4 Best Home Remedies For Wisdom Teeth Headache

wisdom teeth headache
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Wisdom teeth headache is the consequence of various unpleasant symptoms associated with wisdom teeth. In the case of wisdom teeth growth, Headache is due to your third molars trying to come up through your gums and moving through your jaw (bone). Few home remedies and treatments could help to lessen the wisdom teeth headache pain.

Continue reading this article to understand the causes of wisdom teeth headache and also the treatment for such painful symptoms of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth come most between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. Wisdom teeth could come really late in some people it may come by the age of 25. Once wisdom teeth start emerging they may be impacted in some cases and needed to be removed.

wisdom teeth headache
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There are mainly 3 conditions for your wisdom teeth. These are conditions are:

From the initial stage of wisdom teeth (emerging wisdom teeth), you may face many unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, difficulty in eating, fever, etc. After emerging sometimes your wisdom teeth get impacted and hence, needed to be removed.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Headache?

Wisdom teeth could be called as a guest in your mouth for which your mouth has no space to fit it in. Wisdom teeth growth may result in replacing some other teeth near it. This may cause eating disorders and trouble while disturbing your jaw movement. All these situations raise the problem of a wisdom teeth headache.

Wisdom teeth headache generally comes because of the improper growth of wisdom teeth that may replace your sinuses as well. This is why people with sinus problems may get severe headaches because of emerging wisdom teeth.

In case it is an impacted wisdom tooth, it will affect your joints, jaw, and overall mouth causing immense pain. The pain coming out of Impacted wisdom teeth would trigger headaches due to affected nerves and pressure. Sometimes, the reason for wisdom teeth headache would be because of potential infection.

Therefore, it is important to find out the reason behind your wisdom teeth headache to find an effective remedy for it.

How To Help Wisdom Teeth Headache?

Wisdom teeth headache is sometimes controllable, but in some cases, it is very high and painful.  There are some home remedies that people should definitely try to help wisdom teeth headaches. Some of the effective home remedies for wisdom teeth headache are:

1. Salt Water Rinse

Sodium chloride is scientifically proven for helping wisdom teeth pain and headaches. Sodium chloride (salt) mixed with warm water would prevent potential infection and reduce bacterial growth.

Saltwater rinse would promote oral hygiene by helping the pain and headaches caused by bacterial growth and infections.

You should maintain your oral hygiene and keeping your mouth clean would be really helpful for merging wisdom teeth. Cleaning the area where wisdom teeth grow is extremely difficult due to very little space in your mouth.  Therefore, saltwater rinse would do the job of cleaning your mouth and reducing headaches due to many reasons.

Wisdom teeth headache

2. Aspirin

Aspirin works like a magic for wisdom teeth headaches and would do the job for wisdom teeth headaches. Aspirin is a very effective medication against dental pain, according to a few reports published by the National Library of medicines in 2015. If you choose aspirin for wisdom teeth headaches, make sure not to overdose your body with it.

wisdom teeth headache

3. Apply hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy would definitely reduce wisdom teeth headaches. Hot and cold therapy effectively reduces the pain caused by wisdom teeth and,d hence would also reduce wisdom teeth headaches. You can try both the therapy on alternative days or could stick to one of these therapies for some days continuously.

Take ice and wrap in a soft clean cloth, then apply the same on your affected area for relief. In case of hot therapy, take a towel and dump it in warm water. Then squeeze the towel till all the water gets out and apply the same on the impacted area. Both of these therapies would provide relief to your painful symptoms of wisdom teeth and will be really effective for headaches.

wisdom teeth headache

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Soothing essential oils are always helpful in dulling headaches been it wisdom teeth headaches. Essential oils such as lavender essential oil would be very effective in reducing bacteria growth, preventing infections, and helping bad breath.
Once, wisdom teeth are impacted you may see unpleasant symptoms as well as bad breath.
Here you need some essential oil that could clean all the bacteria and germs to keep your mouth hygiene maintained. Your mouth is difficult to clean but you could do that using lavender essential oil.
Sometimes, inflamed gums could also trigger headaches and many more symptoms. Here, the lavender essential oil will be a boon for reducing inflammation and lessening the intensity of headaches.

To claim the benefits of lavender essential oil, you need to take a cotton ball and dip it in the essential oil. Before that don’t forget to dilute lavender essential oil by mixing it with a carrier oil. Then apply the cotton ball slowly to your impacted area for pain relief.

wisdom teeth headache
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Wisdom teeth Headache

Wisdom teeth headache could be treated well-using home remedies as wisdom teeth emerging is a natural process. In case the wisdom teeth are impacted and showing extremely painful symptoms you may have to remove them.

All these home remedies are great for lessening your wisdom teeth symptoms, but they may not work in some cases. In case there is no change in the painful headaches due to wisdom teeth, book an appointment with your doctor for better consultation.

You need to take care of proper hygiene of your oral health during this phase to prevent tooth decay. Many bacterial infections could hamper and destroy your oral health bringing various gum diseases. Give yourself a real oral healthcare treat to overcome wisdom teeth headaches. Go ahead! And try out these astounding remedies to combat wisdom teeth headaches.

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