of canker sores. Rosemary would also show antiseptic activity for contributing to the treatment of canker sores.

Also, the antiseptic effects of rosemary would prevent any further infection in your mouth.

3.4 Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oils are the hero of oral health care.

It is known for preventing bad breath problems by its riveting aroma and also contains a good refreshing smell.

Besides, peppermint oil would also show beneficial signs for antibacterial, analgesic2, and antiseptic properties.

Peppermint oil is also amazing for reducing inflammation in your mouth, which could be the root cause of many infections and diseases.

3.5 Myrtle Oil

Mouth ulcers and myrtle essential oil has been linked together due to the power of myrtle for healing and treating canker sores (or mouth ulcers).

Myrtle oil will incase the healing process’s speed and minimize the size of small canker sores within a short period.

The wound-healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties of myrtle would help the healing process of canker sores. Also known for astounding antiseptic effects that will treat canker sores and prevent any bacterial infections.

3.6 Bergamot Oil

An effective treatment for cold cores (caused by herpes viruses), also bergamot, would be a part of many remedial treatments used to treat canker sores, sore throat, and mouth ailments.

After applying, you will get the antiseptic properties of bergamot in bonus for naturally healing canker sores.

Canker sores would cause unnecessary stress3 and tension. For coping with such mental health problems, bergamot is always the best.

3.7 Eucalyptus Oil

Claim the anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus essential oil for treating canker sores.

Another essential oil with astounding soothing and cooling effects for relieving pain. Eucalyptus oil is used to treat extremely painful canker sores.

You can use essential oils in the following ways to treat your canker sores. These are:

4. How to Make My Own Mouthwash Recipe?

Curated mouthwash containing essential oils is one of the best ways to treat canker sores. Mouthwash would help decrease the size of canker sores. Also, it works like magic for painful canker sores.

Besides, mouthwash recipes would become more beneficial with essential oils for canker sores would maintain your oral hygiene.

You should make your mouthwash essential oil blend for canker sore. Just make sure you add adequate drops of essential oil.

5. How to Apply Oil on Canker Sore?

Essential oils could also be applied directly to your canker sore (affected area), but there are a few things you must know.

Essential oils sometimes need dilution before use due to their high concentration. Not every essential oil has the capacity for direct application.

Tea tree oil is the safest essential oil for your canker sore that you can use directly. Take a cotton swab and dip it slightly in the tea tree essential oil, and dab it on your painful canker sores softly with a gentle hand for relief.

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6. Essential Oils For Canker Sores: The Bottom Line

Essential oils for canker sores will bring a lot of benefits as well as a speedy recovery phase. These essential oils could also help you reduce the visible spots due to canker sores in some cases, but that’s a secondary thing.

You should also purchase or make the recipe for many other essential oils such as lavender oil, coconut oil, and clove essential oil. Try out the DIY methods as they would help prevent infection.

Get rid of canker sores by using these astounding essential oils, which would work great for aromatherapy4 as well as for relief.

Along with trusting essential oils, you must also follow a good lifestyle and dietary routine (eating manner) for preventing canker sores.

Also, note that not all essential oil would suit everyone, so doing a patch test would be a better option before trying these in your mouth (as any essential oils react with skin).

Don’t worry, there are no side effects from any essential oils as they’re very natural and chemical-free, but still talking to a professional is always recommended.

Go ahead and try out these highly beneficial essential oils for naturally healing canker sores.

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