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Tantric Massage: 8 Best Lesser Known Benefits

This post is a guide to the concept of “tantric massage” and how you can practice it to have a better sex life. Read on.

It is not unusual for most people to follow the same routine for sex. It’s like going by the books all this time. But what if there was a way to make you feel better about yourself and your partner and have a whole new intimate experience?

Sometimes it is important to break free from general notions, even when it comes to sexual pleasure and techniques. Because this could introduce you to a whole new world of sexual energy and unique feelings you never thought you would ever feel.

Sounds interesting yet? Well, hold your horses because this is just the beginning. Now that I have told you, there might be a way to learn new moves and have new experiences; you must wonder what it is, right?

Well, the one way to break free from all the rules and physical boundaries is to be open to exploring the world of  “Tantric massage.”

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is most popularly known as erotic massage; however, it is more than eroticism. It is a way to connect with your partner better, physically and spiritually. It is just another body massage style with different techniques based on the principles of ancient tantra.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice with its roots in Southeast and Central Asia. And now, this ancient therapy is used for the well-being of one’s sexual life with a modern twist. Unlike traditional massage, this massage focuses on the tantric essence of energy to remove blockages in all forms; physical, emotional, and even sexual.

One might think that this sacred practice only aims toward sexual pleasure and orgasms, but this aspect is just one beautiful benefit of the procedure.

The aim is to awaken your body and rejuvenate it so you feel better from the inside. It is not necessarily sexual, as it involves elements like meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork.

What is Tantric Massage Good For?

Like other massages, tantric massage also involves massaging the full body with warm oil but focusing on sacred spots like the vulva or the penis. That is why it is also referred to as a genital massage or sensual massage.

Tantric massage incorporates a spiritual essence, wherein the massage giver helps move the receiver’s energy through the whole body to promote deep relaxation and inner healing. When this massage is skillfully done, it has the power to touch the deepest layers of emotions and bring about spiritual healing.

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What Happens in a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a deeply satisfying experience, as it arouses sexual energy in the receiver, and the energy then spreads throughout the body. But what exactly happens when you are getting a tantric massage depends on the massage center you go to.

This massage offers sensation and pleasure at every moment, as the receiver completely gives in to the relaxation. Each massage practitioner has their approach and style to tantric massage. And depending upon the needs of the clients, there is a different tantric session with tailored structures.

Throughout the tantric massage experience, one might experience different emotions and surely have different reactions, but every response is accepted. You do not need to feel any baggage, as you are here to let it all out.

Throughout the sessions, you can even ask questions if you have any.


Not all tantric massages include mind-blowing orgasms or massaging the erogenous zones. The tantric approach is all about awakening all your other senses as well. So, you will always be asked first whether or not you are ready for the other part of the massage.

There isn’t much of a big difference between tantric massage and traditional massages; however, there are specific types of tantric massage that you can perform by yourself or with a partner. Let us check out the different types:

Types of Tantra Massage or Erotic Massage

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1. Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is one type of tantric massage therapy that is focused on male genitals and pleasure. A huge part of sacred sexuality is learning to love your whole body, and this massage focuses on that approach.

This massage focuses on honoring the male genitals with pleasure as the genital touch spreads through the whole body. Massaging the entire intimate area with both gentle and deeper strokes gives new experiences of pleasure.

If one is comfortable, they can also get massaged over their sacred spot: the prostate. Massaging of the pubic bone or prostate massage also opens new wonders.

Note: If you are interested in the step-by-step guide on how to give a lingam massage, click here.

2. Yoni Massage

Like Lingam massage, Yoni massage focuses on pleasuring the women’s genitals, that is, the vulva.

Yoni massage is the other type of tantric massage, where the whole process is focused on honoring the vulva. This message is all about your tense body feeling relaxed and about you feeling more comfortable and owing to your body.

This massage is essential as it treats the sacred space of a woman’s body with respect and honor, and you need to have a better understanding of what makes you feel good. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is all a part of who you are.

This massage allows you to explore your body in a way you may never have before. And the best part about this massage is that it adds benefits to your body’s health if you have experienced any past sexual trauma or sexual assault.

Note: Here’s a full guide to Yoni Massage by tantric sex educator Psalm Isadora.

3. Tantric Breast Massage

Breasts can be very sensitive for some women, so this massage is a very special one for the love and comfort of the breasts. Massaging the breasts makes them firmer, contributes to breast health, and helps maintain the balance of hormones in the body.

It is also a great way for men to develop better intimacy with their partners. When done rightly with moderate pressure, there will be no pain, and you will feel comfortable. It is for women to enjoy, relax, and nothing else.

Note: A woman can also have an orgasm with a tantric breast massage. For men, make sure you massage your partner’s body with essential oils first to avoid any discomfort.

These are the three primary types of tantric massage; you can add a few tantra techniques if you would like to try them for yourself. Click here

Major Benefits of Tantric Massage

I believe by now, you know that tantric massage offers a safe space to explore your sexual pleasures and desires. But along with that, it also has many other benefits.

Tantra massage doesn’t just allow you to find a deeper connection or intimacy with your partner on a personal level, but it does more than that. So, let us check out the other many benefits it has:

1. Tantra massage involves health and healing

Tantric massage therapy teaches your body how to exercise sexual energy as healing energy. It activates particular points of release and healing by employing specific cleansing methods. Once you feel spiritually healed, it automatically heals your emotional health.

As a result of this, many chronic health issues can be approached.

2. Tantra massage helps awaken the spirit

Tantric massage therapy is well-known for the wonders it does spiritually and mentally. It serves a great purpose in awakening people’s higher spirits.

It excites a natural curiosity in people’s minds and helps them gain a deeper perspective of their own selves. When the massage is offered, it touches the soul deeply and awakens the spirit.

This technique mixes modern techniques and ancient tantra principles, and thus, it takes you beyond your expectations.

3. Tantra massage eliminates all blockages

People generally live their life with excessive baggage of different things, and this baggage cause blockages that we are always quite unsure about from where it originates. These are not physical obstacles but emotional ones.

Tantra therapy can help sense these blockages and eliminate them harmoniously so that you are left with a sense of relief and freedom by the end.

4. Tantra massages help reduce sexual dysfunctionality

Sexual dysfunctionality can present itself in different ways, like premature ejaculation, low libido, or incompetence, for that matter. And all these issues can be an obstacle to your sex life.

However, tantric massages can help reduce the instances of sexual dysfunctions, as it allows the full potential of sexual energy to pass throughout your body.

5. Tantra massage helps enhance your relationship

When the blockages are removed, you feel a sense of freedom and fulfillment. There is also a free flow of sexual energy; this could eventually help physically enhance your relationship.

Once you are introduced to tantric massage, you are past restrictive mindsets, fear, or embarrassment barriers. Now, this could allow you to be more open in your relationship.

6. Tantra massage improves physical health

You know that like other massages, tantric massage also begins with a full body massage, and there are general benefits to this like:

  • Relaxes a tense body
  • Reduce pain
  • Drain away body toxins
  • Ease aches in muscles and connective tissues

When a massage covers all these aspects of your body issue, it will greatly impact your overall physical health.

7. Tantric massage helps improve your confidence

Some people face certain difficulties when it comes to expressing themselves sexually. And for these people, regular tantric massages can be of great help. As tantric massages also help reduce or eliminate sexual dysfunctions, it eventually improves your performance confidence.

And it is said that “confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in all aspects of your lives.” Tantric massages can genuinely boost your self-esteem, and self-esteem is a very important part of life.

8. Tantric massage improves your mental health

Tantric massage is all about gentle touch, and touch can be a great anxiety reliever. From massages to hugs, anything can work, even on the most anxious person.

By the physical touch of a person, the levels of certain hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are released. These are pleasure and happiness hormones, and once they are released, they take care of your mental health.

Tantric massage can be a great way of de-stressing yourself, and it helps with your emotional well-being, as believed by tantric massage experts.

How to Give a Tantric Massage?

Once you have received a tantric massage, you can give one yourself if you wish, perhaps to your partner.

But, before giving out a tantric massage, one must be aware of exactly what the tantric principles are in general. Because knowing the principles will ensure that you’re heading in the right way on the energy work.

There are a few essential elements to a tantric massage, according to tantric massage expert Genevieve Duarte, and these are as follows:

  1. It is important for the recipient to feel pleasure without having the feeling of being compelled to reciprocate.
  2. The giver needs to be willing to offer pleasure to the receiver without expecting anything in return.
  3. The giver must learn to read the receiver’s body language and avoid anything uncomfortable.
  4. For both the giver and receiver, it is important to completely give in to the process and forget about time.
  5. Each of the involved partners needs to have the same desire to please the other.
  6. And the most important is to keep an eye on personal hygiene throughout the process.

Bottom Line

Tantric massage is an excellent gift for men and women alike because this ancient tantra has a modern approach to achieving goals. You can experience remarkable transformations, both internally and externally, after the tantric sessions.

We have already mentioned the added benefits, so you know how and where it can help you. This technique takes experience, time, and open-mindedness because not everyone is so upfront about their sexual drive.

This massage technique is all about embracing and celebrating the parts of your body which you usually won’t talk about. It brings a shared experience of pleasure for you and your partner.

Even if not for sexual reasons, you can still get a tantric massage as it helps relax your body completely.

This is all we have for you. Let us know your thoughts. Feel free to talk. And embrace your body wholeheartedly!

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