101 Powerful Health Affirmations

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Health affirmations are positive words to prompt yourself each day. Affirmation emanates from the word ‘affirm’ which, means to assert your consciousness that you are hale and hearty.

Affirmations are an assertive set of statements that shackles the deep-rooted negativity and devise it into a positive mindset.

These positive tittle-tattle are deliberate messages used to reset conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind guides your thoughts, actions, and even your mental and physical health.

Affirmations are highly effective if practiced appropriately. Health affirmations set the ground for better well-being and assist in the healing process.

Trust The Science Behind Affirmations And Its Functioning

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If you doubt the working of affirmations or feel we are talking about magic, then relax and follow the science behind health affirmations working. Positive affirmations for health are effective ways to boost overall health

Health affirmations are valuable in altering the mindset and creating a positive self-image. It helps in increasing receptivity towards health information. It also paves the way for behavioral changes.

Essentially it rearranges your thoughts and alters your mind. Yes, we are saying it remodels your brain’s wiring. It is possible because of neuroplasticity. It helps in restructuring, finding new pathways, and creating novel connections.

Positive affirmations for health helps in learning recovering from traumas and even helps in increasing your cognition capacities.

Self-affirmations are effective in improving problem-solving ability. Chronic stress can impair problem-solving ability. It is when persons are self-affirmed, they were able to comprehend problems better.

Affirmations works on eliminating self-doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts. It enhances our performance. It also lays grounds to understand that how self-affirmations work for students and improves academic performance.

Health Affirmations To Improve Your Mental Health

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“Mind is everything.What you think you become.”

~ Buddha

Your workplace is your mind and, better mental health means improved physical health. So here are mental health affirmations to speak to yourself every morning for sunnier days. Use positive affirmations to embrace change

  1. I am stronger than yesterday.
  2. This new day is the day I will achieve my goals.
  3. I will decide for myself today.
  4. What others think is not my business.
  5. I am the founder of my mental health.
  6. My thoughts are powerful and attract positive energy.
  7. I am stress-free and will enjoy every moment of the day.
  8. I can and will accomplish my today’s objects.
  9. I will not dwell in the past.
  10. I will trust the process and will be kind to my mind.
  11. Anger is not for me.
  12. Peace of mind is my right.
  13. I will not let the past steal my present-day’s peace.
  14. I will accept my past and had made peace with it.
  15. I am happy about everyone’s success.
  16. My thoughts didn’t control me.
  17. I have complete control over my thoughts.
  18. My thoughts are clear and lively today.
  19. My worries don’t bother me.
  20. Things that bother me are a task to complete.
  21. An incomplete task or job doesn’t define my capabilities.
  22. What was left yesterday this day is perfect to finish it.
  23. My confidence is my ornament.
  24. I am ready to take on challenges.
  25. My thoughts reflect my success.
  26. My ideas will lead to success.
  27. I allow myself to commit mistakes.
  28. I have learned from my yesterday’s mistakes.
  29. A new day means new beginnings.
  30. Mentally I am strong and fit.
  31. My fears are smaller than my belief.
  32. I will work for my better mental health.
  33. I am ready to face challenges.
  34. I know how to heal myself.
  35. I can find the solution to everything.
  36. I free myself from negative thoughts.
  37. I embrace my abilities and flaws as well.
  38. I speak my mind and will stand for what I believe.
  39. I have learned from yesterday will make my present-day beautiful.
  40. I am determined to be present at the moment.
  41. Serenity is what I want, deserve, and will achieve.
  42. Every moment makes me calm, composed, and stress-free.
  43. I will accept failure and work for accomplishment.
  44. My every action reflects the success I desire.
  45. I exhale self-doubt and inhale confidence.

 Health Affirmations To Improve Physical Health

health affirmations
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 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

                ~ Jin Rohn

There is an unimaginable connection between your body and the way your mind works. This relation is manifest through health affirmations where you can alter your beliefs and transform your physical body.

Here transformation intends to make you feel good and healthy in your own body. Positive affirmations for health are tools to shape your mind before shaping your body. Mind and body can help others to stay in perfect shape. Below are affirmations for good health.

  1. I am physically fit and agile.
  2. My body is perfect the way it looks.
  3. I love my body and will work to make it fit.
  4. My actions led towards perfect health and fitness.
  5. I feel radiant and vibrant today.
  6. My body is in perfect shape.
  7. My body is a bundle of perfect health and energy.
  8.  Every cell of my body exhibits immense energy.
  9. I am grateful to be alive and full of energy.
  10. My health is my priority.
  11. No matter what happens today, I will take time for my body, mind, and soul.
  12. I am confident my body is healthy, and my mind is at peace.
  13. With every second, my body is becoming healthier.
  14. My body is completely healthy in every manner.
  15. I will nourish my body with healthy foods and thoughts.
  16. Fitness is what I choose today.
  17. I am grateful for this resilient body.
  18. I respect my body and will take care of my body.
  19. Exercise will improve my body.
  20. I feel stronger than yesterday.
  21. My body is perfect and, I feel safe inside here.
  22. Each morning restores my energy.
  23. I will direct my actions towards fitness.
  24. I will feed my body with wholesome food and thoughts.
  25. My body is de-stressed and, I feel light and active.
  26. I am as vibrant as the sun today. I will shine today.
  27. I am healing from yesterday’s pain.
  28. I choose physical care as my today’s goal.
  29. With every breath, I am feeling more radiant and energetic.
  30. I am physically strong, active, and ready for the challenges of life.
  31. I am disease-free physically and mentally.

Health Affirmations To Improve Emotional Health

Emotional health is an essential element of your overall health. Remember being in charge of emotion means one controls emotional flashbacks of the past and free from future worries.

Emotions like love, hatred, fear, passion, and anger preside over actions. When any of these emotions surpasses their boundaries, we drench in overwhelming situations.

Mostly fear of the past or future consumes our thoughts. We also disburse our energy in anger. Extensively people find it difficult to forgive others and sometimes are harsh with themselves also.

emotional health
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If you are going through emotional turmoil, you can use affirmations.

  1. I am emotionally stable.
  2. I accept good vibes only.
  3. I am emotionally well built and in the process of healing.
  4. I will be empathetic to others and myself.
  5. I let go of all my worries and will embrace the day.
  6. Today I will care about my emotional well-being.
  7. I will face whatever challenges life will throw.
  8. I am not vulnerable. I can swim out through the emotional turmoil.
  9. It’s ok if I am not feeling ok today.
  10. Sadness is not a permanent state.
  11. I will not hide my emotions.
  12. I will speak if I am emotionally broken.
  13. I will not let others play with my emotions.
  14. I will not personalize remarks.
  15. I will recognize the reasons that create emotional disturbance.
  16. I am anxious and, I know how to control it.
  17. I will overcome all emotional fears.
  18. I am not afraid of anything.
  19. It’s Ok if I feel like crying.
  20. I expect nothing from anyone.
  21. I break my possessive ties with people and things.
  22. I am passionate about my emotional well-being.
  23. Happiness is what I choose for myself.
  24. My inner self knows how to heal.
  25. I love myself despite all my flaws.


Make your set of customized health affirmations.

We concede the same set of affirmations might not fit in different challenges. So it is better to make your own customized or more precise and targeted affirmations.

If you are anxious about your next deal, you can surely make and practice your affirmations for feeling confident.

1.I am mentally prepared for this.
2.I will seal this deal.
3.I trust my capabilities.
4.I have prepared the best proposal.
5.I am confident and will make it work.

Just like the above examples, you can always make your own more targeted affirmations. Read below to know how to write more effective affirmations that work wonders.


Tips To Write Effective Positive Affirmations For Health If You Are A Newbie

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1.Try to keep your positive affirmations for health short and crisp. It works better as these are easy to remember and can 2.practice it wherever you are.
Desire effective affirmations? Try to focus on present needs and be flexible with health affirmations.
3.Don’t store these affirmations. It is better to bring new with requirements and time. 4.Discard old ones and adopt new ones.
5.Repetition is the key. Repeat affirmations at least 3 to 4 times a day.
6.Pen down your affirmations. Writing down your affirmations is another way of practicing affirmations.
7.Use “I will” and “I can” in your affirmations like “I will achieve my goals.”

Health Affirmations In A Wrap

Health affirmations are positive statements use to empower your body, mind, and soul. Affirmations make your mind believe what you intend to plant in. The repetition helps in establishing positive thoughts and hence will guide your outlook and actions to desired outcomes.

Health affirmations also provide a different angle to self-integrity and self-image.

You must try out health affirmations to see and believe the science behind them.

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