Useful habits that will help get rid of the second chin

We are all people, and sometimes we can relax and afford a lot of delicious food, which as a rule, is harmful and very caloric. As a result, we gain extra weight. We have an enlarged abdomen, thighs, arms, and, of course, most often, it is the second chin, which cannot be concealed, unlike other parts of the body. But we would like to note that the problem with excess fat in the chin area is also found in people with normal weight.

The appearance of a double chin can be a consequence of the structure of the body, namely your position. It may also be due to abrupt weight loss when the skin has dramatically lost its muscles and dropped. A number of exercises are needed to correct this problem. Of course, if you have just started your way with the improvement of this area of the face, but looking at the photo always wants to be perfect, you can always edit your photo with RetouchMe remove double chin in photo editor.

Often people forget that special attention should be paid to the position of your posture, which is the basis of your body. Let’s consider what habits you should have to get rid of the double chin exactly:

  1. Keep your back straight — this will not only be the right position for your chin but also for you in general. Agree, the picture is not very good if the spectacular man who has achieved a lot in life is twofold. It is unlikely he will attract your attention.
  2. Keep in the right position when sitting at school or at work. Do not forget to spread your shoulders, and do not let yourself hump.
  3. Your position when you sleep. If you have too soft a pillow, then most likely, when you lie on your back, your chin will reach to your chest — this is very bad because it shapes your second chin and also prevents correct breathing. Choose the right cushions with medium stiffness or memory.

Just pay attention to these three points, and you can already get rid of this problem. Also, do not forget that with age, the skin loses its elasticity and then to help you coming special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chin:

  • Kiss. This exercise has such a name as it simulates this process. You need to sit straight and tilt your head back while looking at the ceiling and stretching your lips like a kiss. This exercise should be repeated 10–20 times.
  • Jaw straightening. Here the beginning is similar to the previous exercise — sit straight and throw your head back, looking up. Then you pull our jaw forward, fix it for 10 seconds and repeat it again.
  • Tongue stretching. Look straight, stick out your tongue, and try to reach the nose. This, too, we can repeat 10 times.

These exercises will help remove the problem area, even if you have a little extra weight. In principle, sport is always useful and can radically change your body. In order to secure this result after the exercises, you can also make various masks based, for example, on orange oil, coffee extract, and green tea.

Following all these recommendations, you will be able to make yourself the perfect chin, which will save you from the complex and give you the desire to make new photos.

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