How To Get A Thigh Gap
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How To Get A Thigh Gap: Top 8 Amazing Facts

“How to get a Thigh Gap” is a question about which many women are worried and are in desperate need of finding the answer.

A thigh gap refers to the space between the inner thighs when standing upright, with both the feet touching each other.

At the beginning of the year 2011, the Western countries’ women started to believe that the thigh gap is a special and important feature of female physical attractiveness.

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The thigh gap obsession is a new trend that focuses on maintaining the space between the thighs. This obsession has grown so much among the female teens through their early 20s that the internet is flooded with questions like- how to get a thigh gap.

In case you have made up your mind that you want a thigh gap, you should follow some healthy steps without compromising your health. There are some healthy lifestyle changes you can take up to get a thigh gap.

But the important question is how to get a thigh gap?

Here in this article, we will help you with some thigh exercise/ exercises that will help you achieve a thigh gap, and the best part is they are all absolutely safe and healthy. You can also see some videos on how to get a thigh gap here.

How To Get A Thigh Gap

But always remember one thing there is no such thing as a “Perfect Body.” Your body type is perfect in whatever color and shapes it is.

1. How To Get A Thigh Gap: Bridge Raises

Lay on the floor or any other plain surface with your back touching the surface. It would be best if you bent your legs, and your feet must be hip-width apart. Take a towel or a pillow or any other similar object and place it between your knees.

Now lift your hips such that your body makes a straight line. While you do this, squeeze the object you have placed between your knees as tight as possible. Return to the starting position by lowering your hip.

Do not let your backrest until and unless you are done with the exercise.

2. Butterfly Stretches

Sit on the floor, keeping your back straight. Keep the soles of your feet together by bending your knees in opposite directions. Imagine a butterfly and try to imitate it. Now flap your thighs up and down.

You may face difficulty initially, but slowly and gradually, you’ll get comfortable with it. Try to keep your heels as close to your groin as possible. Repeat this at least 10 times. Try bending your head to your feet.

While you are holding this position, you will feel the stretch in your thighs. Remember, the answer to ‘how to get a thigh gap’ will not be that easy.

3. How To Get A Thigh Gap: Scissor Kicks

This is not only a thigh exercise but will also help your abs. Start by laying on your back and stretching out your legs. The palms of your hands will be kept flat on the ground. Now lift your left leg above your right leg, making an angle of 45 degrees.

Try to imitate a pair of scissors cutting a paper and switch the position of your legs. Try to keep your toes as pointed as possible. Repeat this whole process 30 times for two sets.

4. Pilates Leg Lifts

We started with ‘how to get a thigh gap,’ but this thigh workout will tone your thighs and help your abs and hips. Fully extend your legs after lying down on your side. Keep the leg straight. Lift your leg as high as you can but remember to go slow.

While doing this, don’t forget to target your outer thighs. Return to the starting position by lowering your leg.

5. How To Get A Thigh Gap: Jumping Jacks

A jumping jack is also known as a star jump. First, stand up with your feet together, and your toes should be pointing forward. You can keep your arms on your hips, or you may stretch your arms out if you want.

Keeping your chest high, bend both your knees and jump straight. While you jump, both of You should extend your legs outwards. Your body should look like a star when you jump, with your head, shoulders, and legs serving as the 5 points of the stars.

Land on the ground with your feet together. Repeat this whole exercise 10 times in a row.

6. Clamshell

Lay down on the ground, parallel to the floor. Take a resistance band and loop it around your legs just above the knees. You can start the exercise by laying on your right side first with your knees bent and stacked such that your heels are in line with your glutes.

After keeping your hips facing forward and heels together, you will lift your left knee as high as possible. Remember to keep your leg straight. You have to repeat this exercise 20 times per side.

7. How To Get A Thigh Gap: Lateral Lunges

This is a solution to getting a thigh gap, tightening your hips, and making your glutes stronger. For this, you first need to stand up straight while your legs are apart. Now take your right foot and take a step to the right.

Squat as low as possible while keeping your left leg straight. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on your left side too.

8. Chair Squats

Some of you may have done squats. But when the question is how to get a thigh gap, you will have to try something different from normal squats, and that different exercise is- Chair squats.

If you are a beginner, then you can start by standing with your back to a chair. Remember to keep your feet hip-width apart. All your weight should be centered on your heels. Now, as you slowly move your bottom to the chair’s seat, hinge forward.

Don’t sit on the chair and stop right just before you actually sit on the chair. Return to the starting position. You can do 3 sets of this exercise. Remember you don’t have to sit on the chair until and unless you are done with the exercise.

Do not do too much of any of these workouts. Too much of anything never benefits anyone. Too much of any of these exercises may bulk up your inner thighs.

Perform these exercises in moderation. But you need to follow a healthy diet with all these exercises to get the results.

Muscle-building diet (diet necessary for building muscle) is not one for all body types. To attain a thigh gap, you will need to include a healthy diet in your routine other than the workout, and for a diet, you will need to know your body type.

How to get a thigh gap is one reason to worry about for a large number of female populations around the globe. But it is important to understand that it is not physically possible for most people to get a thigh gap.

The supermodels with wide thigh gaps we see on TV, in magazines, etc., are not normal by any means. In fact, most of them are photoshopped.

Many of us can try weight loss but can never attain that wide thigh gap, even after excessive fat loss. Young girls fall for the trap that losing weight will give them the perfect thigh gap.

If you want to achieve a certain body figure, a crucial role would say our bone structure plays the biggest role. It is considered to be a deciding factor if you can gain a thigh gap or not.

And this means an excess of dieting and exercising will not answer your question ‘how to get a thigh gap.’

It would help if you did the exercises for a long time to attain something near to a thigh gap. Maybe it can take a lifetime. The physical results could take more than a month to start reflecting.

Do not let getting a thigh gap become an obsession for you. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and workout routine, then getting a thigh gap is healthy for you and your body. And the Answer to “how to get a thigh gap” will be a healthy you.

Don’t starve your delicate body to get a thigh gap.

If we look at the study conducted by National Eating Disorders Association, it shows that by the age of 6, girls begin to show anxiety symptoms about their own weight or shape.

40-60% of the girls in elementary school (which means in the age of 6-12) are worried about getting fat or being too thin. According to research, this concern about their weight never leaves them throughout their life as they grow up.

Becoming skinny will not help you get a thigh gap. Remember to take a healthy diet. Skipping meals is not the answer to how to get a thigh gap.

Getting a thigh gap should not be a question you google because you are worried about what society wants from you or what social media wants you to do.

If you want the answer to getting a thigh gap, the question should be completely your choice. No one should dictate it.

Beauty is not only your physical attractiveness, but it has many other more important aspects. Love yourself the way you are, unapologetically. You don’t need a thigh gap or any other specific type of body shape to look beautiful.

You can now stop wondering about ‘how to get a thigh gap’ and live your life on your choices.

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