Where Can You Find Acai Berries? Some Crazy Facts!

From pudding to cakes, Acai berries add a delicious flavor to already mouthwatering delicacies. The purple shade of Acai bowl1 with crunchy nuts and granola or Acai sauce with waffles is familiar in almost every café across the world. But, from where can you find Acai berries, the delicious deep purple, juicy fruit? In this article, let’s find out from where can you find Acai berries2!

What are Acai Berries?

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Harvested from Acai palm tree (Euterpe oleracea3), Acai berries are a grape-like fruit, about 1-2 centimeters in diameter, which like any other berry, contain fiber and antioxidants. The seed of the Acai berry constitutes about 80 percent of the fruit. Acai, pronounced as ah-sigh-ee, is a dark purple berry with a juicy pulp, eaten raw or added in different kinds of desserts.

Tasting like a blend between pomegranate and raspberries, Acai berries also have a distinct tinge of cocoa nibs. This taste makes Acai berries perfect for Acai ice-cream or Frozen Acai purée often mixed with frozen fruits.

Where can you find Acai Berries in the World?

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The Acai palm trees (Euterpe oleracea) are native to Central and South America and are grown extensively through the Amazon river delta as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

In these places, Acai berries have been a dietary staple for many centuries, Acai pulp is consumed as condiments with other proteins like meat and fish.

Where can you find Acai Berries Anywhere?

But, from where can you find Acai berries? It’s simple. Most grocery stores stock Acai purée in their frozen section. The Acai berries are also found in the forms of Acai powder or Acai berry juice.

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai berries have a number of health benefits associated with them, due to which these berries are also called super-food. The proponents claim that a variety of health concerns like arthritis, high cholesterol, and others are benefitted from Acai berries. Regardless of the fact that many of the health benefits of Acai berries have not been proven yet, they are a healthy and tasty fruit to include in your diet. Now that you know where can you find Acai berries, let’s find out in detail, their health benefits.

Are Nutrient-Dense

Being high in fat and low in sugar, Acai berries have a distinctive nutritional profile. According to a study, Acai berries are also high in minerals. However, the most notable health benefits of Acai berries are drawn from anthocyanins, giving Acai berries their distinctive dark purple color. Anthocyanins are also found in other purple foods such as black beans and blueberries which act as antioxidants in the body.

Loaded with Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidants are an important element for the body which help in lowering the risk of many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease which have no cure. Anti-oxidants are also used to neutralize the free radicals in the body which can damage cells and lead to a number of diseases like cancer.

Acai berries have an abundance of polyphenolic compounds and anthocyanin which act as antioxidants. Moreover, anthocyanin also lowers oxidative stress and inflammation, promoting brain health.

Improve Cholesterol Levels

Acai berries have been shown in animal tests to help reduce cholesterol levels by lowering total and LDL cholesterol. It is highly possible that these berries have a similar effect on humans. Granted that more research is needed in this field, it can be inferred that anthocyanin found in these berries also helps in improving the cholesterol levels in the body.

Have an Anti-Cancer Effect

Acai has been proven to have an anti-cancer effect both on mice and humans. Researchers have concluded that more research is needed in the field but these berries can help in the prevention of or lowering the effect of cancer in humans.

Boost Brain and Heart Function

The abundance of anthocyanin in Acai berries lowers oxidative stress and inflammation, aiding in the cognitive function of the brain. Along with the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, berries have also been proven to improve and enhance memory.

The antioxidants lowering oxidative stress is also related to boosting heart health. The fiber and heart-healthy fats in Acai lower HDL or good cholesterol and lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

Weight Loss?

While it is widely claimed that Acai berries aid in weight loss, there has not been much research into this field and no one can prove whether this claim is true.

Drawbacks of Acai Berries

Considering that these berries are so healthy and rich in various nutrients and anti-oxidants, they do not have many drawbacks. Firstly, not much research has been gone into the health benefits of Acai berries. No research has been done to ascertain whether these berries are safe for pregnant women. Secondly, they have a high amount of sugar which might not be ideal for many.

Eating Acai Berries

Acai is available in a lot of forms like dried, frozen, Acai juice, powder, Acai fruit pulp, or tablet. This is because these berries have a short shelf life. Either you can purchase Acai juices or smoothies, make Acai bowls or add Acai powder to oats, cereals, or homemade granola bars.

Home-made Recipe ideas with Acai Berries

Some recipes with Acai berries are as follows-

Waffles with Acai sauce

Crunchy and soft, waffles with flavourful Acai sauce made from fresh Acai berries, agave nectar, and Acai powder would make for the best brunch ever.

Chocolate-Acai cups

A blend of chocolate, peanut butter, and Acai makes for an amazing combination in chocolate-Acai cups, your perfect dessert.

Layered Acai-Chia Pudding

The layered Acai-Chia pudding looks really pretty to eat. The seeds, soaked overnight in almond milk, Acai powder, and maple syrup make them too delicious.

Acai Bowl

To prepare an Acai bowl, build a smoothie-like base for toppings by combining unsweetened frozen purée with water or milk. Toppings might include sliced fruit or berries, toasted coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, or chia seeds.

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Parting Thoughts

Acai berries, found in grocery stores across the country are really good for health, all thanks to a large number of antioxidants in the berries. However, you should also keep in mind that you are not taking excessive amounts of Acai. To do this, ensure what you are taking as dietary supplements. Now, that you know the answer to the question of where can you find Acai berries, what are you waiting for? Add them to your diet today!

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