What side should you sleep on? 11 best positions to try out

Are you tired of blaming the mattress for not being able to sleep properly1? Have you thought about your sleeping positions or their benefits? Have you considered them as the reason for not having a proper nighttime sleep? Ever asked yourself what side should you sleep on?

That’s right. Your sleeping position can matter a lot in this case.

Every sleep positions matter and have its advantages and disadvantages. A correct sleeping position can land you perfect dreamy, good night’s sleep.

Sleep position

What is sleep position? A sleeping position is the configuration of the body2 that they make while they sleep or before sleeping. What side should you sleep on directly affects your body posture and can create health problems if not taken care of?

Is your sleeping position and personality-related?

Yes, it is believed that sleeping positions and your personality are related.

Unbelievably, your sleeping positions can speak about your personality. It’s not surprising that the average human spends a third of his life sleeping. It is tough to change your personality. But, what you can change is the way you sleep and get yourself the right pillow that could help you maintain the correct sleeping posture3.

When it involves sleeping positions, the one sleeping position that you tend to favor at night says a lot of stuff about you than you will notice. This means that whatever sleeping position we choose answers the most intimate question of what we feel comfy in and what’s comforting to us.

During this period, we are more likely to snooze on some things. We do these in the state of unconsciousness, creating it and associating it with the honest expression of our innermost selves.

How many types of sleeping positions are there?

There are various sleeping positions to know about. Here are some of them: Spooning, Yearner, Log, Fetal, Side Sleeping, Starfish, Soldier, Back Sleeping, Freefall, and Sleeping on your belly. So, if you are not bad at math, there are 10 sleeping positions to name moving further we will also discuss what side should you sleep on ?.

What side do you sleep on
Photo by Zohre Nemati/Unsplash

Sleep and the way you sleep matter. Are you an “Eternal Snuggler” or “The Reacher”? If you don’t know, that’s fine. Here I am to tell you which type of side sleeper4 you are

So, brew a cup of your favorite tea and send a good night text to your loved one and put on your glasses if you have one, and keep reading. Here is a list of what side you should sleep on and their benefits. These benefits will amaze you!

Best sleeping position

“The best sleeping positions?” are the most frequently asked questions on the internet, and with this question, other questions that come around are” what side should you sleep on”, “What’s causes insomnia?” and “Does sleeping position matter?”.

Let me tell you that there isn’t a perfect answer to your questions. There are many reasons why you might be asking yourself these questions and always think of the best position to sleep in. It is always what makes you feel comfortable. Maybe it’s your work schedule hindering you. Maybe it’s your routine.

An ideal sleeping position will cause you to feel more physically strong by supporting your spine and keeping your body in alignment5. If a brand-new sleeping position assists you get to sleep quicker and staying asleep, you’ll be ready to gain the advantages of a decent night’s sleep.

Sleep reduces stress, increases mental clarity, boosts your energy levels, and helps you maintain a balanced, robust immune system.

Sleeping positions

1. Fetal Position

what side you should sleep on
Photo by Travis Rigel Lukas Hornung / Flickr.

As the name goes by, Fetal Position refers to mimicking the fetal position of the fetus6 in the womb. Do you lie on your side and bring your knees up to your chest? Yes, then you are sleeping in this position.

This body position is the most comfortable out there. It is often considered the

best and most comfortable position to sleep in.

Like the name, it can imply many things such as introversion, sensitivity and shyness, and a desire to protect oneself. They are known to be tough on the outside but kind-hearted on the inside, and people prefer this position as they grow older

2. Prayer Position

What side you sleep on
Photo by Dmitriy Ganin/ Pexels.

Do you pray a lot? Do you? If you sleep on your side by placing your hands together, then it is called the prayer position.

A prayer position while sleeping keeps your fingers warm, and also sleeping in this way brings your arms over your chest, thus protecting your vital organs against the mattress.

3. Eternal Snuggler

What side you should sleep on
Photo by: Hillary Hartley/ Flickr.

Do you need extra support and can’t find anyone around you except your pillow and blanket? Is it? So, you made a habit of snuggling your pillow? Then you are an eternal snuggler.

Anyone can be an eternal snuggler. You wake every day in this position and will not realize it. You tend to grab pillows and hug them close to your stomach.

4. The Log

What side you should sleep on
Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

Have you seen a log? Straight and stiff. You rest on your side; you extend your legs and place your arms in place.

This sleeping position is the second most popular position among sleepers. This position tells you that you are a pleasant and easygoing person.

5. Back Position: Soldier

You sleep with your arms down and close to your body in this position.

Research suggests that if you are more reserved you tend to sleep in this position. Some research suggests you may be more likely to be quiet and keep to yourself. You tend to expect great things and many things from yourself and others around your circle.

6. The Reacher

what side you should sleep on
Photo by Monstera/ Pexels.

This is a typical position where you stretch your arms away from their bodies while sleeping on your side.

Are you open to new things? People who are open to new things tend to prefer this sleep position.

7. Belly Sleeping position.

What side you should sleep on
Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Do you sleep on your tummy? Don’t worry. It’s a common sleep position. People who sleep on their tummy are known as stomach sleepers. If so, then it is also known as stomach sleeping. Well, do you have problems sleeping? Then you may have serious problems coming up in the future.

If you are restless, you can toss yourself and sleep on your belly. This sleeping position can strain your neck and cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. If this is how you are habituated to sleep, then we recommend you use an exceptionally soft pillow to make your shoulders and neck comfortable.

8. Back sleeping position

what side you should sleep on
Photo by MILAN GAZIEV on Unsplash

Sleeping on your back can cause lower back pain. Sleeping on the back has caused lower back pain in most people. Lower back pain can worsen if you sleep on your back. If you have a habit of loud snoring or sleep apnea, it can worsen those into more significant problems.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder where you start and stop breathing repeatedly.

If you are facing any of these above issues, especially sleep apnea and sleeping on your back, we suggest you consider a doctor, and they might help you out with it.

 9. Sleep on your left side.

what side you should sleep on
Photo by Vlada Karpovich/ Pexels.

Well, it turns out that sleeping on your left side is quite advantageous. If you have suffered from heartburn, this is the best side sleeping position out.

Side sleepers, here is the good news, according to the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, it is found that side sleepers or those sleeping on the left side are likely to suffer least from heartburn problems and can also increase the blood flow to the heart. Gastroesophageal reflux disease 7(GERD) affects many people and can avoid and improve the quality of your sleep by just sleeping on your left side. It helps by reducing acid reflux and heartburn episodes. Whoo, Sleep on your left side.

If you are suffering from acid reflux or heartburn at night and impacting your sleep quality, consider sleeping on your left side. Sleeping on the left side is necessary if you are looking to minimize acid reflux or heartburn episodes. You can always hit the net and search for an acid reflux pillow, which keeps you in the best sleeping position and minimizes acid reflux throughout the night.

9(a) – Side Position: Spooning

What side you should sleep on
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk/ Pexels.

This sleeping position is most used or seen in couples. In this sleeping position, you move your body close to your partner and put your arm around them. This sleeping position appears to be in the shape of a spoon.

With your body close to your loved one, you would wake up more often to just get a glimpse of them, and then comes the good part, cuddling. This makes your brain release a super happy chemical called oxytocin. This chemical can help lower your stress and help you bond to your partner quickly. This chemical can also get you to sleep faster.

9(b) –  Side Position: Yearner

what side you should sleep on
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

This sleeping position is often seen in about thirteen percent of people; these people sleep in this side position. They get their arms out in front of their bodies in this position. If you are in a sleeping position, then studies say that you may be open-minded, suspicious, and stubborn. Isn’t it true?

If You’re A Pregnant Woman

What side you should sleep on
Photo by Yan Krukov/ Pexels.

Many women find themselves questioning, Which is the best sleeping position once they are pregnant. Sleep problems are common throughout gestation, particularly within the trimester. Finding a comfy sleeping position is often difficult. Some pregnant people may worry about which body positions would affect their health or that of the baby.

If you are a pregnant woman, it is recommended to sleep on your left side. It’s more comfortable, and it’s healthier for you and your baby if you sleep on your left side. It is observed that sleeping on your left side may get better blood flow and the essential nutrients for the baby.

If you are experiencing back pain, you could put a soft pillow under your belly to support the weight. It could also help relax your knees by bending them when you put on a soft pillow.

If You Snore

What side should you sleep on
Photo by Kampus Production / Pexels.

Stop snoring! This is irritating when someone tells you often while you start falling asleep. Worry not. We have just the correct sleeping position that could help you keep the noise level down at night.

Snoring is defined as a harsh sound. This harsh sound occurs when air travels past tissues relaxed in your throat. As a result, the tissues vibrate when you breathe. Most people snore, but certain people snore due to chronic problems, indicating a serious health condition.

If you think snoring is normal at nighttime, let us remind you that it is not normal. It might get worse as you age.

Side sleeping is just the best position for you to sleep. If you wish to sleep on your back, no worries. Stacking up a few pillows may help. We recommend you see your doctor if you feel tired or snoring if you happen to grasp for breath the next day. You should also see a doctor if it wakes your partner up.

Loud snoring could be a sign that you have sleep apnea. This could lead to stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, or even worse.

What About Your Mattress?

What side you should sleep on
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A supportive mattress that works with your sleep vogue and body build will facilitate several problems. The mattress should be firm enough to support your back and sleep position. However, it should be soft enough to suit your body.

If set right, it is simple to work out. Some stores can allow you to look at a mattress for many weeks and alter it if it doesn’t work for you.

If You Have Back Pain

What side you should sleep on
Photo by Cottonbro/ Pexels.

Side sleeping wins for this, too. To require a lot of pressure off your hips and back, you’ll place a pillow between your legs. If you’re a back sleeper, you would possibly place one beneath your knees to stay the natural curve of your back.

Some Sides May Be Ideal for Some People

It’s recommended to sleep on your back for the best health. Sleeping on your back could be the ideal side to sleep on. Sleeping on your back helps and allows your body to rest in a neutral position. This may help with lower back pain management and also may minimize the episodes of acid reflux. One can also sleep in a neutral position to avoid such episodes.

According to some research and studies, sleeping on your back has been advantageous in terms of acid reflux episodes, and heartburn symptoms have been reduced. It would be best to start sleeping in this position for the best health, which one should always look out for.

Think Twice about which side you sleep

It is necessary to think twice, sleep position affects, and it matters. Usually, people prefer sleeping on their stomach or their tummy. This sleeping position leads to neck, joint, and lower back pain and can worsen with time. The wrong position can stress and tire you out.

Wrapping Up: Sleeping Position

The best sleeping position can help get rid of trouble falling asleep and help in increasing brain health, relieving pressure, and maintaining your sleep posture. Good sleeping posture helps in comfortable sleeping and helps you ease the pressure points.

For those questioning the most straightforward sleeping position, the solution is that it depends. It’s arduous to pinpoint the simplest sleeping position. You would attempt to switch out your sleeping position weekly and record how you are feeling every morning—stick with the sleeping position you find the simplest mentally and physically. If you can’t notice a snug sleeping position, it’d be one of the signs you would like a brand-new pad.

With that being previously mentioned, sleeping on your back seems ideal for many folks, followed by your left aspect, then your right one. Simply try and avoid sleeping on your abdomen if you can, as this may place needless pressure on your limbs, joints, and spine.

If you’re trying to find a technological aid to assist you in tracking the standard of your sleep, look no more, you’ll be able to track your sleep progress and find an in-depth analysis of your sleep quality. This may assist you in definitively confirming the simplest sleeping position for your desires.

Have you ever wondered what the effects of not sleeping for seven days straight are?

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