What is Tantric Massage? Unlocking Your Inner Potential!

Tantric massage is a sensual, immersive experience that tries to use the body’s sexual energy for relaxation and healing in practically all aspects of life. It combines breathing methods, genital stimulation, and full-body massage to achieve total relaxation of the mind and body and to transport you to a state of pleasure. It will make you feel happier and more confident in your daily life and inspire you to express your sexual self healthily.

Tantra and tantric massage are sometimes misunderstood as sexual services. So, what is a tantric massage? While the experience is sensual and exciting, it tries to employ the body’s sexual energy to promote healing and health in all aspects of life rather than just providing pleasure. Tantric massage is one of the most effective techniques to harness sexual energy to become more calm, confident, and sexually and emotionally self-aware.

Tantric massage is a kind of sensual massage or bodywork based on tantric concepts – an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Central and Southeast Asia. As practised in the West today, Tantric massage entails rubbing and stimulating the whole body, with a special emphasis on sensitive parts such as the penis and vulva.

Tantra massage is commonly referred to simply as an erotic massage, although it also includes breathwork, meditation, and awareness and is not always sexual.

Tantric massage also includes a spiritual and energetic component, in which the practitioner or provider assists the recipient in moving their energy throughout the body to facilitate inner healing. Tantric massage provides many benefits for both your physical and mental well-being and the potential to improve your sex life.

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History and Origins

Tantra has been practiced for over 9,000 years, although it was only recently transformed into a massage method. It started as a sort of meditation in the Vedic tradition in the East, allowing the practitioner to acquire greater levels of spirituality.

Tantric massage is an ancient spiritual practice that employs manual treatment to induce relaxation and pleasure in the mind and body to attain a comparable level of self-awareness and consciousness. In the 1980s, Germany was the first to create tantric massage. Later, Joseph Kramer and renowned American sex educator Annie Sprinkle invented the Lingam (phallus) and Yoni (vulva/vagina) massages.

Tantric massage is separated into two parts: giving and receiving. In tantric sex and tantric massage, these roles are pretty rigorous — the receiver must entirely yield to the giver’s pleasure. In this manner, individuals are free to enjoy the massage without worrying about reciprocating, allowing them to focus on enhancing their sensuality.

What Characterizes It as ‘Tantric’?

Tantric massage
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Tantra is a method that enables two individuals to release and completely feel the deep, sexual power of both their bodies. It has been practiced for thousands of years.

It means energetic expansion and weaving, and it focuses on harnessing sexual energy to create a higher awareness via meditation, yoga, and breathing methods. Tantric sex urges individuals to respect one other and their lovemaking with reverence, and it encourages them to worship their partners as deities.

The mind is most calm during orgasm, which is the aim of most meditation.

tantric masage
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Tantric sex is a method for increasing staying power that you may have heard about. Tantric sex is a near-religious experience for many individuals. It weaves their spirituality with their body’s energy and allows them to be present in each moment as it unfolds.

The fact is that the lengthy lovemaking that occurs due to tantric sex is only a nice side effect of the primary ritual. You will begin to experience this level of transcendence if you can stay aroused for more than 30 minutes. This mood is transient during conventional intercourse and only occurs after climax. This condition is maintained during tantric sex. A tantric massage can help you achieve and maintain this condition.

Tantric massage combines tantric and massage methods to produce an experience that is not about sexuality but rather about relaxing and calming the mind and body while producing an exciting and sensual experience similar to tantra.

It increases confidence and well-being by unlocking sexual potential and emotional obstacles. While the massage is not about sexuality, it will assist you in harnessing and carefully controlling the enormous force of your orgasm, enabling you to utilize that power in other areas of your life.

Tantric sex assists your body in relaxing so that your sexual energy may flow freely. Tantric massage combines body-to-body massage with breathing methods to relax the mind and body thoroughly, allowing sexual energy to flow freely.

Tantric Massage’s Evolution Over Time

The tantric massage took on new dimensions as it moved from East to West. It is mainly employed as a meditation method in the East, but it is also used for medicinal purposes in the West. Healing from trauma, assisting with anxiety or self-esteem difficulties, and even embracing sexuality and increasing our sex life are all possibilities. Learning to accept one’s sexuality is very beneficial for males. Tantric massage may also help women since it allows them to relax and enjoy themselves without feeling obligated to perform.

Benefits to Health and Well-Being

A tantric massage has several health advantages; besides the relaxation that a general massage provides, you will notice an improvement in your sexual confidence. Premature ejaculation, for example, may be immensely facilitated by this form of massage, and with repeated sessions, your confidence and prowess will explode.

The breathing methods you’ll learn will help you better regulate your orgasm and boost the sensuality and intensity of your lovemaking.

Tantric massage is extremely beneficial and will help you better understand yourself. This means you’ll be more equipped to deal with emotional and self-esteem difficulties, often at the foundation of sexual dysfunction.

You will also notice that you sleep better and more deeply, assisting your body in healing itself even after the massage has worn off. If you have stress difficulties, tantric massage may assist with that as well, making you feel much more calm and confident in between sessions.

In addition to these advantages, tantric massage may help with pain reduction, alleviating those pesky aches and pains. It may also help strengthen your immune system, making you more resistant to colds and other infections.

A tantric massage may increase your confidence both in and out of the bedroom and be wonderfully relaxing. It might assist you in reconnecting with your emotions and your spirituality. If you attain climax during your massage, this has its own advantages, producing feel-good chemicals that will keep you energized for hours after the session is over.

What can you expect from a tantric massage?

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Depending on the venue, what tantra massage is offered in a massage studio or spa center will vary substantially. To begin with, you’re not normally dressed, according to Ulrik Adinatha, one of the founders of the Tantra Temple in Denmark.

You’re first given a warm oil massage all over your body. The massage and touch work to activate and disseminate your sensual energy throughout your whole body. Although not all tantric massages involve the recipient’s genitals, it is a phenomenon that can have some pretty remarkable outcomes.

Adinatha emphasizes that you will always be asked whether you are ready for this message section ahead of time. If you are ready and comfortable, the masseur will massage and touch the inner portion of your yoni [vulva/vagina] with their fingers in a caring and courteous manner. According to Adinatha, this enables you to receive loving, healing, and respectful contact without giving anything back, doing anything in return, or responding in a certain way.

What are the advantages?

According to Maimon, there are several advantages to this technique. These may include the following:

  • Health and vigor are improved.
  • Treatment for men and women with common sexual dysfunctions
  • Emotions that have been blocked (or trapped) are released.
  • Ignition of a spiritual awakening and revelation Cultivation of happiness and pleasure
  • Increased orgasmic and pleasurable potential
  • Relaxation is promoted by clearing the mind and reducing tension.

Notes of importance

It’s critical to select a tantric practitioner that follows the tantric principles since some go their own way and may not be what you’re looking for. According to Maimon, an excellent and well-trained therapist may and should provide three basic components.

According to Maimon, a professional practitioner should have a thorough grasp of energy — how to feel it, how to regulate it, where they want the energy to go, and how to get it there. Even while giving a tantric massage so pleasant that your partner transcends their physical body seems frightening. But in reality, it’s very simple and easy.

Orgasm should not be the main purpose, while it is a great and liberating by-product, according to Maimon. Tantra massage should first and foremost be a therapeutic and restorative therapy for clearing blockages and boosting the spirit. This implies that your sexual energy is saved rather than squandered and that it is put to better use.

While tantric massage may not be for everyone, it does have a following and has shown to be helpful to many people. A tantra massage is not therapy, Adinatha explains, but it is deeply therapeutic for all types of inner blockages and past traumas, providing new energy and fresh perspective.

What happens in a Tantric Massage Session

Each tantric massage expert has their unique style and approach to the art of tantric massage. Their sessions may be customized to meet the requirements and interests of their clients. Therapists do, however, have a standard procedure that they follow in most sessions. This will be evident in both the general framework of the sessions and many of the specifics. A description of what occurs in a typical tantric massage session is below.

The massage therapist begins with a brief discussion. You get the chance to ask any questions you have about tantra, what to anticipate, and so forth. They would want to get a sense of your circumstances and what would be useful to you in terms of our collaboration. Therapists spend some time getting to know one another.

Then they will spend some time practicing tantric breathing methods. Breathing is a technique for relaxing and recharging the body. Breathing deeply and experiencing the breath in your body allows you to feel more connected to your body and more aware of how it is feeling at any given time. During the massage, you will learn how to utilize breathing to improve your experience.

A little greeting ceremony may be the next step

They will respect and welcome you to the tantra massage session in this manner. This is a standing ritual. Much of the routine consists of them simply touching your whole body. This also establishes the first physical link between you and the therapist.

They may agree to undertake a ritual for opening the senses instead of the tantric breathing and welcoming ritual if you are already acquainted with tantric breathing methods, or it seems to be the best alternative otherwise.

However, this will need to be agreed upon when scheduling the session. You will be blinded throughout the process. Closing off the sense of sight, which is generally quite dominating compared to other senses, allows all of our other senses to become more alive. You may go much further into the sensual sensations of touch and taste. This also leads to a sense of being in the present moment and a more inner sense of being in your body.

Then the giver helps you lay down face down on the massage table. The massage combines soft, calming, and sensual massage techniques. You may open up to a greater sensation of pleasure and sexual energy throughout your body and natural healing via relaxation.

Yoni massage.

Yoni massage is a sexual tantra technique that involves rubbing the vaginal area, which is referred to as yoni in Sanskrit and roughly translates to “a holy sanctuary.” Yoni massage allows you to calmly and sensually explore your body.

It may enable individuals who usually feel completed after one orgasm to experience numerous orgasms, and it’s beneficial for those who have never had an orgasm before. Because the method and technique are all about giving—making the vagina owner feel loved, adored, worshipped, and honored—it may also be incredibly healing for people who have experienced sexual trauma in the past.

The vulva is honored and pampered during a yoni massage. It may be performed alone or with a partner, as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a sexual session that includes other sexual activities such as oral sex and intercourse. It’s not about having one orgasm when you have a Yoni massage. It’s all about attempting to experience more and more pleasure as the massage progresses, which will turn into waves of many orgasms.

What is a lingam massage?

Multiple orgasms aren’t only for clitorises anymore! A tantric sex technique that focuses on rubbing the penis is a lingam massage. Unlike your usual hand massage, the lingam massage includes rubbing and stroking the penis and more sophisticated methods such as massaging and stroking the testicles, perineum, and prostate.

It’s not about having one orgasm and then being done with the lingam massage. Instead, it’s about attempting to experience more and more pleasure as the massage progresses, resulting in waves of several orgasms.

How does it work?

The Sanskrit term for the penis is a lingam, which roughly translates to the wand of light. In Tantra philosophy, the same way we approach the yoni or vagina, we approach the lingam with the deepest love and reverence.

When you fill your partner’s wand of light with joy, you are filled with the same energy or light in a conscious exchange of energy in giving and receiving pleasure. Learning to love and not be scared of the penis is vital for holy sexuality. Many of the ladies I deal with are still hesitant to handle a man’s penis. Take some time to consider any flawed perceptions you may have acquired from your parents or culture if this is the case for you.

Lingam massage is a kind of massage that respects the penis and the people who possess it. We do it to make them happy.

In a person’s penis, there is a large amount of sexual energy or chi, and understanding how to activate and circulate it is quite beneficial. When I first traveled to India to study tantra and yoga, I was taken aback by the sculptures of the Shiva lingam, which symbolized the God Shiva. For the most part, it denotes a state of meditation.

However, this had a hidden significance for ancient tantra practitioners: this potent God energy was in the penis, which was supposed to hold the most male essence concentrated in one area. Consider it this way: sacred sex is about treating your partner’s body like a shrine and their penis as the holiest of all places.

The objective is to develop your awareness of sexual pleasure and your body and awaken your sexual energy and deepen your closeness with your partner.

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