6 Essential Oils For Dandruff

Essential oils for dandruff
Essential Oils For Dandruff

A lot of people face problems with dandruff, especially during the winter season. Essential oils for dandruff are your safest and quickest bet to treat this problem. If you’re one of those people who faces difficulty in styling their hair due to dandruff, then this article might help you find an effective solution.

Meaning Of Dandruff

Have you ever worn a black dress and realized there are some dead skins lying on it? These are dandruff that falls from your scalp.

Dandruff is the result of the dead skin on your scalp peeling off. While this is not a serious medical problem, it may irritate your scalp a lot and cause itching.

This can happen more during winters due to dryness all around. Now another concern that people have is finding a product that can treat their itchy scalp and also not cause severe damage to their hair. In such cases, what can be trusted are essential oils for dandruff. Essential oils are being used traditionally for various skin and hair problems since ages.

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Causes Of Dandruff

There are can be many reasons as to why your hair has dandruff:

  • Dry scalp
  • Irritated or oily scalp (seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Poor hygiene
  • Sensitive to any hair care products (allergic reaction, contact dermatitis)
  • Diets that include foods high in sugar and bad fats (unhealthy food)
  • Psoriasis (a chronic disease that makes your scalp silvery and results in tiny pieces of dead skin)

Essential Oils For Dandruff

Essential oils are great for nourishing your hair and skin depending on the kind of essential oil you are using.

These are named according to the plant they are extracted from maybe through evaporation or distillation. And they contain the flavor and odor of the plant.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties that may help in treating dandruff. Tea helps in clearing the toxins from your scalp by keeping it moisturized.

It has anti-inflammatory properties as well that is really good for treating dandruff. Tea can prevent bacterial and fungal infection. It can prevent seborrheic dermatitis as well.

Various studies show that it can act as an antiseptic that helps your scalp and hair to stay away from dandruff and other infections.

Tea tree oil may take the edge off the symptoms of dandruff. You just need a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply it directly on your scalp, leave it for 30 minutes, and then wash your hair. This can improve your scalp conditions.

Tea tree essential oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is known for hair growth. But if you are suffering from itchy scalp or dry scalp issue then this oil will definitely work for you.

Lavender can repair your hair health as it contains linalyl acetate which makes so more effective. And we all know how important it is to stay stress-free for a healthy body.

You just need three tablespoons of carrier oil. Mix few drops of lavender essential oil into this oil and wash your hair, preferably with an anti dandruff shampoo.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender Plants

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3. Olive Oil

If you are searching for essential oils for dandruff then olive oil should definitely be in your list. Olive oil can be used as anti bacterial and anti fungal medicine. It can fight dandruff and nourish your scalp by fighting the flakes. This is great for people who are suffering from itchy scalp.

Olive oil is rich with monosaturated fats that can keep your hair shiny and soft without any further conditioning. This oil can further prevent split ends and eliminate frizzy hair.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

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4. Rosemary Essential Oil

This essential oil is known for its anti bacterial properties and hair growth. It can prevent itchy scalp and treat dandruff as well. It can also be used to prevent greying of hair.

It can be a great moisturizer for your dry scalp. The only thing to keep in mind while using rosemary oil is to not use it directly on the scalp as it may cause irritation.

You need to mix rosemary essential oil with olive oil or coconut oil. Then you can apply it 10-15 minutes before washing your hair, followed by a conditioner you like.

Rosemary essential oil
Rosemary Essential Oil

5. Lemongrass Oil

Dandruff is a serious problem that may lead to hair loss if not treated at an early stage. And if you are searching for good essential oils for dandruff then here is one of the best options.

Lemongrass oil can be an effective treatment for dandruff. Various studies showed that your scalp can be dandruff free within 7-10 days once you started using lemongrass essential oil.

It has antioxidants that can prevent fungal and bacterial infections. But this oil is very strong and may cause irritation if not diluted.

Just take a few drops of lemongrass oil and mix it with your shampoo or conditioner, massage it properly till 5-10 minutes and then wash your hair.

Essential oils for dandruff
Lemon Grass

6. Ylang- Ylang Essential Oil

People with oily scalp should skip this treatment as it can make your scalp more oily. This is very helpful for people who have dry scalp.

This essential oil can provide sebum and required oil to dry scalp that further causes dandruff. It can also reduce hair fall by making your scalp healthy and moisturized.

It can be a great oil for those searching for essential oils for dandruff. You just need to mix this oil (few drops) with warm water (2-3 tablespoons) and massage gently till absorbed properly. After that, wash your hair after 30 minutes for better results.

Ylang Ylang Plants
Ylang-Ylang plant


Dandruff is a major problem these days for many people who love their hair. It can cause irritation to your scalp that may affect your personality and confidence.

If you are one of them then try essential oils for dandruff. It will definitely help you tackle the problem. But the only thing you have to consider is your hair type and which oil may suit you.

And you should always know how much amount is required because all the essential oils are effective as well as reactive causing various allergic reactions it not used properly. Also, try to include shampoos and hair cleansers that will not harm your hair and are sulphate and paraben-free.

So, it is better to go for something that does not show any side effects and can treat your scalp problems. This way, you can follow a healthy hair care routine that nourishes your hair and keeps dandruff at bay.

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