15 Signs Of What Is A Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening1? If you are finding an answer, it means you must have experienced something extraordinary. Spiritual awakening expounds as once in a lifetime experience. It awakens your inner world. It takes your soul out of the dark and puts it on the path of enlightenment.

Still, finding a satisfying answer to what is a spiritual awakening can be a bit difficult. Awakening is a call from the inner self. A person who is spiritually awake has a conscious sense of self.

what is a spiritual awakening
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What is a spiritual awakening? There are many connotations related to it. If you want its answer, our article will take you through the incredible experience of spiritual awakening. In different cultures, different definitions, signs, and ways are mentioned. It’s a spiritual journey of the soul.

What is Spiritual Awakening? A Comprehensible Explanation

Many people struggle with what is a spiritual awakening. It is the awakening of your soul. When your inner world is positioned on the right path, your soul starts its most awaited journey.

 Are you bothered by the same question? What is a spiritual awakening? It has an interesting answer that is it’s a path to enlightenment2. Awakening is an alignment of your inner world with the divine. It perturbs people initially as they may find themselves in a web of questions of deep association with spirituality.

spiritual awkening
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It embarks on your inner journey of initiation and self-actualization. When life shakes you up and gives you a wake-up call, you might experience changes.

As we always say, it’s your call but, you can’t and should not miss the call given in the form of signs. The following part of the article, are signs you are experiencing spiritual awakenings.

15 Important Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Often we let go of signs of soul awakening.3 We overlook these signs and, perhaps our journey halts in between. If you are more mindful of these signs, you can embark on your exploration of spiritual awakening. 

You might discover these clues as spiritual awakening signs or life-changing signs:

  1. Feeling disconnected from the outer world.
  2. You start finding the purpose of your being.
  3. Your core beliefs are shackled.
  4. You start recognizing the agony of life.
  5. An uproar of emotions and uneasiness you always feel.
  6. You are full of compassion for people and could feel their pain.

7. You have profound unanswered questions about your existence.

8. You develop unconditional love for everything around you

9. Your thirst for reality will intensify.

10. Words might appear superficial and meaningless.

11. You feel alone and lost in your thoughts.

12. Your affection, belief, and outlook become more pious.

13. Your existing truths become the biggest lies ever told to you.

14. It brings revelation to paradoxes.

15. One day, you might be ecstatic, and the next moment, you are in a deep grave of sorrow.

Are Existing Fallacies About What Is A Spiritual Awakening  True?

There are enigmas related to what is a spiritual awakening. Most myths appear around their actual definition, signs, and their effect on our going life. People also stick conundrum to physical and emotional changes after spiritual awakenings.

Following are a few myths and explanations that can help you with the truth behind them: 

1. Does spiritual awakening mean enlightenment?

No, spiritual awakening does not mean enlightenment, and neither does it insure it. It is a spiritual journey that leads to life changes. Enlightenment is delineated as “nirvana” by Buddha. It means having supreme knowledge of self.

Nirvana or enlightenment helps to break the cycle of rebirth. On the other end of the spectrum, spiritual awakening means heightened awareness of self to discover nirvana.

2. Does spiritual awakening mean to leave your life, job, sit and meditate?

what is a spiritual awkening
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The living myth around spiritual awakenings sounds like leaving everything. It does not mean to quit your daily chores but to detach yourself. This life-changing experience doesn’t desire a person to disrupt their life.

If you are in the process of awakening, many people think leaving everything and going to the mountains to find peace is common. It is fallacious. It only demands more profound and conscious living. It means detaching your idea and belief from the materialistic world.

3. Does spiritual awakening means the end of all miseries in life?

Pain is inevitable but, suffering is optional.

One must realize spiritual awakening will not end your miseries. It changes your outlook towards it. When your inner world starts aligning with the divine, heightened awareness gives you more strength for all the hardships. It blesses you with inner peace.

Your physical body feels light and, you become more compassionate. Emotional changes take place, and an emotional meltdown happens.

4. Does spiritual awakening happen with selected ones?

Many assume it is uncommon but, you can find many people with spiritual awakening episodes. You can follow the spiritual path of the soul through meditation also. The spiritual journey has another connotation of increasing awareness about the self.

Heightened awareness infers to free your spirit from profound pain. Everyone might not have the same major, life-changing experience and, one can have many spiritual awakenings.

5 Stages You Go Through While Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual awakening unfolds in stages. You can be on any one of the following stages. Spiritual awakening stages are simply a short chronicle of what people majorly experience and few connected signs. 

Knowledge of spiritual awakening is foremost to access your development and maintain it during the path.

Below are five stages that are encountered by many. Everyone’s experience is unique and of different intensities.

1. The emptiness that stays with you

Spiritual awakening is a personalized experience. Each person’s soul awakens and, one undergoes a lifetime’s unique experience. It all starts with “emptiness.”

Person’s deep sense of disconnection, feeling lonely, and as if something is missing. It might make you sense unhappiness is dawning on you. With all luxuries and comforts, when you experience spiritual awakening, you feel misplaced in the world.

Many of us had or are going through this experience. This emptiness is often followed by a personal life crisis or a long period of grief. Well, it could appear in the middle of perfect life also. Spiritual awakening is “auto-tuning” inside you. You are and, we all are in the process of spiritual awakening.

This emptiness is defined differently by people it, imputes different signs like:

  1. Feeling dejected and disconnected from the outer world.
  2. You feel awakened and start struggling with your prime reason for existence.
  3. “I have everything. I am supposed to be happy.” But still, you may feel something is missing.
  4. “I feel I have lost something precious.”
  5. You want to know the truth and question Who am I? Am I more than this body? Why am I here?
  6. Sense of separation and feeling disconnected.

2. You Break Through The Delusionary World

It happens that a person starts breaking through the delusionary world to find the divine truth of spirituality. Your perceptive rotates 360 degrees when you realize life is no more of its previous version.

You will find helplessness everywhere. These afflicted feelings make you see the world from the glass of the soul.

Your feelings like deceived by things and, you desire more than materialistic objects. You find a surprising connection with nature and serenity inside you.

In this stage, you may experience:

  1. A special connection with nature.
  2. More than material things, you desire serenity.
  3. You may feel more than your identity and beyond your body.
  4. You begin spending time alone.
  5. You will become quieter and deep thinking stays with you.

3. You Start Questioning Your own Beliefs

what is a spiritual awkening
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With displacing outlooks, one moves to inner dimensions it creates feelings of emotional distress at times. Most of the conventions might fail badly. You can likewise question the reasons for such jolting episodes.

In this stage, you frequently ask questions like:

  1. Why am I feel lost?
  2. What exactly is this?
  3. I don’t know where to leap.
  4. Who can guide me?

Such questions bother you with experiences where you want to end this agony. It becomes a link to the next stage, where one curiously wants to know what’s happening inside.

4. An Urge To Find Answers And Magical Experiences.

Human curious nature is the root of many discoveries and, the same will lead to exploring your inner self. In this third stage, You will try to find answers for your disconnection.

This stage is launched by a compelling urge to connect to your inner world. It is a magical stage that can open up your gates to your true self and inner peace.

You can find a set of beliefs, a perfect master that can guide you through the process. In this stage, you are curious because your inner self is expanding. Your old conviction may subdue under a new emerging better self.

This stage unfolds in life-changing events like:

  1. Trying to expand your horizons through literature and experiences.
  2. You feel something that resides in you has deep attachments to the divine.
  3. Find someone who can help you through.
  4. Desperately searching for inner peace.

5. Realization of self 

Realization is a mystic path that brings in illuminating experiences. It doe not promise that you will achieve self-realization in the desired time. 

After you have gathered knowledge and followed your instinct, you can move a step ahead. In this stage, one uses experiences and, it is preferred to practice them under the guidance of a master or spiritual teacher.

Don’t feel lonely the entire universe is inside you 


The whole universe resides in us but, to know this world one needs spiritual teachers. A spiritual teacher can guide your progress and can also hold you from getting lost.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening? – Final Takeaways

Spiritual awakening is a divine, profound experience. It set your soul free from ego and heightens your awareness. You move from dark to light. Spiritual awakening is starting and, it ends with the enlightenment of the soul.

A spiritual awakening as said before, is a life-changing experience followed through a spiritual path. With awakening, you feel more connected to spirituality. You can find an inclination towards spirituality.

We hope our article has increased your awareness regarding what is a spiritual awakening. The article may have given you something to take away.

Q. What are the 5 stages of spiritual awakening?

  • Glimpsing Spirit: The Call to Adventure. …

  • Closer Examination: Choosing a Path. …

  • Seeking: Following the Path. …

  • Loss of Sight: Losing the Path. …

  • Seeing: Merging with the Path.

Q. What is the spiritual awakening in Hinduism?

  • Kundalini awakening- The experience of Kuṇḍalinī awakening can happen when one is either prepared or unprepared. According to Hindu tradition, in order to be able to integrate this spiritual energy, a period of careful purification and strengthening of the body and nervous system is usually required beforehand.

Q. What is awakened kundalini?

  • Kundalini awakening is a challenging psychophysical episode, usually arising from prolonged engagement with religious or spiritual practices. These include meditation, yoga, tantric sex, pranayama, and connected breathwork. However, entheogenic drugs, particularly LSD, can also be a trigger.

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