Top 8 Surprising Reasons To Volunteer

reasons to volunteer

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If you are still figuring to volunteer or not, we will give you eight reasons to volunteer. Volunteers change the lives of others by helping them. Along with satisfaction, volunteers acquire skills like time management, communication skills, leadership, and much more.

Believe us, this life-changing experience is rewarding and engages you only for a short period.

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The altruist act brings pragmatic changes in the lives of volunteers and the community. Volunteers and their efforts are celebrated and appreciated on 5th December worldwide as International Volunteers Day.

Why Is It Essential To Volunteer?

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We all are busy in economic activities to earn a livelihood. Many organizations operate not for profit but to uplift societies. Such an organization requires volunteers to pursue community service.

Volunteers help people, the environment, and society as a whole. They are the drivers of a particular cause. For many non-profit organizations and NGOs, volunteers are an asset. Volunteering can be partially funded or can be non-funded also.

Here are some impressive reasons that will make you find your next volunteering project soon.

8 Reasons To Volunteer

The benefiting eight reasons to volunteer will make you perform this noble deed:

1. It Can Make You Happier

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Volunteers are paid in six figures S.M.I.L.E.S


Volunteers effort to bring change and happiness to the lives of the affected with their virtuous deeds. In this attempt, volunteers also bring contentment for themselves and smiles and blessings from the people they help.

Psychology says that helping you feel satisfied brings joy and helps in eliminating stress. Tension-producing patterns and mental health can improve when you concentrate on other things. 

Not only happiness, but it also adds more years and makes you live longer. It also removes the feeling of isolation and brings a sense of belonging. So next time you feel lonely, volunteer to get a purpose to aid your mental and physical health.

2. Relate with People Like You

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Reasons to volunteer are many, and one of them is it makes you find more people like you who think in the same way. Volunteering brings you close to like-minded people from different countries, states, and even from the same area where you reside.

People from various parts of the world work for the same cause. Volunteers can make some good friends and unions that can last forever.

Associating with people driven by a similar cause can bring in many perspectives to your belief and actions. Working with people from around the world can also fetch you volunteering projects abroad.

3. You Can Do What You Like, every day!

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If you are passionate about gardening, teaching, or pet care, you can pursue your passion by volunteering. When your passion is your motivation, then no more reasons to volunteer are required.

Well, start volunteering with what you love and turn your passion into a cause of helping. There is something that every person is ardent for.

If you are a green panther, you can volunteer to make the surroundings clean. A believer in education rights can volunteer by imparting knowledge.

4. It’s A Learning Lane

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If you are looking to learn some professional skills, then you should Volunteer.

Every day you encounter new challenges and learn a new set of skills to manage them. Volunteers learn professional new skills during volunteering which would have cost them.

Volunteers play countless roles that call out for different skills that one must own. In managing events, one gathers the experience of a lifetime. These skills will help me professionally and personally throughout the course of life.

Imagine helping out in an animal shelter, and you can learn how to take care of your pet. Different people with different intellects and skillsets can open many horizons of learning.

5. Elevate Your Credentials

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You can add your volunteering experience to your CV. Many reputed organizations are involved in sustainable development and many social causes.

These companies also set up CSR (corporate social responsibility) to incorporate social work and require volunteers. If you are a credible asset for these organizations, your experience will edify your CV.

Working with these groups gives you hands-on experience, and you actively participate in managing and planning improves your professional vision. This can be one of the most captivating reasons to volunteer.

6. Set Example of Civism

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“Society will be changed when we change our way of living.”

You can volunteer as you contemplate your duties towards the environment and the people around you. An attempt to revert with empathy and love will set an example of civism.

Such acts of civism can inspire many to recognize their civic duty and persuade them to do those duties.

Pursuing a cause of which you are a believer, imagine how satisfied you will be. Such an act of civism is bound to infect others, and more people will take up volunteering. An attempt to revert with love is more encouraging than other reasons to volunteer.

7. You Might Make A Difference

Every volunteer is counted and needed to make a difference. There is always a need for a helpful person to carve the world into a better place. One of the reasons to volunteer is you can make a difference.

Your work is recognized and cherished by those whom it positively impacted. You can be a “Happiness Brigade.”

Your efforts may not add to GDP but will improve the Happiness Index. Volunteers use resources economically, make resources available where they are needed.

8. Build Your Political Career:

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Volunteering is not about working and giving to others; it can also reward you back much more.

Volunteers can build a career in politics as working closely with people makes you more attached to the community, and its root cause of displeasure is known to you; with all your knowledge, you can be a good leader.

Actions speak louder than words, and your selfless volunteering can bring people’s faith in you. Political persuasions can be one of your personal reasons to volunteer and change lives.

Points To Remember for Volunteering

Reasons to volunteer are many, but there are a few pointers to make this experience remarkable:

  1. Before starting to volunteer, one must know their abilities and work accordingly. Working with kids and the elderly requires lots of patience make sure you have a good temperament.
  2. Judge your physical skills before taking up a volunteering assignment. Make sure volunteering aligns with your physical strengths. If you are not comfortable working in hot and humid, then volunteering at a hot place is not a good idea.
  3. Check your finances. Consider volunteering abroad if you are financially sound and can bear traveling and lodging expenses.
  4. Planning to volunteer abroad makes sure you work for a credible organization.
  5. If you have little free time, find a volunteering assignment near you.

8 Reasons To Volunteer – In a Wrap

Volunteers contribute their efforts to shaping societies. Volunteers work to attain sustainable goals. Volunteering is the noblest deed that connects you with humanity.

Volunteers are change bearers and heal people with their touch. Volunteering brings impactful changes in the lives of volunteers also.

The above-listed eight reasons to volunteer are enough to get you to grab a project in your community and help people around.

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While at times contributed by guest authors, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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