Waist Beads : Top 5 Incredible Facts To Know

Many people wear waist beads for fashion. However, they do not know that their fashion is turning out to be beneficial for their health.

This fashionable body jewelry has several benefits. However, many people are unaware of the best health benefits, uses, origin, and history of an accessory that has been used for an exceedingly long time.

Waist Beads: Top 5 Incredible Facts

This article will highlight some of the lesser-known benefits and uses of waist beads. It will also throw light on the history and the best reasons to wear this accessory around the waist.

Waist Beads
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1. What Are Waist Beads?

Waist beads are a traditional accessory that originated in Africa. They consist of glass beads which vary in size.

The glass beads are placed on a string or wire which is worn on the waist. This is why they are called ‘waist beads.’ This beautiful accessory is seen as a sign of supremacy and is generally worn by women.

Different colors, styles, and shapes make women worldwide attracted to this accessory. There are several different ways in which they are designed.

Many famous waist bead companies also hire special designers to create them. This is why this accessory not only looks pretty but also is a flourishing field of business and an easy and fast way of earning money.

The next section will throw light on the interesting origin and history of waist beads.

2. Origin And History

Waist beads were first created in Africa. They have been used by many African women from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West African countries for centuries or more.

Women mainly used these as they symbolized feminity and spirituality. Many women even believed that waist beads depicted fertility and sensuality.

They remain one of the supreme accessories that women wear. Why?

Many women are unfamiliar with the health benefits of these beautifully designed beads. Moreover, nowadays, these have become a sign of new-age fashion.

Let us look at some incredible benefits of these elegant beads in the next section.

3. Why Are These Colorful Beads Worn?

Colorful beads with beautiful designs have been a mark of maturity or growth in women. This is the primary reason for women being the main customers of waist bead shops.

It is believed that in ancient times, mothers used to tie this beautiful accessory around the waists of their daughters on the onset of menstruation.

Many babies in Africa are given this accessory as a gift during the naming ceremony. It is, however, noticed that only girls continue to wear them after they grow old.

Many people living in rural areas of Africa have primitive thoughts. They believe that when a woman outgrows one string full of these vivid beads, a new stage of her life has begun.

Waist Beads, Source: https://afroviolet.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/cultural-adornment-african-beads/

It is strange that wearing bright-colored and dull-colored waist beads is now used by black and brown women as a part of their culture and traditions. This is true for uncountable parts of the world.

It is a lesser-known fact that these vibrant beads are not only seen as a passage into womanhood or signify African cultures; they also help women stay healthy!

Wrapping strings of waist beads might help both men and women stay healthy and motivate them to stay active.

4. The Incredible Benefits

There are some incredible benefits of these vividly colored beads. These amazing benefits are as follows:

1. Posture

These African accessories help in keeping a good posture. The fitting of the beads is different for every person. That is why people become more aware of their posture.

If the waist beads are fitted too tightly, they immediately signal him or her to sit straight. Good posture also helps you to avoid issues related to the spinal cord.

2. Fitness And Weight Management

The most important benefit of wearing these fashionable, vibrant beads is that they help you maintain your fitness.

Tying strings with waist beads helps you know about your weight gain or weight loss. The string’s non-stretchable nature helps you understand when you are bloating.

Waist beads have been seen as a way towards body positivity. Women of all shapes and sizes can comfortably wear these. This gives a very positive outcome as women feel comfortable in their own skin.

Feeling beautiful in your own skin is probably the most important part of wearing these colorful beads.

Moreover, the awareness of weight gain helps you get an idea of your health status. You can immediately begin with your workout or shift to healthier food habits once you understand this indication.

 5. Significance Of The Vibrant Beads

Source: https://www.demandafrica.com/style/what-is-the-significance-of-yoruba-waist-beads/

There is also a reason behind the usage of colored beads of different designs for this accessory. One primary reason is making it a more fashionable and sellable item in the market.

However, waist beads are worn as they are also important culturally and traditionally due to the following reasons:

  1. Red color depicts confidence, passion, and bravery in many cultures worldwide.
  2. Waist beads are seen as a powerful way of healing. The blue color symbolizes healing. It is often also a sign of truth and harmony.
  3. Yellow is a bright color that shows strength and energy. Yellow on these strands of beads also shows joy.
  4. The beauty of white color depicts purity.
  5. Abundance and hope are seen in the form of green color on the strings of waist beads.
  6. Purple is a royal color, and so it symbolizes royalty and wisdom.

You will be surprised to know that the various styles and shapes of the vivid, colorful beads also have some significance:

  1. Lapis Lazuli is a type of stone often used for creating these beautiful ornaments. These are seen as a sign of peace and truth.
  2. Quartz depicts clarity, whereas rose Quartz shows compassion, healing, and strong feelings of love.
  3. Hamsa is one of the strongest ones. It shows protection. This can signify protection against anything the is evil or bad in the world.
  4. Another stone similar to Hamsa is the evil eye. It has a similar function; it protects you from negativity.

Waist Beads

The significance of each of the colors and stones used in the waist beads cannot be scientifically proven. But, it is surprising that many people across the world have experienced various changes.

You can get some of the most beautiful and fashionable waist beads online as well as jewelry shops all across the world!


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