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5 Best Benefits of Morning Meditation

The first thing you do at the beginning of your morning is to check your mobile phone. Which affects negatively both physical and mental health. Ideally, you have to spend some time alone in silence to reflect on your thoughts.

You got it right, you have to practice meditation morning to make your day wonderful. Meditation enhances your awareness and keeps you in a calm state. You will never feel rushed or hurried after doing meditation.

Meditation enhances the quality of life, that’s why it is good to start the morning with meditation practice. If you also want to inculcate morning meditation habits into your morning routines then this article will be helpful for you.

Here you will learn about the ‘5 Best Benefits of Morning Meditation‘ and different kinds of morning meditation practice.


Meditation is a way of clearing inner chakras and creating inner peace. It gives positive energy to the body which does a kind of healing.

It is an excellent practice for those who are always busy or in a hurry. It is an ancient practice mainly used to achieve spiritual path and enlightenment.

Meditation is associated with Buddhism and is practiced primarily by them. But with the increased awareness of its benefits, other people have also begun to do meditation.

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5 Best Benefits of Morning Meditation

The benefits of morning meditation are not limited. There are lots of benefits wrapped up in it.  So, it is good to begin your morning with meditation.

It will give you a life-changing experience. The storm of your unnecessary thoughts will be settling down with regular practice of morning meditation.

You will also see a change in your thinking perspective. You feel so much more stable and relaxed.

Many other incredible advantages are also associated with morning meditation. Let’s see what are those.

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Morning time makes you think about all the tasks or activities you have to do the day ahead. Due to this thinking, you take too much stress.

In a stressed state, your heart and breathing rate increase rapidly. Unfortunately, you are not able to control your stress. But meditation in the morning slows down your nervous system and reduces your anxiety. You can then easily deal with your stress and tension the whole day.

Meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system which helps in inner healing. Along with this it also reduces the brain’s stress-responsive activity.

2. Increases Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration can be achieved only when you have a clear mind. For a wandering mind, it would be hard to concentrate. To raise the focus of the mind, it is important to develop a sense of awareness.

Lack of awareness and clarity distracts your mind and face difficulty in keeping your focus on one thing. To correct this situation, meditation is the best way. It clears your mind and keeps you stress-free, as a result, your focus and concentration will improve.

Through regular practice of meditation, you will find peace and a reduction in your level of distractions. This even improves your productivity. You will be able to do work with more focus without getting distracted.

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3. Improves Overall Health

A stressful life becomes the reason for all the bad health issues. In a stressed state, your heart health, breathing, and brain functioning are affected. This further develops symptoms like headache, migraine, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

You can get relief from all such symptoms through meditation. The inner healing ability of meditation helps in reducing pain and boosts the immune system. Overall you feel energized and enthusiastic after meditation practice.

Studies also find meditation effective for overall well-being.

4. Helps Develop Kindness and Compassion

Kindness and compassion are associated with the emotions of the person. If a person has good emotional health, he has a sense of affection and warmth. For a kind person, it will be easy to connect with other people.

Positive thinking enhances the quality of emotional health. Meditation will be helpful in achieving good emotional health. It develops positive emotions of love, kindness, and compassion.

5. Boosts Self-Esteem

Your confidence and self-esteem go down when you have negative thoughts. Through regular practice of meditation, you will see improvement in your confidence level.

It boosts your self-esteem and belief. You find yourself more confident and satisfied in each aspect of life.

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Ways to Do Morning Meditation

There are different ways of doing morning meditation. Whichever one way makes you comfortable, go with that.

1. Guided Morning Meditation

Guided meditations are best and easy to do by everyone as they can be done with the assistance of a yoga instructor. With the help of guided morning meditation, a naive person can get an interest in meditation.

Guided morning meditation first focuses on relaxing muscles and then moves to the healing part. The effectiveness of guided meditation is depending on your setting. The environment created outside will be calm, and light to make you feel comfortable.

2. Gratitude Meditation

It is best to encourage your self-esteem. Here, you don’t focus on clearing your mind. Instead of that, you focus on those things for which you feel grateful. After this, you feel satisfied in your life.

3. Mindfulness Meditation

This is all about feeling the present moment. This is a kind of mental training to measure the effectiveness of your thoughts. It helps to slow down your thoughts and gives you mindfulness.

4. Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is one of the best and most enjoyable forms. In which you meditate along with your morning walk. Walking meditation is about experiencing nature and your surroundings with breathing.

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How To Start A Morning Meditation Routine

A morning person can easily add meditation practice to their morning ritual. But for night owls it becomes so difficult. No matter what kind of person you are, this information will inspire you to do meditation.

And note that you can’t get its benefits in a few days. Consistent practice will help you to achieve a state of a peaceful and relaxed mind.

Here are some guided instructions through which it will be easy for you to begin your morning rather than with a mobile phone but with positive vibes.

  1. Select a perfect place where you can comfortably meditate. The effectiveness of meditating places can be influenced by things like scented candles, images, plants, background music, or inspiring objects.
  2. The motivation you get to start your morning meditation can be depending on your settings. Once you become motivated, then do nothing just sit on a mat.
  3. Sitting should be in a half or full lotus pose in which the left and right foot are placed on the thighs. This posture is best to give a nice straight spine position and also stretch hips, and thighs as well.
  4. Close your eyes and start with deep breaths. At this moment a lot of things are going on in your mind. Here you have two choices, choose to reject or choose to accept them. The important thing is don’t stick to one thought. Allow your thoughts to flow.
  5. Take continuous and deep breaths. And try to keep your focus on your breaths. Do it for 5-10 minutes with some background music.

Now, you are ready to do it every morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I eat before morning meditation?

No, you should not eat before meditation as it is suggested to meditate on an empty stomach, before breakfast.

2. Can I drink water before meditation?

You may drink water but you must wait for 15 minutes after that before you start meditating.

3. Is it okay to meditate without bathing?

Yes, it is okay to meditate without bathing however, taking a bath would make you feel fresh which would improve the quality of your meditation.


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